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Showing posts with label Sugar Plums Singles Night Club. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Sugar Plums Singles Night Club. Show all posts

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sugar Plums Singles Night Club Grand Opening- Kicking off October 29th-30th at 4pm SLT

Not Just another boring night club!! 

Hey! Come check out our Grand Opening event, I mean if you want! But who wouldn't since we will have tons of cool events, contests and the opportunity to join Sugar Plums Match Making Agency for FREE!

Come for the singles stay for the... well singles! And of course all the fun you will be having partying to our awesome DJ's and spunky dancers. 

Got tired of dancing? No problemo! Go chill out in our connected but separate voice lounge and get your talk on! Bring your best one liners, too! ~.^ Ladies love that... right! No..? 

Anyway, Just come cause its super awesome cool fun time for all! See ya there!

Oh yea, TWO nights in a row! 29th and 30th! Starting each day at 4pm SLT and going till 8PM SLT. Current contests that will be running : Best evil laugh! Best costume! Singles Auction! And maybe more if I think of something!!!!11!!

Okay, thats it...! SEE YA! For real this time... :)

** retrieved from SL Events