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Showing posts with label Skiing Powder. Show all posts

Monday, October 12, 2015

Love is in the air - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

Skiing Powder Tropical a relatively new, exclusive sim, dedicated to playing cupid, invites you to come and see what they are all about. 

As you rezz in to the sim you are greeted by a pair of statuesque Giraffe.  Make sure your sound option is on, as the background noises of crashing waves and birdsong are realistically soothing.  You will immediately notice that the sim owner, Skiing Powder, has an exceptional eye for detail and all the items on the sim are of the highest quality available in SL.

If you have a penchant for photography, the sim offers two great photo studios to use free of charge. One is a Mesh studio and the other a Memories studio. It is recommended that you dance on the oversized piano keys.

You can bring your significant other to swim in the tropical seas or you can walk hand in hand along miles of artistic oceans, beaches and dunes.  Adult fun is to be found all over the sim, from piers, gazebos, a canopy, rafts, hammocks, beach beds, outdoor showers, to couples hearts dance/sex animators.

They also off the best rezzers for; Speedboats, Hot Air Balloons, Jetskis and Gliders in SL.   Flying and rezzing is unrestricted.

The three open houses, each with hot tubs and top of the grid beds (Loversplayground beds) are available for your use.  Make the picturesque climb up the famous swaying bridge to the tree house, it’s an adventure all of its own, go on we dare you.   Or explore the romantic villa from Venice Italy, which is right on the water.  The Tiki house on mountain has incredible 360 degree views of the sim with privacy curtains.

 To add to the romantic ambiance of the sim there are several water fountains and water shows in the water throughout the parcel.

Skiing Powder is the owner of the sim has an art history background and she studied in Paris France. She currently lives in New England and is involved in the arts scene there.  She began SL as an escape from the world of the concrete jungle. Her curiosity had been piqued after reading an article about SL. She observed “To be anonymous is a drug.”

She said of her time in SL “From noob to noob helper from scared and stupid to knowledge is power. SL is an International community of people looking and experiencing things through anonymity that they may have never experienced before. It’s a blast if you don’t take it too seriously and have fun with the fantasy. MMORPG is still relatively new to the universe and I am looking forward to the next phase of virtual reality. I loved building the sim. I started from scratch 3 times this year. I returned all items at once and got to work to making it better. That moment when you hit the button and everything disappears and returned to your inventory and you look around and there is nothing and total silence, my hair stood up, I cried but was determined to make it better starting totally from scratch. This is Skiing Powder Tropical 4.0 now.”

Ski remembers how frustrated she was when she first started in SL, not being allowed to fly on certain sims, never being allowed to open shopping bags, continually flying into ban lines, getting poofed out by security systems and the terrible laggy sims.  Which is why she owns her own sim and has done so for over four years.   She enjoys SL for socialising, the community, the arts and the fantasy.  She decided she wanted to have a sim to create a fantasy beach world which is luxuriously appointed and which had stunning art.  A place she wanted to visit. In RL she is a snow skier and she loves the mountains hence her name Ski, but when at home she wants to escape into the fantasy world that is SL.  She is now offering you the opportunity to have the same experience.

You will not be met any form of group joining spam, greeter bot or notices of any kind.  The sim is not just a dating venue, it is a place many call home.  The sim is somewhere you can bring your date, significant other and friends to play and relax.

And the sim is available to for the entire SL Community.  The focus is on an audience with a taste for beauty, elegance, and romance that the resort speaks to. Members are assured of a 6 star luxury experience at this tropical beach spa.

The sim is open 24/7.  The venue will be hosting Midnight beach parties once a month which will be open to all, as well as a Couples only midnight beach party, once a month.  Plus Friday parties for all and Saturday parties for couples only.  Don’t miss the holiday season at Skiing Powder Tropical Resort and Spa is spectacular.