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Showing posts with label Mardi Gras. Show all posts

Monday, February 12, 2024



SCARLET'S PRESENTS MARDI GRAS 24 1PM Winter, unlike the season, brings warmth, passion, and a vibrant personality full of humor to SL's live music environment and Scarlet's. Acoustic Rock, Hard Rock and more. 2PM FRANK (SINGERDONFRANKO) is An experienced (live and studio), well-trained singer of Swing, Jazz, RnB, Country, Rock/Pop, Musical,.... A singer/songwriter with many songs, also inspired by Second Life experiences and stories. Songs that bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world. 3PM AGATHA is not only an exceptionally talented singer, blessed with a beautiful voice and incredible range, she is also hysterically funny and down to earth. 4-6PM PARTY MUSIC STREAMED BY SCARLET 6PM AARON CABOTT JONES SL AND RL PERFORMER, SINGER AND SONGWRITER OF MANY GENRES OF MUSIC, HIS SHOWS ARE FILLED WITH FANTASTIC COVERS FROM PETTY TO SPRINGSTEEN COLD PLAY AND MORE.. 7PM JAK An accomplished writer, arranger, guitarist, & vocalist, Jak's solo show includes an interesting mix of acoustic & electric guitar, often played to his homegrown 'Groot' tracks that create the backing of a percussionist all the way to a full band. 8PM NOMA FALTA is a POWERFUL, passionate, performer in the Music scene of Secondlife. A vocalist, bass player, and guitar player. Genres are Blues, rock, soul, pop, and jazz influenced tunes. 9PM MAVENN The depth of Mavenn's character and musical insight is displayed with every song. Every lyric finds Mavenn contributing her emotionally deep meaning. Her interpretations are heartfelt and authentic; she owns every emotion and melodic nuance, regardless of the composer. ALL AT THE MARDI GRAS PARTY VENUE ADULT RATED SIM "BRA'S OPTIONAL FOR THIS PARTY ATTIRE: MARDI GRAS OR CASUAL ADULT FREE BEADS

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mardi Gras at The Lavender Field Tuesday February 13th at 12pm SLT

Feed A Smile is a well recognised charity in SL, raising money for the Live and learn Project in Kenya. What more fitting on this day of excess before Lent to raise money to provide food for these beautiful children! Three acts, starting with myself at 12 noon and a specially decorated venue. Lets have a wild and crazy time and instead of throw beads, throw some lindens into the donation box!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

MARDI GRAS in ST JOHN with The Flapperettes and LIVE STREAM on Radio Riel- February 7th- February 10th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: St John Estate to host multi-day Mardi Gras celebration.

The Second Life estate of St John is hosting Mardi Gras from Sunday, February 7 through Wednesday, February 10. All residents of Second Life are invited to participate in the various events over that 4 day period.

St John is an estate based on New Orleans, Louisiana, USA of 100 years ago. It is currently the year 1916 for the residents of the estate. While St John is an historic community, it is not a role play environment. Role play is allowed and encouraged but it is not a requirement for residency or event attendance. Contemporary attire is allowed.

The St John Mardi Gras kicks off with a performance from The Flapperettes, a vintage dance troupe on Sunday, February 7 at 12:00pm Second Life Time. The Mardi Gras parade starts on Monday evening and runs through Wednesday morning. The parade is an interactive event in which visitors can participate by riding the floats.

On Mardi Gras Day itself there is a 12-hour long music event with live DJs, including Gabrielle Riel and Edward Pearse of Radio Riel, in order to provide live entertainment for Second Life residents in varying time zones. The complete schedule is here: . 

All of the Mardi Gras events are taking place in the St John sim, which is based on Canal Street in New Orleans.

If you'd like more information, please contact Gabrielle Riel in Second Life or by email at:

Contact: Gabrielle Riel

Thursday, February 19, 2015

FAT THURSDAY ONLY AT DADDY-O'S Thursday February 19th 6-8 PM

We at Daddy-O's figured one FAT day this week was not enough! SO only here at Daddy-O's would we do a FAT THURSDAY! DJ Huey Walker and his lovely Hostess Krissy Walker will supply the music. Beads will be handed out as we revel in our Mardi Gras decorations! May even have some prizes to give away! So put on your fav Mardi Gras themed outfit and get on over for what is sure to be a night of great music, dancing, fun and friends. Come enjoy one of the most comfortable and fun venues in SL - Daddy-O's, Where FUN Rulez!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fat Tuesday at Prometheus ' Fire- March 4th 2014 @ 9 pm SLT Featuring Wilde Knights and Wilde Girlz

Come get your Fat Tuesday on with Prometheus!

Dancers, gifts & cool music!

oh yeah! And lots and lots of beads!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paramount Playhouse is proud to present "Mardi Gras", Burlesque and Comedy Performances Set to the Music of Mardi Gras and Brazilian Carnival this Sunday, February 10th at 12 Noon SL

 There will be a Mardi Gras Costume Contest with a $1000L prize, Trivia for Cash and fun for all!!  Come let Lotta,  Starlena, Belle, Mila, LeAnn, Pathmaker, Cordi, our dancing hostess Bea  and our dancing MC Ebony and entertain you this Sunday, February 10th at 12 Noon SLt at Paramount Playhouse on beautiful Spirit Marina! 

An encore performance Monday, February 11th at 5pm slt.   Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!