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Showing posts with label Jeffah. Show all posts

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Music Venue Ownership and A Popular Singer: Scarlet and Jeffah- Fynnyus Resident Reporting

This is just a hunch, but I believe that most of what we do in Second Life is pretty haphazard. It’s a place to escape, have fun, and get away from reality for a while. It’s rare for me to make plans or set a time or date to do anything. I kind of like the serendipity of not having a plan and just going with the flow, so to speak. And so it was on a Monday morning in early June. It was then that I received a group announcement from Scarlet (scarletexiles) who owns Scarlet's Ranch & Resort. A popular singer would be performing there in the next few moments. The message said: "Canadian born-and-raised, Jeff has performed all over the RL world, and quickly became a fan favorite in SL. His attention to detail and explicit emotion in each song will bring you back show after show. Whether you like rock, pop, jazz, etc. Jeff will sing your requests. Come and experience a musical journey as this multi-award winning vocalist performs songs the way they were truly intended to be heard! Join us for an hour of great music." Being a newly minted music writer for the Second Life Enquirer, I thought I would go and see what’s up. So, off I went and teleported to the venue.
Upon arrival, the singer was just starting. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I messaged Scarlet to get some information about music venues and what it was like managing and owning a virtual place for music. Here’s how the conversation went:

Fynn: Hi Scarlet, is this your place?
Scarlet: Yes Fynn, it’s one of 3 I have here on this region primarily for music, but we do some weddings, too. I have Red Rocks and Scarlet's Aquarium here also.
Fynn: I'm curious about what it's like to run a music venue.
Scarlet: You have to love music and have deep pockets, at least for live artists. It's fun, I do it for the fun.
Fynn: If I might ask, what does it cost?
Scarlet: Well, you have to have land obviously, you don’t have to have as much as I have but you need a decent spot and then you build or buy a club. The cost of artists varies but if you’re going to have very many your looking at a nice amount of dollars going out. I have had over 35 live artists that sing at my venues. Some don’t cost, but not many work just for tips these days. The better known they are the more expensive they can be.
Fynn: Is Jeffah well-known?
Scarlet: Yes, he has been with me both at Red Rocks and here, but he is an entertainer who promotes his shows and has decent crowds come to listen. I just enjoy the music, building, and fun. I've been doing this a little over a year in SL now.
Fynn: You seem to have done a lot in a year.
Scarlet: I'm just ambitious and I don’t like people telling me I can't do something. I started out with a DJ club and a second venue with occasional live events. DJs have gotten harder to build on, but good live performances bring the people.

Scarlet was busy during the live performance managing patrons, greeting new arrivals, and such, so I didn’t get to talk with her as much I would have liked to, but it made me think I might delve into music club ownership and management at some point.
Then my partner, Misty, happened to log in so I teleported her to come and dance with me. Misty is really smart about music and has played guitar her whole life. I asked her what she thinks. She always impresses me with her understanding of music history, and he’s always honest as hell. I love that about her. We dance and listen and talk about the singer and other things. Her perspective is in this writing. She’s an inspiration and influences my thoughts as I write.

There’s lots of ways to categorize music in Second Life. Two broad types are those who accompany themselves while singing, usually with guitar or keyboard, and those who use prerecorded background instrumentals while they sing. The latter, a karaoke-style of performance, is quite popular in Second Life and it is what we hear at this performance. Jeff (Jeffah24) has a very distinctive vocal quality. It’s quite unique and he is very engaging with the fans who have shown up, and for a Monday morning there’s quite a few (of course it’s not “morning” everywhere in the world, lol). He sings works by Elton John, Aerosmith, Adele, Neil Young, Roy Orbison, and more. During the performance, Jeff actually explains what he’s doing: he has a microphone with software for background accompaniment. He can add reverb and other voice altering techniques, which he uses proficiently. And then there’s the karaoke background music, some with choral background vocals in some songs. It all makes for a fun show.
Doing my research, I find out that Jeff has been performing in Second Life quite a while. In fact, he was interviewed for the Second Life Enquirer a few years ago when he won Second Life’s Got Talent Award in 2015. His profile describes him thusly, “A six-year veteran of the SL live music scene, Canadian-born Jeff has spent his entire life devoted to music. He has performed solo all over the RL world, and tours with an internationally recognized band. His SL shows often feature Rock, Pop, Jazz, and many other genres. Experience who fans have dubbed the "Human Jukebox" as this multi-award winning vocalist takes you on a musical journey!”
Also, “Outside of SL, Jeff toured for over 4 years with the internationally recognized Fiddle Rock band FIDDLESTIX, playing keyboards, Irish whistle, sax, and vocals. He spent a further 3 years living in Lisbon Portugal, and just recently returned to Ontario Canada and has begun touring with Fiddlestix again. His vocal recordings on SoundCloud have surpassed 2.9 MILLION plays, averaging over 6000 plays per week, or 850 plays every day.” 
Very Impressive, in my opinion! I spoke with him after the show:

Fynn: Generally, why you do this? 
Jeffah: I've been a professional musician most of my life.  it's second nature to me to be an entertainer.... and SL is one of many avenues that allow me to do that and reach a wide spectrum of audience members from around the world. :)
Fynn: Where has music been and where do you think it’s going?
Jeffah: I can only speak for the past 6.5 years -- but I know that SL live music started a very long time ago as a platform for solo instrumentalists to play music for each other. It has evolved over many years to include all forms of live entertainment from instrumentalists, to vocalists, to bands and even spoken word and  stand-up comedy.  Only time will tell where the scene goes from here on forward. :)
Fynn: Tell me a little about your style.
Jeffah: I don't really have a single style.  I love and greatly appreciate all genres of music and love to perform Rock, Pop, Country, Romantic Ballads, Jazz/Swing, Broadway, Disney,...
Fynn: I am curious about the karaoke style, there seem to be those who play guitar or keyboard, and others like you who use karaoke-style. Maybe there's other ways, but those seems to be two main ways musicians accompany their vocals.
Jeffah: I'm a musician who plays almost every major instrument class.... but I perform in a band in RL several instruments, and so in SL I choose to be a vocalist.
Fynn: What's it like to be a SL musician?
Jeffah For me, it's quite a lot of work.  I don't have a manager making all of my bookings for me, seeking out new venues, keeping in touch with the venue owners, or handling all the administrative work... I do all of that myself.  On average, a one-hour show takes about 3 hours of my time.  There is promotion to be made, advertising to be posted, multiple forms of communication to my fans and followers letting them know the show details for each day, etc.  Usually the one-hour show is my time to finally relax and have some fun, provided there are no technical issues during the show!  lol... and there have been countless technical issues over the years.  I have way more to do and take care of during my show in SL than I do as a singer/musician performing in my RL band.  Not only am I the performer, I'm also the sound technician, the lighting controller, the request manager and the problem solver.... I wouldn't be able to survive a show without my amazing assistant!

It was at this point that Jeff had to return to reality for dinner. We said our goodbyes and I thanked him for his time and his insights. And hey, another success with serendipity! Give it a try, I swear it works! Until next time, I remain your Wannabe Music Critic, Fynn!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spotlight Feature: Meet Jeffah; Winner of SL’s Got Talent 2015- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

After competing against 17 of SL’s top performers, the judges have spoken!

Meet Jeffah (Jeffah24 Resident); winner of SL’s Got Talent 2015. Jeffah aka  Jeff Blake is a composer and singer from Ontario Canada. In Second Life he is in high demand and performs at various venues across the grid. His broad genre includes Swing, Jazz, Broadway, pop, country, and rock. The SL Enquirer caught up with Jeffah to learn more about him and his inspiration for Music.

Interview with Jeffah

What does Music mean to you?

Jeffah:  Music is my life. Every moment of every day there is music in my head. Even when I'm not thinking about music, it is helping me do everything I do. Music is the reason I exist.

What inspired you to become a singer?
Jeffah:  It was the one thing I wasn't doing with music, and one day I just decided that I needed to develop my voice. That happened in the privacy of my bedroom, and no-one knew about it until I entered a singing competition when I was 17... and the rest is history!

What genres do you cover?
Jeffah:  In my SL shows, I sing Rock, Pop, Jazz/Swing, Country, Folk, Broadway, Disney... I like to tell everyone at my shows to consider me a human jukebox – press my buttons and pick a song, because there is something for everyone!

Do you write your own music? If so, what do you like to write about?
Jeffah:  All that I write is instrumental – I have never been a good lyricist. In fact, until I started singing, I very rarely paid much attention to the words in a song! I have written melodies for lyrics written by others, though.  Writing complex changes and mood-altering harmonies comes as a second nature to me. Would someone like to teach me how to write lyrics? :)

How did you discover Second Life?
Jeffah:  A friend on another virtual-world type of 3D chat platform told me about Second Life, so I popped over to make an account and check it out. A few months went by without much time spent on it, until one day I was roaming around and encountered someone who had a “Singer” tag over their head. I sent them a message asking about singing in SL... and we have been dating ever since! <3

You perform in a band in real life. Can you tell me more about your rl music background and what you have done before discovering the Second Life Music Industry?
Jeffah:  When I was very young, I was in a Yamaha Canada Music competition that went to a national level, and I ended up winning the championship. From that day, I was their “prodigy child”. I traveled all over the world performing in concerts from small showcases, to world-wide competitions in venues such as the World Trade Center in Singapore. I attended Wilfrid Laurier University for music performance and orchestration, and have played in many ensembles and touring bands, from R&B to Jazz, choral to orchestral, and most recently with the Canadian Fiddle Rock band “Fiddlestix”.

Aside from having a live audience, what similarities and differences do you feel when you are performing on a virtual stage as opposed to a real one?
Jeffah:  I can honestly say it is such a treat to be able to perform from home, in the comfort of my living room! However, there is no greater experience for a performer than stepping out on a real stage to thousands of adoring fans. I would say that I get a similar energy from my audiences no matter if they are at RL shows or SL shows – the audience's response and feedback during a show is what feeds me energy when I am performing.

Has Second Life helped your RL Music career?
Jeffah:  In a way, yes. Being able to sing more often, and for longer periods of time has been a direct result of performing regularly in SL.

Can you describe the feeling when you are performing for an audience? Do you get nervous?
Jeffah:  I used to get SO nervous all the time! However, after many shows around the world in various countries and different languages, you find that there is always one thing in common – music brings everyone together. After my first show, alone on stage in front of 10,000 people... very few scenarios find me nervous these days. It really depends on the situation. I was nervous during the SLGT final round! Most of the time, however, if you are confident that you can put on a good show, the nerves fade away. :)

What was it like when you were announced as the Winner of SL’s Got Talent 2015?
Jeffah:  I was alone at home, so I would need to ask my neighbours if they heard me! Haha! My entire purpose of entering this year was to see if I could be heard by some people who had never heard me before. Winning was the icing on the cake, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity.

Have you received other rewards and recognition in SL and in RL?
Jeffah:  This is the first for me in SL. In RL, I would need several pages to list them all. To me, life is a journey, and everything that happens to you along the way is a part of that journey. If you like who I am today, then I invite you to thank all that has happened to me in my past... for my past is what made me who I am today. Awards or not, the future is now. Make it a good one!

The Music Industry in Second Life is saturated with performers and DJs making it highly competitive. What do you think separates you from the rest?
Jeffah:  My shows are always tailored to the venue/audience for which I am performing. It is my goal to give the listener an experience where they could close their eyes and feel as if they were at a RL show. I take great pride in every note that you hear at one of my shows, truly – I hear things that most others do not, but I still hear them... and if it isn't perfect, it's not used. You can be certain that you will not hear anything less than the best I can give you, each and every time I perform.

From a performer's perspective,  how do you feel about the Music Industry in Second Life? There have been debates about pay scale, varying talent and venue costs, Could there be some improvements in how things are run?
Jeffah:  There are venues for every performer, from those just starting out to those who have climbed the proverbial ladder. Aside from the biggest names in music, performer fees in RL barely cover expenses. The fees most seasoned performers in SL charge are magnitudes lower than basic expenses to put on that show. If we are performing in SL, it is because we love to do it and hope that you will enjoy the show. The most important thing for audiences to consider is how much they would spend on a night out of the house, doing something similar to what they are doing in SL. If you were at a bar, for example, you would be buying drinks. If you were at an outdoor festival, you would likely be buying food and/or concert merchandise. In SL, if you can afford a few Lindens here and there, please tip the venues! Without venues, we have no place to perform.

What advice would you give new artists interested in performing in Second Life?

Jeffah:  Best advice I could possibly give anyone interested in starting out performing in SL would be to talk to other performers. They are the best source of information you could possibly have in terms of where to start and how to succeed.

How can venues book you?
Venues interested in booking me can contact me directly in-world, or through my Facebook fan page.

How can readers follow your shows and sample your music?
Jeffah:  I have an in-world fan group named “Jeffah's Jivers”, a subscriber service for those who don't have group space, and a Facebook fan page where I post my show details. I also have a SoundCloud profile where I have some recordings that I have made over the past few years, and I just recently hit 1 MILLION plays! That's a lot of people who have listened to my singing!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Jeffah:  Find a dream. Set goals that will bring you closer to that dream. Never give up. Be yourself. Live life, don't just watch it pass by.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with The SL Enquirer and  Congratulations on Winning 1st Place in SL’s Got Talent 2015!

Additional Information:
Booking Info:  Jeffah (“Jeffah24” SL username)
Group: “Jeffah’s Jivers”
Preferred Contact:  SL message or Facebook
Performance Calendar:

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Join us in congratulating Jeffah (Jeffah24 Resident) on winning the 2015 SL's GOT Talent Contest. The contest started this year with 17 performers from all over the world embarking on a quest to be recognized as the best.  Each round intensified as contestants pulled out all the stops. The six finalists did not disappoint a full sim of supporters and patrons of live music.  Hedy Patrucci goes home with the 2nd place prize and Ladyrok is the 3rd place winner. And, keeping in tradition of the 3-year old SLGT Contest, honorable mention was awarded to Miss Cast (misscast resident).

Contest winners received following prizes:
  • Customized SLGT Winner Trophy
  • Spotlight Feature article in SL ENQUIRER Newspaper (
  • 1-Year Subscription - Personalized stream from XTREAMLYU Stream Rentals.
  • Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.


FINALISTS: $2,000L CASH (2 prizes)

To remain current with SLGT happenings, visit the official contest web site: and/or