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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Breaking News - Lacy Muircastle reporting

Marcus Lefevre, Estate Director, CEO, Founder and Owner of several enterprises in Second Life has announced the arrival of the Miss SL Organization.

● Master S&M Estates │ CEO
● Fire Island Gay Beach │ Owner
● Angel Manor Estate │ Patron & Resident
● L&H Foundation│ Founder

The Lefevre & Hernandoz Foundation was created to unite their efforts in Second Life, to support the different communities by merging the resources from the several enterprises they preside over or own.

We will keep you informed as more information on this new pageant becomes available.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Take a walk on the wild side

Celebrating Spring/Summer Fashion ….   There is an opportunity for designers to step out from their comfort zone and to embrace the non-main stream fashion market….

The girls at Streetwhores SIM in Wirtz are planning a very different event in late May to celebrate spring and its glorious feminine fashions. It’s planned to open up the SIM for a day of riotous fun and fashion where the girls will showcase fashions in a range of categories and be judged by a group of the SIMs’ male visitors. To keep everyone on the boil, there will also be music and a dance party at Club Radiance on the SIM. There will be something for everyone and is a must see for anyone interested in female fashion, springtime or just the company of those normally bawdy girls at Streetwhores.