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Showing posts with label Miss Globe Universal Beaty pageant. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Miss Globe Universal Beaty pageant. Show all posts

Saturday, June 15, 2019


What do you get when you combine a lovely setting, phenomenal attire, and some of the grid’s most beautiful women?  Why, it’s the Miss Globe Universal Beauty Pageant, of course.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Rose Mikaelson, Founder and Chairman of the Miss Globe Universal Beauty Pageant.  This year the Miss Globe Universal is celebrating its fifth year, and Rose was excited to share with our readers what all had been accomplished here.  Rumor has it there will soon be a Miss Globe Earth Pageant as well, but details on that are yet to be released. When asked how she got started in pageants, Rose  noted “Before I became another owner of a pageant in the fashion world I was first a professional model. My experiences of both good and bad through the years lead me to knowing in my heart I wanted to do some good in the fashion world. I also wanted to give back through charity. I happen to be a fan of pageantry for a very long time so the fact that SL gives people like us the platform to do and create things we never could have dreamed of in RL is amazing.”  During our time together, I learned that Rose does everything by herself...stage manager, designer, choreographer, lead instructor. She notes “I have no staff at all and that can lead people to thinking that is a little crazy.” I also learned, to my disappointment, that no, I would NOT be allowed to serve as a contest Judge, Enquirer article or not. Sigh

I later had the pleasure of chatting with some of the contestants themselves.  What better way to determine the heart and soul of an organization than to talk with those who are actually involved most deeply?

The contestants came from all over the globe.  Their length of time in SecondLife ranged from one to a dozen years of residency/ with the average being about 4 ½ years.  For most of the contestants the Miss Globe Universal was their first pageant, although a couple had participated in pageants in the past.

When asked how this pageant stood out from others, those who had a basis for comparison noted the intense honesty and integrity of Rose, the CEO.  One contestant noted… “I believe that Miss Globe Universal is not only a beauty pageant. I think that it will allow the ladies that will be part of it to have the opportunity to enjoy, learn, develop and challenge themselves. During that process the contestants can also meet other ladies, share experiences and learn from each other.”  Another contestant noted “I can say Miss Globe Universal Organization is a well-run organization. I felt this when I attended the first meeting after the audition. Rose(CEO) spent her time, and explained every detail and answered our tons of questions. I appreciate that a lot.”

When asked why they decided to participate in Miss Globe Universal, their answers varied. “I don't really see it as a Beauty contest at all but more about fashion and style and how well we as individuals portray ourselves in SL and I love fashion and to explore it so that is why.”  Some were urged to participate by others. “I always had the dream of being part of a pageant as a contestant but never had the courage to do it until a very good friend convinced me to do it and join Miss Globe Universal pageant.” and “I decided to join after a gentle push from a friend of mine who informed me that it was happening.  At first, I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to do, primarily because it was a completely foreign realm to me. However, the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that it was the right choice. Regardless of the result, it would be an experience that's new and exciting for me, and I could learn from it. My goal is to gain more self confidence, and the first step would be to try.  In any case, I'd come out as a stronger and better person.”

So then, what does it take to be a successful beauty pageant contestant? In a word – dedication. “Keep practicing on a home runway. Doing meditation , keep calm and positive mind under any situations.  Always thinking happiness of both others and myself.” Another noted “Lots and Lots of time making sure my outfits are right, that I have the right make up and accessories, as well as testing poses and walks to make sure I have the best ones for the outfit that I am wearing.”  One new contestant noted “Since this is my absolute first time, there is so much I need to learn. I'm sort of going in like a blind bat, since I've never had any experience or training prior to this. This means that I must spend more time researching and not be afraid to ask questions.  That is vital. I think often at times, especially in a competition in any field, contestants are afraid to show what they don't know.

Being in a Beauty Pageant is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination.  When asked what is the hardest part of competing, answers varied. One contestant answered, “I would say it would be pulling together an outfit for a specific theme in a certain amount of time because I try to be a perfectionist and I just keep going until it feels right to me and that could mean putting together 6 outfits before I am satisfied with the look, I will eat sleep and breath an outfit until I am happy with it”.  For another, it was the questions that she found most terrifying.

Being a top contestant does not come cheap.  One competitor noted “To be honest, the financial matter also the time are the hardest part(s) for me. This is a challenging.”  And then there was the challenge faced by those who compete in general. “For me, it is the fear of failure. You are always putting yourself out there, and never know if you will win or not.  You are always asking to be judged.”

In closing, I asked the contestants what they liked MOST about Miss Globe Universal.  One participant summed it up nicely when she said “The best thing so far that I've experienced is just simply the thrill of trying something new and seeing myself evolve into a more confident person.  Since we are still at the beginning of the pageant process, there are a lot more things to experience and many more challenges to come. I hope this answer would change as I experience new things. :-)”