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Showing posts with label One Size Fits All. Show all posts

Friday, November 15, 2013

How to Fix and Alter your Hats, Scarves and Clothing to Fit You- Tea Couturier Reporting.

Scarves and hats can be very hard to fit over hair in SL. If you have your own hair peeking out of the hat, it either looks small for your head too big when you try to modify it. That is IF you are able to modify them.

Here are a few of my tips on getting that right look  that fits.
In Second Life it is best if you are going to wear a hat to get one with a menu that has a resizable script in it. Most clothing and accessories have some type of menu which enables you to adjust them to fit you.  This is a good starting point.
 Some menus have restore back to shop size, this again is helpful  if you mess up you can just click this button and it will restore it to how you bought it. My tip is to wear the hat and see how it looks under your hair. Then touch the hat or right click and a menu should appear at the corner of your screen (on the right hand side).