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Showing posts with label Pandemic support. Show all posts

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Fearless Nation PTSD Support: COVID Pandemic Trauma Support Gathering January 15th at 10 am SLT


The COVID Pandemic is traumatizing. So, what do we understand about post trauma? Learn why PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is the most compelling psychological and socio-political issue of our time.

Join us for support


 *** ...Established in 2009, our Fearless Nation sims provide education, support, and advocacy for ALL people with PTSD--not just military. We also support spouses, partners, children, parents, families, friends, and clinicians coping with PTSD. --- Our programs empower people with psychological trauma to become resilient and strong, and banish stigma. Stop by our sims today!  Fearless Nation (80,213,22) --------  PTSD, anxiety, stress, veteran, war, police, military, psychology, therapy, T2, trauma, TBI, victim, crime, rape, abuse, anonymous, AA, corona, COVID-19, pandemic, LGBTQ