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Showing posts with label match making. Show all posts

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Are you tired of the Dating Agencies that force you to join a group just to be there? What about the ones that allow people to be disrespectful on a constant basis? Well come on down to the new dating Agency in secondlife. Drawn To You Dating Agency is a new Dating Agency within SL where individuals can find their slmates, future partners and even those just wanting friends. We offer a fun environment for people to come and hang out. We have games, places to sit and talk, and beautiful landscaping. Our staff is ready to help you in all the ways we can so that you can find the best match for you. We are located on the beautiful Sim of Emerald Springs and cant wait to be the #1 Dating Agency in secondlife for all your dating needs and wants. We offer services to everyone in SL and hope that you will come out and visit us while enjoying the service that we offer. 

URL: secondlife:///app/group/58b40233-1a04-7b0b-7e1d-93291db6eb97/about
Preferred Contact Info: 
Owners Noahgage Resident & Xaoos Resident    
Manager: Olivia Rumble  

Please contact us through IM or notecard for any questions or issues

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sugar Plums Singles Night Club Grand Opening- Kicking off October 29th-30th at 4pm SLT

Not Just another boring night club!! 

Hey! Come check out our Grand Opening event, I mean if you want! But who wouldn't since we will have tons of cool events, contests and the opportunity to join Sugar Plums Match Making Agency for FREE!

Come for the singles stay for the... well singles! And of course all the fun you will be having partying to our awesome DJ's and spunky dancers. 

Got tired of dancing? No problemo! Go chill out in our connected but separate voice lounge and get your talk on! Bring your best one liners, too! ~.^ Ladies love that... right! No..? 

Anyway, Just come cause its super awesome cool fun time for all! See ya there!

Oh yea, TWO nights in a row! 29th and 30th! Starting each day at 4pm SLT and going till 8PM SLT. Current contests that will be running : Best evil laugh! Best costume! Singles Auction! And maybe more if I think of something!!!!11!!

Okay, thats it...! SEE YA! For real this time... :)

** retrieved from SL Events

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Looking for a Valentine? Here are a few Dating Services to check Out- shaneos howlett Reporting...

Finding  dates in Second Life can happen in unexpected ways. Sometimes avatars make a connections at an event, other times a dating service is needed to find that perfect someone. With Valentine’s day just around the corner,  time is running out and chances Cupid might not get to you in time!

 Waiting for that chance encounter to happen might not be the best way to find your Valentine so the next best thing to do is take out ads at some of Second Life’s Matchmaking services.

Here are a few to get you started

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places- Let SLE Help!

With Valentine's Day in a month. Hormones must be reaching daring levels in Second Life; leaving afflicted avatars in a state of desperation.

Recently Lanai Jarrico was accosted by an avatar in search of a little bump and grind but it turned out this tactic on looking for love did not end the way this resident wanted. Instead, The SL Enquirer would like to extend our services to help this avatar find love or a one night stand in Second Life.