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Showing posts with label Modern Holiday Music. Show all posts

Monday, December 28, 2020

The Best of TSO and Modern Holiday Music and Fractal Art Display by: angelbabytucker

On Wednesday, December 30, long-time SL rock DJ Robobobby Skytower will spin TALES OF WINTER, songs from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and other Winter and Holiday Music.  This show is choreographed and arranged in detail, a holiday celebration on the not-so-traditional side.  The evening will be a show of music and light.  The show will also spotlight the amazing and beautiful fractal art of SL notable artist Milly Sharple.  

The Venues of Champagne’s signature venue, CHAMPAGNE, is affectionately called “The Glass”.  This elegant and sparkling ballroom has an effervescent champagne dance floor that bubbles away inside a vintage style champagne glass. The dress is Champagne Formal** ~ Champagne Fabulous.

Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss this coordinated and original event.

Come explore The Venues of Champagne! Search Champagne, Portals, Waves, The Blues Room, and Zensational!   Music. Chat. Beach. Romance. Ballroom. Blues. Mermaid. Dance. Games. Family. Fun. Laughter. Low Lag. The Genuine Side of SL.

**The transparent overlays of skirts maybe more translucent on parts of the dance floor because of the transparent nature of the Champagne ballroom.