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Showing posts with label SL Fashion. Show all posts

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Trick or Treat Box 2017

This box is no trick and contains only the most fabulous Halloween treats.  
This designer box is jam-packed with the most delightful Halloween goodies.  It is presented along similar lines to subscription boxes. However, the best thing about this box is that no subscription is necessary.  It’s readily available on the Marketplace for the bargain price of L$500.  Delivery is immediate.   All items in the box are 100% original mesh and are for female avatars.

DESIGNERS: Narcisse, Mello, Pink Cream Pie, Love, PAN, Candle and Cauldron! (6 Designer Items + 2 Bonus Gifts)


Watch Unboxing Videos & Photos:  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

In conversation with Mimi Juneau - Lacy Muircastle Reporting...

The name Mimi Juneau is synonymous with fashion in Second Life.  She has been a proud supporter of all things fashion related for close on ten years now.
I’ve interviewed Mimi several times during my time as an SL journalist, the last time being five years ago.

I thought it was high time to catch up with her again.

Much has changed in Second Life over those five years and the biggest of those changes being the introduction of mesh and the online Second Life Marketplace.  Whilst we all know that the only constant in life is change, not all change is positive or necessarily for the greater good.  But nevertheless, we relentlessly move forward.

I sat down with Mimi in her store, Mimi’s Choice, which is now on Redgrave’s Sim.  One of the most significant consequences of the changes in SL has been that she’s had to let go of her own sim.  Happily, though she’s back with her friends the Redgrave’s, which is where it all started for her back in 2007.

Mimi’s Choice turns ten later in the year, and Mimi is enjoying what she does more than ever.  She still says she’s just a poor reseller, but actually, she’s much more than that.  She’s an icon of fashion and a thoroughly lovely person to boot.   She continues to work as hard as she ever did, representing a number of high-end designers. 

Sadly she’s had to reduce the size of the store but she is pragmatic about the situation and basically, has taken the stance of rolling with the punches.

Mimi will happily assist those that ask for her help.  For instance, my shoes and feet were mismatched to the mesh body that I was wearing and she kindly pointed out the error of my ways.  My problem is that I’ve never really taken to mesh as it’s all such a damn hassle.  You need a degree in order to make your avatar look even halfway decent and to be honest, I don’t have either the time or the inclination to learn all the ins and outs.  Nevertheless, I digress.  Mimi will go so far as being your personal shopper to help you navigate the plethora of stores out there.  For example, if you happen to be a male avatar and don’t know where to begin to look for decent hair, just ask Mimi, she knows all the good designers.

Mimi’s Choice has to compete with subscription boxes these days.  These subscription boxes contain items from a number of designers and are issued, in some cases. as regularly as monthly.  For example BishBox and Luxe Box.  These boxes have added a new dimension to the resale of Second Life fashion and interior décor, to the detriment of the likes of Mimi’s Choice and add pressure to the SL fashion designer’s bottom line.

If you’re looking for a proper old fashioned shopping experience then Mimi’s Choice is where to find it.  Half the fun in acquiring new clothes and accessories is looking at what’s available and comparing what’s out there.  At Mimi’s Choice, you can do that all under one roof where everything from, hair and shoes to the latest glam gown is waiting for you.

Mimi is still enjoying her Second Life journey even if it’s a bit of an uphill battle these days.

As for the future of Mimi's Choice, she said that she will continue to provide an environment where designers of Second Life can come together in one unique environment and exhibit their top items for the masses of SL to enjoy.

She concluded, “Times have changed and will continue to do so, but Mimi's Choice will continue as is for as long as possible.”

To keep up to date with what’s available in store check out Mimi’s Choice blog –

The SL Enquirer and our readers wish Mimi’s Choice a fantastic tenth anniversary later in the year and many more to come.

Location of Mimi's Choice:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

If your clothes could talk - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

If I were to take a peek into your wardrobe, what would it tell me about you?  You can learn a lot by a person’s clothing.  Things like your age, social economic situation, personality, and more.
If a woman walked into a room wearing a fuchsia dress, for example, you can be pretty sure that person is not a wallflower. We’d deduce that she liked attention, and was confident just because of the colour of her dress.

What you wear can inform passers-by of your type of employment (well not so much in SL), as well as your ambitions, emotions and spending habits.

And now it's even launched a whole new type of psychology.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner literally wrote the book on this phenomenon, which she calls the "psychology of dress." In "You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You," she explains not only how psychology determines our clothing choices, but how to overcome key psychological issues your wardrobe might be bringing to light in your everyday life, or even at work.

"Shopping and spending behaviors often come from internal motivations such as emotions, experiences and culture," says Dr. Baumgartner. "You look at shopping or storing behaviors, even putting together outfits, and people think of it as fluff. But any behavior is rooted in something deeper. I look at the deeper meaning of choices, just like I would in therapy."
How We Use Clothing as an Aid ... and a Weapon

Clothing is used as an economic and social indicator because generally speaking in this day and age there aren't official marks of rank such as a caste system or aristocracy.

Dr Baumgartner explained "When you don’t have a specific system, people come up with their own." It's what "helps you figure out where you fit in. Especially now, with the economy, with people losing status, maintaining a sense of who we are becomes even more important. Our clothes help place us where we think we want to be. "

She cited the Real Housewives TV series as an example: "Look at the way they focus on money. When they fight, they use logos and designers as a way to put each other down. They're using clothes and accessories both as a tool to know where they fit in and as a weapon against others."

Clothing That Projects a Good or Bad Image

There's no one piece or style that makes a person look successful. Dr. Baumgartner recommends the basics when trying to project a positive image: the little black dress, the blazer, the pumps. "With classics, history has done the work for you. It has lasted throughout time, so you already know it works," she says. And what is it that makes a classic a classic? "It has multiple functions, and it's appropriate for different age ranges and body types. It became a classic because it works no matter who you are."

On the other hand, there's no one piece or style that makes a person look unsuccessful. "Anything where it looks like you didn’t take the time or make the effort comes across badly," says Dr. Baumgartner. "The worst clothing is the kind that tries to undo, ignore or hide where or who you are, or the kind that shows you didn't pay attention to your body/age/situation ... Any clothes that prohibit you from doing your job well send the wrong message."

What Your Clothes Say to You, Not About You

study by the Northwestern University examined a concept called "enclothed cognition." Researchers define it in their report as "the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes," meaning what your clothes are saying to you, not about you. And how they make you feel.

The researchers distributed standard white lab coats to participants, telling some that it was a doctor's coat and some that it was a painter's smock. All participants performed the same task, but those wearing the "doctor's coat" were more careful and attentive. Their actions were influenced by their clothing.

The same may be true of you. When your friend dragged you out of the house and told you, "Get dressed up! You'll feel better!" after your last breakup/failed interview/lousy day, she was onto something. "When you dress in a certain way, it helps shift your internal self," explains Dr. Baumgartner. "We see that when we do makeovers, and even actors say that putting on a costume facilitates expression of character. That's just as true for everyday life."

Enclothed cognition gives scientific proof to the idea that you should dress not how you feel, but how you want to feel. Which clothes make you feel powerful? Sexy? In control? Wealthy? The clothes you choose are sending a message to those around you, but also to you, yourself.

In "You Are What You Wear," Dr. Baumgartner features some of the most common wardrobe and perception problems. Do you recognize yourself in any of the below?

If you …
You might …
Keep every piece of clothing you've ever owned
Be clinging to the past through the sentimental value of your pieces
Adopting the Golden Wardrobe Ratio: Get rid of 2 out of 3 items you own, including anything too big/small, ripped/torn or outdated.
Wear only neutrals, largely devoid of accessories
Be stuck in a psychological rut, too comfortable to shake it up, or too afraid to draw attention to yourself.
Deviating from your routine in small ways (a different route to work, a few new spring accessories--like these inexpensive ways to incorporate trendy polka dots--to jog your brain into feeling excited
Dress in clothing too large for your body
See your body differently than others see it, or as a reflection of the way it once was.
Bringing an honest friend shopping to find out what looks great on you, ignoring sizes and getting used to wearing clothes that really fit.
Have been told you're dressed inappropriately or too sexily
Consider the same outfit appropriate for every occasion (i.e. clubbing and family barbecue), or be looking for the wrong kind of attention.
Consider the image you want to project in given situations (at work, on the town) and choose outfits based on cues from those around you
Dress too young (or too old) for your age
Be trying to express the age you feel you are, but getting caught between your actual and internal age
Gearing your outfits toward your goals (like getting a promotion, meeting a significant other, traveling the world), rather than a specific age.
Are always in work clothes
Value yourself primarily through your work and work-related accomplishments
Recognizing your talents outside of work (great artist, compassionate, fun to bring to parties, etc.)
Covered in designer logos
Think you need to broadcast wealth in order to be treated well by others
Practice wearing "blank canvas" pieces and only accenting with logos to emphasize that people value you for more than your labels
Live in your "mom outfit" of jeans and a hoodie
Put the needs of your family before your own
Take more "me time." Remember: When mom isn't happy, nobody is.

What messages are you sending out into the metaverse and how do you think you can use your wardrobe to change how others perceive you—and even how you think about yourself?

You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You - Jennifer Baumgartner

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Suicide Dollz

What's Your Fetish? Check out Suicide Dollz from 1PM SLT Oct 9 - 1PM SLT Oct 21
Check out the Suicide Dollz event's newest round from 1PM SLT October 9th until 1PM SLT October 21st.

As Second Life's longest running alternative themed, bi-weekly shopping event, established in 2013, we continuously strive to bring you the best products by some of the grid's most recognized designers. To check out our full, uncensored shopping guide for the current round, please visit current round will run for two weeks before closing on Friday October 21st at 1PMSLT. For any questions, please send a NC in-world to Selene Starflare or email to

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Crowning glory - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

Glorious locks, shining tresses, Rapunzel, Goldilocks… Throughout history, and in fairy tales and legends, a woman’s hair has been seen as a manifestation of her femininity and desirability. (Sorry guys.)
Many of us have a love hate relationship with our hair. Our hairstyle is one of the most noticeable aspects of our look. It can show off our personalities and highlight our face and in Second Life we can change it on a whim.

In RL our hair obsession is a multi-billion dollar industry, including hair dyes, styling products, wigs, celebrity hairdressers and hairstyle magazines. The endless media ‘reports’ on celebrities ‘new do’s” fuel the idea of forever changing your ‘look’.  Luckily in SL it’s easy peasy to make a change and we are spoiled for choice.  We can even be a redhead one day and a blonde the next with no worries that our hair will fall out due to constant colour changes.

So let’s talk about colour … Many stereotypes are associated with our natural hair colour: blondes are dumb, redheads have fiery tempers and brunettes are attractive. While we believe these to be assumptions, it’s no secret that people often create a first impression about one based on their hair colour. Research has now proven that many of these stereotypes can sometimes have very real effects.

Scientifically, hair Colour is formed by a substance called melanin produced at the root of the hair bulb by groups of specialised cells called melanocytes. Melanin itself consists of two types: the ratio of these two types creates the hair colour in each individual.

Let’s look at colour types and personality traits generally associated with them.

Red Hair…

Contrary to the belief that red hair colour was given to us by Neanderthals; science has shown that it’s a result of mutation of a gene in chromosome 16. Red hair has even been represented in various artworks including that of Michelangelo.  It’s said that in Europe red hair is valued and respected. Statistics say that nearly 10% people in Scotland and England have red hair. Around the world red heads are bullied or teased with words like “ginger” which can be psychologically damaging for the recipient.

Personality traits associated with red hair:

Mysterious, romantic, passionate, alluring and fiery.  Other traits attributed to redheads are - explosive, bad tempered, opinionated, seductive or sexually promiscuous.

Blonde hair…

Naturally occurring blonde hair very rare.  It occurs naturally in northern Europe (Scandinavia) and America. Unusually  it’s also been seen in nearly 5 to 10% of the indigenous population of the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific where the inhabitants predominantly have very dark skin. Until recently it was assumed that blonde hair was a result of gene flow, a trait passed on by ancient traders and travellers who visited different countries, centuries ago. Today it’s been established that a single gene is responsible for it.  The people of the Solomon Islands attribute their blonde hair colour to a diet rich in fish, and sun exposure.
Personality traits associated with blonde hair:

Females with blonde hair are generally thought of as high maintenance.  A survey has shown that the divorce rate is also higher in this category. Blonde hair is perceived to be feminine, youthful, naive and obedient and more fun.  Apparently gentlemen do tend to prefer blondes.


Predominantly seen in Asia, South America and Africa, this hair colour is considered exotic in Europe just like blondes and redheads are in the rest of the world. A study conducted on a woman who visited a nightclub on three different occasions, changing her hair colour from red, to blonde and then brunette. The result was that most men said that they found her most appealing, attractive, approachable, dependable and “seemingly better at relationships” as a brunette.

Personality traits associated with brunette hair colour:

The majority of Nobel Prize winners are brunettes. They are thought of as very hard working people. They are supposedly more serious and tend to form long term relationships.

Black hair…

Just as men prefer blondes, women are known to prefer men with dark hair. Deep, introspective and meditative, this personality type is serious and melancholic.

Personality traits associated with black hair colour:

Black haired people are thought to be interested in religion, poetry and spirituality. They are serious and self-centred but also tend to suffer from self-doubt. They make great psychologists, therapists etc.
Allegedly in RL, if you colour your hair with a shade other than your natural hair colour, it will more than likely influence your behaviour and after a while you will even adopt the stereotypes associated with said colour.

My avatar has always been brunette, and I’m brunette in RL. I’ve always felt that I don’t have the right attitude to be blonde.  What are your opinions on hair colour and what it says about you and your avatar?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's a smile, it's a kiss It's a sip of wine, it's summertime - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

Windlight and Amazing Impressions Modeling Agency have been holding the Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase, as part of Windlight’s Anniversary Summer.
The Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase started on the 9th and runs until 16th July 2016.
The Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase highlights a variety of the top Second Life fashion designers in an exceptional setting. The event features a hunt, live performers, DJ parties, shopping, fashion, and art! For more info visit

The final show will reveal Ghee’s Windlight Collection made especially for Windlight’s Anniversary
Participating Designers are:
Sonatta Morales
Faster Pussycat
Vero Modero
Zuri Jewellery
The Windlight Summer Fashion Event has been taking place on a stunning fashion forward and creative build featuring a custom mesh runway by renowned builder Saigye Lotus. The runway provides the ideal setting for designers to showcase their fantastic new designs.
Guests are able to purchase designs from the shows at the shopping plaza.
You still have time to catch the following events:
Friday, July 15, 2016- 3pm slt-Prism and Vero Modero Show

Saturday, July 16, 2016 – 3pm slt-Ghee and Zuri Rayna Jewelry Show

Title taken from KENNY CHESNEY LYRICS  "Summertime"

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers in SL Female – Joymell Reporting...

Second Life has enabled designers to import 3D models (mesh) created in popular tools like Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, and so on. The introduction of mesh models has allowed the creation of more detailed clothing and accessories that are complex, realistic and creative and are the most sought after by customers.

In the market, the merchants selling network, is responsible for communicating to customers that the item is partially or entirely composed of mesh content, and that may not render properly in a viewer that does not support mesh.  All customers, before buying, should view the data of what is being bought in order to make informed decisions about whether the content is appropriate for your current viewer. It is recommended that older viewers should not just used for accessories, objects, garments, etc. with mesh content as they cannot be seen.

"Mesh" content itself is not inherently different from other content from a consumer perspective. However, in the hands of talented content creators, mesh offers the opportunity to create highly detailed and amazing objects in Second Life, and it is this quality that has attracted consumers to buying mesh.

With the variety of Mesh bodies now available, creative designers have developed clothes and accessories to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of consumers.

Looking around Second Life, I found excellent shops with high quality goods and discovered a variety of mesh bodies.

My TOP 10 list of FitMesh Designers in SL, for women follows. FitMesh, also known as Fitted Mesh, is a rigged mesh system.  FitMesh garments move along the body as it moves, the same way mesh items do. It makes garments fitt significantly better and provides opportunities to create more variety out of the same garment, such as; bigger size clothes, smaller or bigger breasts, maternity clothes, children clothes, etc). FitMesh garments also respond to body physics, such as; breast and bottom wiggles.

To make up the list I considered the following criteria:

ü  clothes and accessories quality, considering: realistic detail, texture and creativity;
ü  variety of clothing and accessories;
ü  stores that offer products for different mesh bodies;
ü  fitmesh Designers;
ü  shop in the marketplace;
ü  affordable.

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers ( Female)

Addams: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
Apple May Designs: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara),  Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Blueberry: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara),  Slink
(Physique, Hourglass)  Taxi to Marketplace
CandyDoll: Belleza (,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
Neve by ColdLogic creative: Belleza (Isis), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
DE Designs: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
Taxi to Marketplace
Just Because:  Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Pink Pearl Designs: Belleza (Freya,Isis), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass) < TMP
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Rebel Hope: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)
 Taxi to Marketplace:
Zed Sensations: Belleza (Freya,Isis,Venus), Maitreya (Lara), Slink (Physique, Hourglass)  
Taxi to Marketplace:

In general, stores inform consumers that the mesh body or other item is compatible with standard shapes as well as the newer mesh bodies.  With most items, Fitmesh, is included in the package:
- 5 Size Classic Rigged Mesh (XS, S, M, L, XL)
- 5 Size FitMesh Rigged Mesh (XS, S, M, L, XL)
- FitMesh Rigged (compatible with different mesh bodies).

Remember to try the demo before you buy anything and happy shopping!

Additional Information:
 Images from SL Marketplace

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers in SL for Men – Joymell Reporting...

Most guys I know in SL want to be fashionable, but they are too lazy to look for stores and shopping is just a chore.  What’s more the arrival of mesh and now fitmesh has many of them just plain confused.  Let me try and simplify matters for you.

As consumers, it’s important to understand the benefits of the techniques that allows Mesh clothing and avatar bodies to be adjusted using an avatar Body Shape slider in the appearance editor.  This results in clothing that can be adjusted to fit your avatar's own personal body shape and style. Legitimate Fitmesh for Mesh Bodies will fit perfectly to your mesh body, and will adjust smoothly with your shape sliders.

FitMesh garments move as the body moves, the same way mesh items do.  This allows significantly better fitting clothes and provides opportunities to customize the items i.e make clothes a bigger or smaller size, or adjust a specific area such as the chest.  FitMesh garments also respond to body physics such as chest and bottom wiggles.

My list TOP 10, FitMesh Designers SL for men:

This list contains only designers who make special mesh designed to fit mesh bodies. Therefore NEW FITTED MESH for standard sizes, which allows the mesh to be adapted to the body shape for a perfect fit.

Standard fitmesh designers (default number) are not included in this list, although some listed stores also offer this option.

For my list, I considered the following criteria:
ü  clothes and accessories quality, considering: realistic detail, texture and creativity;
ü  variety of clothing and accessories;
ü  stores that offer products for different mesh bodies;
ü  fitmesh Designers;
ü  shop in the marketplace;
ü  affordable.

Top 10 Fitmesh Designers ( Male) -

AR2 Style: Adam, Aesthetic, Slink and TMP

Ascend : Slink and TMP

Balkanik2.0 : Slink and TMP

Invictus:  Aesthetic, Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Pink Pearl Designs: Adam, Aesthetic, Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Swagga: Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Tease Me! Boutique: Slink and TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

United Colors: TMP
Taxi to marketplace:

Zed Sensations: Adam and Slink
Taxi to marketplace:

It’s important to remember to always try the demo offered, before you buy anything, and if you like the product, or have a change to suggest, leave a comment for the designer. If you have any problems or questions, contact the store before leaving a negative rating in the marketplace. Visit the store inworld to view more items

What you buy is the result of many hours of study and hard work. Designers always thank us for help and comments to further improve results.

Good shopping!

Additional Information:
Images from Stores SL Marketplace