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Thursday, May 9, 2013

SL Expert or SL Addict? Celebrating 8 Years in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Entering Second Life in May of 2005 was nothing like it is today. Everywhere I looked, there were smut shops and escorts working every street corner.  Online relationships and drama were plenty while voice chat was nonexistent, letting many gender imposters get away with “catfishing” before the term became mainstream.

 Many avies were amateur strippers working the pole or shamelessly handing out lap dances for lindens used to save up for a small rental property to call home. Real estate was popular then, just as it is now, but there were more slum lords and greedy land barons that bought land at a low price, altered it and turned around and sold it for an obscene amount just for high profits. Land bots were also an annoyance that would do a sweep of land and buy up everything. It seemed like a scavenger invasion of griefers and Alts more than a grid of opportunity and creativity for decent professionals or those with artistic skills like it is today.
Freebie lots and small shops bombarded the grid and beta testers were just wrapping up. Banks, Casinos and Gambling were popular and noobies were everywhere!  There were also more Linden workers on the grid until many of their jobs were slashed.