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Showing posts with label SLGT. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s most successful reality TV format EVER is the “Got Talent” series.  Originally a British Talent Show, it has spawned spin offs in over 69 Countries. And for several years, this modern-day classic has been making a splash in Second Life as well.  

SL’s Got Talent (SLGT) contest was created and first produced in 2013 by Jackie Lefko. She is the CEO of the Speakeasy Entertainment Group. The idea of SLGT came to Jackie after debuting several new SL performers at her venue, The Speakeasy.  She felt a contest would be a great opportunity for those looking for a unique opportunity to not only showcase their talent but to also engage in a personal challenge.

The Contest starts with open mic auditions that are open to the public.  A panel of seven judges tell those auditioning if they are in or out of the contest.  From those auditioning, the judges select ten contestants to proceed to Round One

All contestants perform in Round One.  Eliminations occur after Round 1 and 2, typically leaving 4 contestants left to receive sizable prizes of 35K for 1st Place, 25K for 2nd Place, 17K for 3rd Place, and 5K for 4th Place.

This year’s SLGT Winners were 

Recently, SL Enquirer caught up with this year’s First Place winner, Mac Pfeffer, and asked him about the SLGT Experience.

 Josh Bellic:  How long have you been playing piano in SL? 

Mac Pfeffer:  About 6 to 7 years here in SL and more then 30 years in RL. Originally I didn’t want to play in SL because of Conflicts with my RL profession.  Later, though, I found it to be a great way to communicate with people here in SL 

JB:  How did you first get interested in The Piano?

MP:  I started to play the piano when I was 10.  I went to music school when I was 19 and I studied music 9 years until I graduated from the Conservatory. Piano was an important factor in studying music and music theory.  I found that with the piano I was able to compose pieces that were more complicated harmonically.  
JB:  What did you think about the SecondLife’s Got Talent process?  

MP:  About the actual competition itself, I had very little time to think.  All I know is I went fast and before I knew it, it was over. Since I’m relatively new to the SGLT concept, it’s hard for me to have any thoughts about it at this point. 

JB:  Describe your practice schedule on the Piano.

MP:  I play professionally in RL and I practice a minimum of 10 hours a week on guitar.  I also practice solfege to keep up my hearing abilities. I listen to a song I like, then I play along with the instrument I play at that time. Other times I just play and practice scales or chord progressions. The same goes for all the instruments I play. There is a lot of time involved within the process. 

JB:  What is your preferred style of music? 

MP:  I would have to say Fusion / Jazz because of my background. However, in RL I play many other styles that I don’t play in SL. 
JB:  Who inspires you in your playing?

MP:  I had a very complicated childhood and by playing music it was a very natural way to express my self in life.  Even today I still use music as a tool to express myself. My love for people can be heard in my music. Music gave me Grace in every way you can imagine.  

JB:  What advice would you give to aspiring Virtual World pianists? 

MP:  Practice!  Practice! Practice!   That, and always LOVE what you do.  You need to be disciplined and never give up. Make a goal for yourself and commit to the promise that you make to yourself. Another important factor is communication. Always try to communicate with other musicians SL and RL.  It is VERY important to do this. Without this there is no synergy when you play in a band or combo setting.  

JB:  How did you first learn about SL’s Got Talent?

MP:  It was never my intention to participate in SLGT.  A friend of mine told me about it and asked me if I wanted to audition.  I went ahead and auditioned and was told I had made it through the first round and I thought “What did I get myself into?” From there I continued to appear and progressed swiftly over the next couple of days.   

JB:  Describe the judges. Was there a “Simon Cowell” character?  

MP:  I don’t know anything about the Judges all I know is that that nothing was given away. I had the feeling that the Jury was very tight and strict and I found it rather hard to participate from round to round.

JB:  Do you know how many competitors you had to face?  

MP:  I’m not really sure.  I think it was a minimum of 12 of us.

JB:  What is the best thing about participating in SLGT?

MP:  That was an easy question.  The best part about SLGT is WINNING! (just kidding).  The best part is that the way I personally express myself through my music has finally come to light through the competition.  Additionally, we all developed a real camaraderie between and among the competitors. We were all very concerned for one another and interested in each others circumstances and performance. 

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

MP:  Other than that I am honored to have participated.  It was a great journey to experience. The SLGT concept is inspiring, especially for the newer generation of performers. Hopefully they will even get more inspired as SL continues to evolve in the years ahead. 

Soooooo..There you have it, Folks.  The Best in Televised Entertainment. Brought to the Residents of SecondLife.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spotlight Feature: Meet Jeffah; Winner of SL’s Got Talent 2015- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

After competing against 17 of SL’s top performers, the judges have spoken!

Meet Jeffah (Jeffah24 Resident); winner of SL’s Got Talent 2015. Jeffah aka  Jeff Blake is a composer and singer from Ontario Canada. In Second Life he is in high demand and performs at various venues across the grid. His broad genre includes Swing, Jazz, Broadway, pop, country, and rock. The SL Enquirer caught up with Jeffah to learn more about him and his inspiration for Music.

Interview with Jeffah

What does Music mean to you?

Jeffah:  Music is my life. Every moment of every day there is music in my head. Even when I'm not thinking about music, it is helping me do everything I do. Music is the reason I exist.

What inspired you to become a singer?
Jeffah:  It was the one thing I wasn't doing with music, and one day I just decided that I needed to develop my voice. That happened in the privacy of my bedroom, and no-one knew about it until I entered a singing competition when I was 17... and the rest is history!

What genres do you cover?
Jeffah:  In my SL shows, I sing Rock, Pop, Jazz/Swing, Country, Folk, Broadway, Disney... I like to tell everyone at my shows to consider me a human jukebox – press my buttons and pick a song, because there is something for everyone!

Do you write your own music? If so, what do you like to write about?
Jeffah:  All that I write is instrumental – I have never been a good lyricist. In fact, until I started singing, I very rarely paid much attention to the words in a song! I have written melodies for lyrics written by others, though.  Writing complex changes and mood-altering harmonies comes as a second nature to me. Would someone like to teach me how to write lyrics? :)

How did you discover Second Life?
Jeffah:  A friend on another virtual-world type of 3D chat platform told me about Second Life, so I popped over to make an account and check it out. A few months went by without much time spent on it, until one day I was roaming around and encountered someone who had a “Singer” tag over their head. I sent them a message asking about singing in SL... and we have been dating ever since! <3

You perform in a band in real life. Can you tell me more about your rl music background and what you have done before discovering the Second Life Music Industry?
Jeffah:  When I was very young, I was in a Yamaha Canada Music competition that went to a national level, and I ended up winning the championship. From that day, I was their “prodigy child”. I traveled all over the world performing in concerts from small showcases, to world-wide competitions in venues such as the World Trade Center in Singapore. I attended Wilfrid Laurier University for music performance and orchestration, and have played in many ensembles and touring bands, from R&B to Jazz, choral to orchestral, and most recently with the Canadian Fiddle Rock band “Fiddlestix”.

Aside from having a live audience, what similarities and differences do you feel when you are performing on a virtual stage as opposed to a real one?
Jeffah:  I can honestly say it is such a treat to be able to perform from home, in the comfort of my living room! However, there is no greater experience for a performer than stepping out on a real stage to thousands of adoring fans. I would say that I get a similar energy from my audiences no matter if they are at RL shows or SL shows – the audience's response and feedback during a show is what feeds me energy when I am performing.

Has Second Life helped your RL Music career?
Jeffah:  In a way, yes. Being able to sing more often, and for longer periods of time has been a direct result of performing regularly in SL.

Can you describe the feeling when you are performing for an audience? Do you get nervous?
Jeffah:  I used to get SO nervous all the time! However, after many shows around the world in various countries and different languages, you find that there is always one thing in common – music brings everyone together. After my first show, alone on stage in front of 10,000 people... very few scenarios find me nervous these days. It really depends on the situation. I was nervous during the SLGT final round! Most of the time, however, if you are confident that you can put on a good show, the nerves fade away. :)

What was it like when you were announced as the Winner of SL’s Got Talent 2015?
Jeffah:  I was alone at home, so I would need to ask my neighbours if they heard me! Haha! My entire purpose of entering this year was to see if I could be heard by some people who had never heard me before. Winning was the icing on the cake, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity.

Have you received other rewards and recognition in SL and in RL?
Jeffah:  This is the first for me in SL. In RL, I would need several pages to list them all. To me, life is a journey, and everything that happens to you along the way is a part of that journey. If you like who I am today, then I invite you to thank all that has happened to me in my past... for my past is what made me who I am today. Awards or not, the future is now. Make it a good one!

The Music Industry in Second Life is saturated with performers and DJs making it highly competitive. What do you think separates you from the rest?
Jeffah:  My shows are always tailored to the venue/audience for which I am performing. It is my goal to give the listener an experience where they could close their eyes and feel as if they were at a RL show. I take great pride in every note that you hear at one of my shows, truly – I hear things that most others do not, but I still hear them... and if it isn't perfect, it's not used. You can be certain that you will not hear anything less than the best I can give you, each and every time I perform.

From a performer's perspective,  how do you feel about the Music Industry in Second Life? There have been debates about pay scale, varying talent and venue costs, Could there be some improvements in how things are run?
Jeffah:  There are venues for every performer, from those just starting out to those who have climbed the proverbial ladder. Aside from the biggest names in music, performer fees in RL barely cover expenses. The fees most seasoned performers in SL charge are magnitudes lower than basic expenses to put on that show. If we are performing in SL, it is because we love to do it and hope that you will enjoy the show. The most important thing for audiences to consider is how much they would spend on a night out of the house, doing something similar to what they are doing in SL. If you were at a bar, for example, you would be buying drinks. If you were at an outdoor festival, you would likely be buying food and/or concert merchandise. In SL, if you can afford a few Lindens here and there, please tip the venues! Without venues, we have no place to perform.

What advice would you give new artists interested in performing in Second Life?

Jeffah:  Best advice I could possibly give anyone interested in starting out performing in SL would be to talk to other performers. They are the best source of information you could possibly have in terms of where to start and how to succeed.

How can venues book you?
Venues interested in booking me can contact me directly in-world, or through my Facebook fan page.

How can readers follow your shows and sample your music?
Jeffah:  I have an in-world fan group named “Jeffah's Jivers”, a subscriber service for those who don't have group space, and a Facebook fan page where I post my show details. I also have a SoundCloud profile where I have some recordings that I have made over the past few years, and I just recently hit 1 MILLION plays! That's a lot of people who have listened to my singing!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Jeffah:  Find a dream. Set goals that will bring you closer to that dream. Never give up. Be yourself. Live life, don't just watch it pass by.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with The SL Enquirer and  Congratulations on Winning 1st Place in SL’s Got Talent 2015!

Additional Information:
Booking Info:  Jeffah (“Jeffah24” SL username)
Group: “Jeffah’s Jivers”
Preferred Contact:  SL message or Facebook
Performance Calendar:

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Join us in congratulating Jeffah (Jeffah24 Resident) on winning the 2015 SL's GOT Talent Contest. The contest started this year with 17 performers from all over the world embarking on a quest to be recognized as the best.  Each round intensified as contestants pulled out all the stops. The six finalists did not disappoint a full sim of supporters and patrons of live music.  Hedy Patrucci goes home with the 2nd place prize and Ladyrok is the 3rd place winner. And, keeping in tradition of the 3-year old SLGT Contest, honorable mention was awarded to Miss Cast (misscast resident).

Contest winners received following prizes:
  • Customized SLGT Winner Trophy
  • Spotlight Feature article in SL ENQUIRER Newspaper (
  • 1-Year Subscription - Personalized stream from XTREAMLYU Stream Rentals.
  • Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.


FINALISTS: $2,000L CASH (2 prizes)

To remain current with SLGT happenings, visit the official contest web site: and/or

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


It was an amazing night of live music at Round 2 of 2015 SL’s Got Talent!  The contestants listed below will move to the final round to be held on Friday, 23 October 2015 starting at 5PM SLT at the Bluebyrd Entertainment Resort:

Angela McKeenan
Hedy Patrucci
Khiron Ametza
Ladyrok Resident
Miss Cast
Official Contest Website:
Official Facebook Page:

Your Limo to FINAL ROUND:

Friday, October 16, 2015


Round One of 2015 SL’s Got Talent was electrifying! The first goal for all contestants was to move on to  Round Two, which will be held on Monday, 19 October 2015 starting at 5 PM  SLT at the Bluebyrd Entertainment Resort.

The contestants moving on to Round Two are as follows:

Angela McKeenan
Cordeliasloan Resident
Hedy Patrucci
Katiaportugal Genesis
Khiron Ametza
Ladyrok Resident
Libertybelle Lyric
Miss Cast
Singsong4u resident

Official Contest Website:
Official Facebook Page:

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Join us in congratulating the 17 live musical acts who were selected to participate in the 2015 SL’s Got Talent Contest.  ROUND ONE will be held on Thursday, October 15th at 5 PM SLT. 

If the auditions were any indication of what to expect during the actual competition, we are in store for an amazing musical experience.

The Contestants

Column 1:  Ninna Jie, Liberytybelle Lyric, Singsong4U, Cordeliasloan

Column 2:  Jeffah, Katiaportugal Genesis, Divastone
Column 3:  Miss Cast, Toorealsom, Hedy
Column 4:  LeeWinegarden, Khiron Ametza, Angela McKeenan (Tzaryna Gracemont)
Column 4: Ladyrok, ManuAurell, Isabella, MillTycoon

Contest Judging Process

A panel of judges selected SL's Got Talent contestants from Open Mic Auditions held last week.  The judges are a group of distinguished venue owner and/or artists themselves.  They bring a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry in real life and in Second Life.   There are a total of eight judges.  They will rotate at each round. 
SL’s Got Talent is about providing a platform for contestants to help extend or jump start virtual live music career.  It is NOT a popularity contest.  During the contest rounds, the judges will execute the SLGT scoring system ranking each performer based on their performance at that specific round. The scores are tallied at each round to determine the contestants moving on to the next round.

Offical Contest Website:
Offical Facebook Page:

Thursday, October 8, 2015


The SL's GOT Talent Contest grooves into its third consecutive year on the Grid. On Thursday, October 8, 2015, starting at 6 PM SLT, the SL's GOT TALENT CONTEST officially kicks off with the OPEN MIC Auditions.  There will be a number of known and unknown Second Life performers gathering on the Bluebyrd Entertainment Resort sim to show off their stuff.  You do not want to miss the first opportunity to hear the amazing variety of talent from SL residents.  Additional auditions will be held on Saturday, October 10th, 3-4 PM SLT and 7-9 PM SLT.

SL’s GOT TALENT (SLGT) Contest was created and organized by Jackie Lefko, the owner of the SPEAKEASY. After debuting several new SL performers at her venue, Jackie’s brain started churning and Voila – the birth of SLGT in 2013.  She felt a contest would be a great opportunity for those looking for a unique opportunity to not only showcase their talent but to also engage in a personal challenge.  Other business owners agreed as they lined up to participate as Sponsors, Judges and Prize Contributors as follows:
Aly's Fine Art
Bluebyrd Entertainment
D1 Radio
Dude's Playground
Greased Ligtning
Keyboard Lounge
Music Soulmates
Nat's Jazz Club
PAM's Talk Show
PYRO AVATARS (Skins & Shapes)
SRM Art Gallery, Museum & Performing Arts
Whispering Sands Live
White Tigers Islands Clubs, Resorts and Casinos
XtreamlyU Stream Rentals
SLGT contest is a great platform for seasoned SL performers to expand his or her reach and for a new comer to jump start an SL music career.  And, most importantly, some may need some Lindens to pay your tiers.  Speaking of Lindens, what is the REAL incentive here - PRIZES.  
Contest winners can expect the following prizes:
$25,000L CASH
Customized SLGT Winner Trophy (picture shown)
Spotlight Feature article in SL ENQUIRER Newspaper (WWW.SLENQUIRER.COM)
Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

$15,000L CASH
Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

$10,000L CASH
Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

To learn more about the how the contest will be judged and to remain current with SLGT happenings, visit the official contest web site: and/or
Here is your taxi to attend SL’s GOT TALENT contest auditions:

Contact:  Jackie Lefko (