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Showing posts with label Spot Light Feature. Show all posts

Thursday, December 24, 2020


‘Tis the Season to be Shopping.  And in the course of my hunt for truly unique Gifts, and I came upon an amazing store called Heart and Soul. In an adjoining workshop, I stumbled upon Abbbadon Soulstar and his partner Q-Baby, hard at work building the latest in animated furniture.  As they stopped for lunch, I was able to chat with these amazing builders. 

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  So tell us, Abs.  How long have you been in the business of animating furniture?

Abs™ (abbadon.soulstar) (AS): I started building and animating prim furniture way back in 2012. I had a few items on Marketplace and then I met Q-Baby!  We partnered on a few projects. I did the animating and she did the texturing. We quickly figured out what we are a match made in heaven!

JB:  You have literally hundreds of animated pieces in your store. Where do you get your inspiration?

AS:  Q-baby and I play off each other really. We get inspired by a lot of things. Real life furniture pieces, our interest in role play, and thinking about unusual places and ways to get your groove on.

JB:  Do you build your items from scratch, or do you take existing items available elsewhere and spruce them up with animations?

We have several partners who make exclusive mesh items for us. We also work with partners for custom animations when we want something really special for a piece. We will use mesh kits if they are great quality or an item we have really been wanting to see animated in SL.

JB:  OK Abs… tell me…and I promise to keep it just between you and me….(and our 40,000 readers each month)…..what are some of your personal Favs in animated furnishings here?

AS:  My favorite animated item is usually the one I'm currently working on LOL. Maybe it's my OCD but I spend a lot of time thinking out the menu and how animations can flow together on each piece. Q-baby obsesses over colors and textures and getting things to look just so. We are both really invested in making sure each piece we put out is amazing.  But to be fairly specific, here are just a few items I'm really proud of that I’d like to mention with a little background on how they came together.

1- H&S~Girl Power-Pole & Lap Dance Sex Table v2:  This was a very fun project we worked on with our partnering Mesh Creator and Animators/Script writers to bring the vision I had to life. This item is a great club or home piece. The RP is well thought out and gives our customers the ability to take it to the next level of RP.

2- H&S~Passions Complete HUD:  Here we took an old idea and breathed into it new technology and features never available back in the MLP Script sets and XPOSE days.  Avsitter which is the current gold standard in script sets is feature rich as well as adaptable.  Clever script writers can write plug ins to even further enrich the features available...ok ok i'm slipping into "Nerd mode" lol... But it was fun to put it together so a customer can wear a very small HUD on the corner of the screen and literally RP anywhere they can rez the pose balls that the HUD generates.  

3- H&S~Truths & Dares V 1.2.:   Back in my early SL days there used to be a really fun game created by a fellow who is no longer in SL. Jpose built a Truth & Dare game based off the MLP script set.  It was a really fun ice-breaker party game. Of course, it was a bit naughty; which made it even more fun "grins".  What we did with that idea was bring it into today with loads of awesome animations. Avsitter as the base engine, and a very clever script set that employs algorithms to match players up gives them choices of selecting some pretty funny truth questions or dares and to be as naughty as they wanna be. The game automatically levels up the heat the longer you play. And there's also the menu option to "increase the heat" should players like a faster pace. We have it in 2 languages and have been offered by several customers to translate it into their language because they have enjoyed playing and would like tonshare it with their native speakers.

JB:  As you know, there is no shortage of places here that sell adult animated furniture in SecondLife.  What is the “Heart and Soul” difference and why should people come here for all their animated furnishings needs?

AS:  I think our name, Heart & Soul, sums it up. We aren't just pushing out items in assembly line style. We really take time to think about who is going to be using our pieces. So, we tend to put our hearts and souls into the menus, animations and textures trying to make them the best they can be. As I look around SL I see cheaper pieces but you aren't getting the quality animations and well thought-out menus that makes our stuff so popular. We both are very proud of our work. Our policy and goal since starting Heart & Soul Designs has been 100% customer focus and the best customer support available anywhere.

JB:  Do you ever run Sales or have special “Members Only” good deals?

AS:  Oh yes, we love our VIP Members! Every month we do a new release item at least half off for our Members. For major holidays we will do half off or more for the entire store. For Christmas we did a sweet little holiday rug at a deep, deep discount. Our Members loved it!

JB:  Tell me about Indulgence Island?  What can visitors expect there?

AS:  Indulgence Island is the adult sim below the store. It's a tropical paradise for anyone who wants to use it. We sprinkle it with our creations so folks can use them before they buy.  But, mostly it's our way to give back to the SL community. We allow residents to rez their own toys, open boxes, and just relax and use the sim to do what SL was created for...have fun! The only rule are we ask people to not be rude to other visitors and no child or under age avatar visitors. 

JB:  Do you host events there, or is it more for people who want to get “Far from the maddening crowd”?

AS:  We have free-lance DJs who do their own events. It's a great hang out when people are there and a peaceful beach when there aren't.  LOL.  We let people throw parties for their friends Rez days other celebrations whatever they want to do.  

JB:  You have added animations to everything from John Deere Tractors to Motorcycles, and from Spinet Upright Pianos to Hot Air Balloon baskets.   What new things can we expect to see animated in the coming months?

AS:  Spring time will no doubt get the creative gears into motion again. I feel a hot tub coming on in the near future. Sometimes Q and I riff on each other, spit-balling crazy ideas until we say "Hey.... that's a project!"  Hence the creation of the Redneck Hot Tub LOL. A tractor tire filled with dirty water, floating beer cans and ashtrays and oh yeah and some hot animations!

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

AS:  Q and I are regular folks. We are here to have fun like everyone else.  We don't do this for a living other than SL, we do this because we enjoy it.  It's fun to share our creations with folks and know they are having fun with them like we are.

We appreciate our partners and customers more than we can express. We think SL is big enough for more than just H&S so we encourage people to be creative and pursue their passions and most of all Jeffrey Epstein didn't hang himself.  LOL

Sooooo..There you have it folks. Whether you are helping to build the grid’s next Adult region, or merely outfitting your back-porch deck, for the finest in animated furniture available anywhere in SecondLife, be sure and check out the stock at Heart and Soul. Even if all you are doing is shopping, plan a sizable chunk of time for your visit here. There is SOOO MUCH to see and try out here. And don’t forget to rezz a Hot Air Balloon for the ultimate in ballooning pleasure.

Be there.  Aloha!


Heart & Soul Store    SURL:

Indulgence Island     SURL:


Friday, December 11, 2020


Every so often, in a place as wonderful as SecondLife, I come across something truly unique among all the wonderful things here.  This past week I wandered into Egypt, and I stumbled upon one of the most stunning examples of high fashion to be found anywhere on the grid.  The audience members were seated in little 2-person tents to protect them from the dessert;s blazing sun.  One on One Modeling Agency had partnered with Sonatta  Morales fashions extraordinaire, to create a must-see fashion show.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  What was your inspiration for One-on-One Modeling Agency?

Ponchituti Boucher (PB):  My inspiration to open One on One Modeling Agency came from the models themselves. I had heard complaints from many models about how they felt about the way some agencies were treating them and managing those agencies.  Whenever I commented to my Personal VianaŠÉ¶ (curiosse) she always said the same: "Ponchi you should open your own agency.  But I wasn't sure if that was a good idea because I didn't want to deal with the drama, jealousy, envy and among other things, but then again I thought about the models.... they needed a safe space where they could explode their creativity, a place where they would feel admired and respected because of their talent, experience and trajectory a place where they will be treated as the Professional models they are. So, after a lot of thinking I talked to my dearest friend and business partner Diana Balhaus and Curiosse.  We made the decision and One on One Modeling Agency was born.

Diana Balhaus (DB):  We were looking to create a modeling agency in the fashion of the old days when models were trained to make every style a challenge, and designers were more than proud to give them their creation to walk in opulent runways, sort of continuing Frolic Mill's legacy or at least trying.

JB:  How many models are you working with?

PB: We are honored to have 40 fabulous models, since One on One is a by invitation-only agency. We feel deeply grateful they accepted our invitation. We have selected the best models of the grid, and we are scouting still. More invites will come.

DB:  One on One is a small agency, we don't cast models, they are carefully handpicked they are  Top Models of renowned reputation in SL modeling, they are all well trained professionals that "DELIVER THE GOODS" in every event we showcase.

JB:  How many shows will your models work in a year?

DB:  We only try to do ONE major show a month, it does take a lot of time to prepare.  The production is overseen by our wonderful team and the designer is brought in to approve every detail.  Our models work for other prestigious agencies and they are very, very busy.  Also we do charity shows so we maybe will be 12-15 shows in a year.

JB:  Speaking of your Designer, we are pleased to have Sonatta Morales joining us.  Tell us, Sonatta,   Where do you get your inspiration?

Sonatta Morales (SM):  Mostly from working, I sit down and start playing around with colours, patterns and ideas slowly start coming up, they take shape and guide me through the process, inspiration is practically an automatic work.

 JB:  Do you design these on your own, or is it a team effort?

SM:  I've always designed everything on my own, my cat helps me a bit though, it's good to have something cute snoozing on your desk,

 JB:  Do you fit the models individually with their ensembles?

SM:  No, I send them the outfits and they style the look themselves; I totally trust their taste.

 JB:  This review showcased Egypt.  Have you showcased designs from other parts of the world as well?

SM:  I sometimes work around a certain pattern or range of colors that evoke  a culture or a theme, this time the idea of Ancient Egypt came to me because of a perfume I got as a present and the whole collection came after that. I don't usually use countries as a theme, my idea of theme is quite free actually.


JB:  Do you build your own sets for your runway shows, or do you farm that out to others?

PB: Our stages are specially built for us based in the theme and objective of the show, the designers desire and personality and as a result of our long hours of brainstorming and of course to the amazing talent of our Runway creator and builder.

DB:  We have the amazing Frank Dexter.  He creates every single set depending on the theme of the collection. Every single set is custom made.

 JB:  Our readers can see the video of this most recent show. Are the still photos available as well?

DB:  Oh yes.  We have an in-house photographer who is simply amazing.  As a trained model herself, she knows exactly where to shoot and when.

PB: Every show has a corresponding set of photos, but we also, try to offer the largest media conversion to our clients and not just in the show itself but also the previews weeks when we do a big marketing campaign to make sure that as many people as possible will get advance notice of the upcoming show.

JP:  Are your fashions for sale?  If so, where can they be purchased?

SM:  Yes, my fashions are for sale, I have shops in different locations too.

JB:  How can readers learn about upcoming events for One-on-One Modeling Agency?

PB:  We are always working in our marketing plans and campaigns, but we are also working on the One on One Modeling Agency website, where we will have our calendar, news, coverage, Models profiles and much more.

 JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

PB: One on One Modeling Agency was born to serve the fashion world. We hope we have created a safe, happy zone for designers and models but would love to be the way all residents of the grid would enjoy the glamour, beauty and Fabulous of fashion shows.  Once again thank you very much for giving me the great opportunity to be read by your amazing readers.

DB:  I thank all for the support we've had so far, I invite the readers come and experience one of our events, who knows maybe they will get the modeling bug, it is a lot of fun as well as beautiful.  I want to thank all the models in our agency, they are all my heroes, the staff whom without them it would never be possible, my cohost for always having my back, my sister Ponchi and Marty.

SM:  I would like to thank you all for being part of my journey in SL and for the ones who don't know me yet, feel free to visit my main store anytime. Have a great season!

So…there you have it folks. If you are in the market for cutting edge designs, check out Sonatta Morales’ creations. And for an awesome look at some of SLs most beautiful and talented ladies modeling these creations, check out the next show by the One on One Modeling Agency.

Be there.  Aloha!