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Showing posts with label TROTF. Show all posts

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The State of Formal Role Play in SL: The Realm of the Forgotten – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting....

You often see avatars in Second Life (SL) with profiles describing their addiction to “Role Play” (RP). While it might be said that the whole idea of SL is a role-play experience for avatars, to RP enthusiasts, there is a vastly different meaning to the term. Stareyes Galaxy went out of her way to seek an authentic, “formal style” role play experience in Second Life.

In the days before Internet chat rooms, Usenet groups, and multi-user dungeons, role playing was a structured form of group exploration where a game master (GM) or dungeon master (DM) typically led a troupe of well-meaning characters on forays of the unknown in fantasy and science fiction settings. The action was expressed as the players’ verbal description of what they would do in any given situation, as the “campaign” trudged on, with the GM and players deciding on outcomes of the actions (especially combat) by throwing sets of odd-shaped dice on the gaming table. The player characters were represented by elaborately painted pewter figures on the gaming board.  As the players matured, consumption of soft drinks during the RP sessions might transform to cases of beer. Later, these players discovered the wonders of online gaming, and RP became a subculture residing in the Usenet groups on the Internet, typically with an alt.* domain name, and “multi-user dungeons” residing on some obscure university mainframe computers.