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Showing posts with label Open Medicine Foundation. Show all posts

Monday, August 7, 2023

Shop for a good cause at the Forget ME not Fair 2023: August 8 - 29


The Forget ME not Fair is an annual fundraiser shopping event to benefit Open Medicine Foundation - leading research of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Long Covid, Fibromyalgia and related chronic conditions. Exclusive items of this event are mainly BLUE (the color of ME awareness). The fair begins on August 8 to mark the "Severe ME Day" in honor of the most severely affected and in remembrance of those who have passed. We also have a raffle you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 gift cards (1000L each) from Two Moon Gardens. The first ticket is FREE, additional tickets to increase the chance of winning is 100L per ticket. All proceeds of raffle tickets benefit the charity. SPONSORS: ::AU:: Boutique Ebonstone Emerald Couture [HEXUMBRA] Kim's Kreations ## Kreation ## PurpleMoon The Bearded Guy WARETA Two Moon Gardens SLSC PARTICIPATING DESIGNERS: BE BOLD DarkerSide EC3D -Extra- Glass Lead KiB Designs Luova Moody PANIQ Peechy. Rainnn


Friday, April 7, 2023

forget ME not Charity Event 2023


Join us for music, raffles & giveaways to raise awareness about the serious disease M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) during the International M.E Awareness Month! All donations benefit the Open Medicine Foundation who conduct leading research into M.E, Long Covid, Fibromyalgia and related chronic conditions. Dress code: PG Casual - BLUE for awareness (optional) May 6 - 12 pm slt - TAY 1 pm slt - MIMI CARPENTER 2 pm slt - DJ LICHI MOONWALL May 12 - 11 am slt - FLY KUGIN 12 pm slt - TALLY MERCURY 1 pm slt - GARDO SKY 2 pm slt- SARITA TWISTED 3 pm slt - DJ FRANK ATISSO May 20 - 11 am slt - MAVENN 12 pm slt - FROGG MARLOWE 1 pm slt - INKAKU CAPALINI May 27 - 4 pm slt - DJ VELVET 5 pm slt - ANGELIKUS DEO Sponsored by: EBODY REBORN, LELUTKA, KIM'S KREATIONS, BE BOLD, OMY, BLUEMOON WEDDINGS, WARETA, WOW-SL, LULUB, ENEWA, ::AU:: BOUTIQUE, JACKSON REDSTAR VIDEOGRAPHY, THE BEARDED GUY.



Charitable organization:

Facebook: (preferred contact - Discord: Adelia#5797 - or inworld username: queenadelia)