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Showing posts with label Shawns Voice Hangout. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Spotlight on Shawn’s Voice Hangout - A Sci-Fi Theme voice Hub with Seven Locations to explore with friends



There are many hangouts in Second Life that host a variety of themed events. Shawn’s voice hangout is the newest sim on the grid that offers Second Lifers a place to chill on voice while exploring seven impressive sci-fi-themed HUB that you can teleport to using a stargate. It seems to be getting a lot of attention.

The SL Enquirer met up with the creator,  Shawn Peterson (colgate1981) to learn more about the sim and locations like the underwater exploration area, Shawn's voice hangout, game area, "Star Lounge” Gentlemen's club, “Club SG” Music venue, and an Escape Room by Mad Pea.



 Interview with Shawn Peterson (colgate1981)



SLE: HI Shawn, it is a pleasure meeting with you for a tour and interview about this amazing Sci-Fi-themed Hub, How did you discover Second Life, and what inspired you to create Atlantis?


Shawn: I discovered second life because a friend brought me here because I was wanting a social platform. I came up with the theme after a conversation I was having with a friend about Greek Mythology. I suddenly thought of the story of Atlantis and when I saw a stargate portal on market place I ran with the stargate theme.




SLE: This is certainly a unique kind of social platform and the theme is great! Did you design this sim yourself or do you have a team of designers that help you? Also was it a personal love of Sci-Fi or did you feel there was a need for it thinking Second Life, lacked Sci-Fi-themed sims?


Shawn: Sort of I have been bouncing ideas off of friends and using some of them to help me with the build. It’s also a personal love for Sci-Fi.


SLE: That is great you were able to ask your friends for their input. There are a lot of sci-fi fans in Second Life so you made a good choice. As you mentioned above, it is based on the TV shows Stargate and Stargate Atlantis. What did you specifically like about the series?


Shawn: I loved the Stargate movie but I never saw the series that proceeded just heard of it.



SLE:  We love the portal system you have in place and can see you put a lot of work into creating this Hub with 7 Stargate locations. How many Sims are there in total? 


Shawn: There are 7 themed areas on this SIM. It's like an onion with many different layers but tastes better.


SLE: Oh wow, I’m surprised you were able to fit all of that on one sim! Starting with the landing point, Shawn’s voice hangout. What do your guests do there?


Shawn: It's not subdivided so it's all Shawn’s voice hangout. There are table games and a bowling alley. So some people just stand around and talk and others play games together.


SLE:  You have a bowling alley and game tables at the landing point but you also have a game room. What is the difference between the two? Do you host tournaments and game nights?


Shawn: The landing area has newer table games and the game room has vintage arcade games. No, I don’t have tournaments.



SLE: I like that you have interactive activities for your guest to do together. The Escape Room by Mad Pea is a great activity to offer guests!  I’ve experienced escape rooms in real life but never in Second Life. They can be intense with all the riddles, and puzzles with a timer but a lot of fun to do with a group. Can you explain how it works in SL?


Shawn: It's pretty much a puzzle you have to solve in order to escape. You combine things that you find in order to get the next clue.



SLE: Nice! We will have to come back sometime and play! We noticed you have two Clubs for guests. Club SG and the Star Lounge which is more of a gentleman's club. Can you tell us a little bit about both and the gentlemen’s club also is it open for the ladies with special “Chippendale” night events?


Shawn: So the Club SC is a music venue where I host both Live performers and DJs. The Star Lounge is going to be a unisex exotic club it will have a ladies' night on Wednesdays.  



SLE: What is Kanhark used for? There is a beautiful view when you take the elevator to the top floor.


Shawn: It's Just a space-themed environment to explore I may have events there.


SLE: The space station is a neat build to explore for those sci-fi lovers. Do you do any roleplay there? How does it tie into the theme?


Shawn: No role play. You know how the movie stargate they have a gate that goes to other planets so that's why I have the location Kanhark.


SLE:  Oh I see. Finally, there is the underwater exploration location. It is very impressive with the underwater landscape with a hidden cave and shipwreck. What kind of activities happen there?


Shawn: It's just another area to explore for those who want to do more than just stand around.



SLE: It’s great that you have something for everyone. Are you currently hiring for this club or any location on Shawn’s Voice Hangout? 


Shawn: Yes I have auditions for both the Music venue and exotic club at Shawn’s voice hangout.



SLE: You and your team did a fabulous job on this design. We hope to see it flourish in Second Life. Thank you for your time.


Shawn: you’re welcome.


Teleport:  SLURL:


Preferred Contact: Shawn Peterson (colgate1981)