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Showing posts with label Petit Chat Artfashion. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Petit Chat Artfashion. Show all posts

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lose yourself at the Sneak Peek event New Round with Petit Chat - February 25th- March 5th

Sneak Peek event is a fashion event running each month between the 25th to the 5th. The February round just opened and Petit Chat, as a regular Sneak Peek designer, once again you one of its awesome designs from the collection “Petit Chat ArtFashion”.
This collection is not the average fashion you may find in Second Life. Each piece of clothes is textured from Trinity Yazimoto’s artwork. She doesn’t just slap her paintings on the meshes, she redraw them using the mesh clothes as a new canvas for her art. She also makes them materials enabled creating a spectacular and unique look.

For this round, the new outfit is called “Lose yourself” and it’s been created from this artwork you can see here:

The outfit includes a silk dress in 5 standard sizes and fitted version, the leather bag coming with or without holding pose, and includes an impressively detailed watch.
If you want to look elegant but with simplicity this is a must have.

As always Trinity puts extreme care into the quality of her textures and if you are curious to know more about her works you may visit her store (the ArtFashion collection is in the uppest floor, where you can also enjoy a pastry at the French bistro.

Sneak Peek February round will run till March  5th, so hurry up if you don’t want to miss such an opportunity to discover what other designers are showcasing too.

Here is the slurl to the Sneak Peek February Round :

Also, check out her ArtGallery inworld for more of her masterpieces

Monday, October 6, 2014

Grand opening of the New Art Exhibition from Trinity Yazimoto, “Fragments", on the October 19th at 12 pm SLT


Petit Chat Art Gallery  is proud to present you a new exhibition from Trinity Yazimoto : Fragments.
As she’s not the kind to reveal herself easily, she gives all along her artworks fragments of her soul, which came as pieces of a puzzle. Of course, she won’t give all the pieces but from what you will see in this new exhibition you will be able to meet some parts of her personality.

Fragments is divided in 2 sections : “reflections of a movie” and “other fragments”.
The new exhibition also inaugurates the new art gallery in Moumou’s Square.
Set under a beautiful south french landscape (created by Trixxie Nitely), the underground gallery hopes it will please your eyes.

When she went to university, Trinity Yazimoto decided to study Cinema. She followed this path for some years till she got a Master in Cinema Studies.
Among all the classes she could get, what fascinated her the most was the History of the cinema. She discovered then some treasures almost forgotten by the public nowadays.

With this series of artworks she wanted to pay homage to this rich artistic heritage reminding  her of  movies she really loves.

At the same time, since she got now (thanks to her new PC) the ability to see shadows and materials, she decided to create also something we miss in SL : reflections in mirrors or glasses.

The series includes 9 artworks bringing up 8 movies.

Trinity  will easily talk about what she does, what she likes or dislike, what she wants or doesn’t want, but when it comes to talk about her feelings and her inner side, she will barely say something.

As a way to protect herself she doesn’t use to reveal a lot of her deep personality.
She will willingly joke about her twisted mind or the fact she’s often said “bizarre”, but she will barely talk about her own history which built who she is today.
She thinks these things remain with her and in the past and she usually prefer let people guess or interpreted as they wish.

However, she often feels the need to reveal things, but as she can’t do by just saying, she uses her artworks to instill some fragments of her soul, leaving the choice to the other peoples to guess or not guess and even to give another meaning to her pics. She wishes to add some words for each pic on a notecard, but she doesn’t really say a lot for the same purpose.
It is also for this reason that she chose to use photoshop rather than doing pure photographs, as she feels she can add more of her inner side through the post processing she applies to her pics.

Petit Chat Argallery  opened in July 2013 in the beautiful Haddath Cove, on a parcel complimentary lent by Nati Jashan.
The building was an impressive Steampunk tower and artworks were displayed inside and downstairs in the yard.

Trinity wanted to bring her gallery close to Moumou’s Square, her public garden, where her fashion store is.
Recently she got the opportunity to buy a piece of land just next door  and she asked her favorite and talented landscaper, Trixxie Nitely to decorate the land for her again.

After long days of intensive work, Trix delivered the result of her efforts : a beautiful south french landscape.

On a hill stands a ruin surrounded by grapevines trellis. Two garden homes offer a peaceful spot to relax, and behind the ruins, some tables propose refreshments for the visitors under a big tree. Of course, as it is south France decor, cicadas give a permanent concert of their best tunes.

Down the hill, a beautiful pond will welcome visitors in a beautiful and rustic landscape.
A bridge will lead them to the main part of Moumou’s square and further to Petit Chat mainstore.

One reaches the art gallery by using the ladder located at the feet of the ruins.
Once underground, you will discover Trinity Yazimoto’s artwork displayed in old and rusted building.

Even if it looks messy, Trinity took a lot of care that every visitor feel comfortable while visiting.

On the back side of the gallery a projector shows the artworks on a pile of boxes.
 All spots are set to public and are free to visit.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14), 13th – 22nd of September is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. Set over 10 days, the schedule is packed with 20 shows from 43 emerging and established designers, over 250 new designs in the designer Showrooms and fun-filled events, and one of these talents is Trinity Yazimoto, creator of Petit Chat Artfashion.

Petit Chat will be presenting no less than 8 exclusive gorgeous outfits--all materials enabled--created from Trinity Yazimoto's artworks.

She uses mesh clothing as new form canvas to display her art, redrawing them to make the perfect match for her mesh pieces, making her clothing line something unique and avant garde. 

Petit Chat's exclusive items for Penumbra will be showcased in a Penumbra fashion show on the 15th of Sept. at 2pm SLT (LM to come). Where her designs with exclusively take front and center stage with some of the hottest models to date.

Come to enjoy the show and don't forget to visit Petit Chat's booth at the Penumbra retail area.