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Showing posts with label SL motorcycles. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Get your motor running - Camury reporting...

Motorcycle Clubs or MC’s as they’re colloquially termed are groups of people who appreciate motorcycling. They’re clubs organized with the purpose of establishing camaraderie and friendship, among its participants. The clubs organize trips and meetings to promote friendship and fellowship among all participants.
In Second Life, there are many motorcycle-related clubs that are a source of entertainment. Places like biker bars, dance clubs, strip clubs, or simply places that motorcyclists like to get together and hang out with other bikers.
Here are five places I recommend.  I’ve included a little information regarding what you can find at each venue so that you know what to expect before teleporting to the sim.

Dirty Bones Saloon & Track

Dirty Bones Saloon & Track is a place to meet people from the motorcycle community or anyone who may be interested. All are welcome as long as respect is given to one another.   The saloon is sponsored by the Sacred Bones Society of SL motorcycle club. "Brotherhood, respect, and understanding,” is their motto.   While I was there I talked to Sophiesosweet Resident who said that her BF has a RL MC and so they have started one in SL. There are still no rules defined for the MC and everyone is welcome to use the track.

C & P Motor Sports, High Rollers MC
High Rollers is an MC that allows children, accompanied by adults.  On the SIM you will find bike shops, motorcycles for sale, C & P Motor Sports, custom bikes, kid’s bikes, full perm bike parts, Crow Dartmouth, race track, mc high rollers, bike track, family track, biker club and shopping area.
If you want to use the track, follow the instructions in the rezz zone. If you would like to book a tour for your group, cross the street and drop a notecard for the road captain.

Pandemonium Nation MC

Pandemonium Nation MC is a brotherhood and sisterhood, of like-minded bikers. They are family beyond blood, true brothers and sisters. On the SIM you will find the Motorcycle Club, track, bike, ride, shooting range, drag strip. All ages welcome. There was no one around when I was there (1:00 PM Second Life Time) and I was not able to find more information about MC rules.

Rockin' Rollers Motorcycle Club (RRMC)

On the seductive roads of the south, you will find the RRMC. This MC has two sims full of roads, tracks, and entertainment. You are requested to respect the privacy of the homes on the sim. You can find information on how to join the Support Group and obtain an application prospectus.   The prospectus requires information such as avatar name, date of birth and level of current riding skills (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, and Never Ridden Before).  Once you have answered the questions, drop the notecard into the depot box on the RRMC berth or deliver to any RRMC Recruiting Officer. Notification of Members' General Meetings and other RRMC Events, such as weekly tours, DJ events, and parties, are posted on the Event Board at the RRMC Pousadas Dock.

The Alliance (Devil's Rejects MC & Black Jax Gang)

The Alliance is a place where the Devil's Rejects MC and Black Jax Gang have sealed an alliance and have fun. On-site, you will find Drag Racing, Motorcycles, Cars, Hotrods, Strippers, Hookers, Motorcycle Club, MC and Naughty Girls. Motorcycles and cars must use the track only.

When visiting the Motorcycle Clubs, get your scripts to 50 or below, do not forget your bike and enjoy! See you on the road!