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Showing posts with label SLE Award. Show all posts

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Winner has been chosen for SLE's 2011 Easter Egg Decorating Contest!

This year contestant from across the grid participated in our second annual Easter Egg decorating contest.

Entrants were given decorating kits that included an egg template and instructions. No Scripts, no advertising and created with a max of 10 prims.  From creative graphics to elegantly sculpted stands and accessories. Each avatar put in their creativity and came up with some great ideas.  Clearly imaginations run free in Second Life and here at the SL Enquirer, they sure did.

After a weekend of judging and tallying up votes, The SL Enquirer unanimously agreed that Fiery Bloom created by Queen Edman is this years winner!

Congratulations to Queen who received 2000 Lindens, a spotlight feature and an official SLE "Recognized for Excellence" Award.

Thank you all for participating in this event!

To find out when we have other contests and events, join our SL Enquirer Media Group in world or subscribe to our website.

~Lanai Jarrico

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tired of Crappy Customer Service, freebies and overkill product bombardment or people with big egos and attitude problems trying to stake claim to having the best establishment in SL? Let the SL Enquirer help you make the distinction between Quality and Excellence of Service and Bad Business tactics. - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring Second life not just as a reporter, strip club enthusiast and shameless concert groupie but also as a customer.  I’ve purchased clothes, shoes, hair, Ao’s, dances, jewelry and many other accessories, toys, gizmos, gadgets  and whatnot throughout the years and for the most part, I’m greeted by someone or something  and loaded up with note cards at every place I go.  It is to be expected of most establishments here, otherwise how would the word get out to others without using media and news outlets, such as the SL Enquirer, BOSL, Imagine Magazine, Second Nights and others.
Business in Second Life is not like a real world business. Anyone can purchase or rent a land to build a store and plop a business on it. In the real world plenty of capital is needed, a physical location and a serious team of hard workers need to be implemented.   Even without the major capital, many SL businesses struggle with the lack of other required efforts.