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Showing posts with label Tabitha Mercury. Show all posts

Friday, February 9, 2024

SLE Poll -Qualities of Friendship- Tabitha Mercury reporting...

 Finding friendships can sometimes be as easy as a smile or as daunting as a chemical equation for an English major. This makes one wonder, what qualities do people look for in starting a friendship? 

Well, I took my notepad and pen and set out to find out.

I polled several people and asked them what their top 5 qualities they look for in friendships. Well, that might have been a mistake, because that gives an array of options to sift through. Not having a standard list for them to choose from made for quite an array of qualities that we might search for when finding new friendships.

After crunching the data with my trusty rusty calculator, yeah I am old-school like that, I have found the following qualities to be the most wanted when finding a friendship with someone:

  1. Sense of Humor (5 votes)

  2. Common Interest (4 votes)

  3. Honesty (3 votes)

  4. Reliability (3 votes)

  5. Open-mind (3 votes)

Some others that are worth a mention are: Loyalty (2 votes), Fun, Communication, Kindness, Inner Beauty, Outer Beauty ,Considerate, Being Real, Adventurous, Respect, Passionate, Patient, and  Likes to tease and be teased, which all had a mention.

I have a friend, Angelixa, whom I have personally witnessed being able to be friends with people who are of different circles, which is quite a juggling act, I would imagine. I posed the question to her about what she feels is important when finding new friends:

Angelixa: Every good friendship starts with humor. That's usually how you get into someone's contacts to begin with. But you cannot sustain a relationship on humor alone. Being privileged to anyone's humor requires respect, patience, and honesty. Respect their time, their privacy (especially in a space like SL), and their boundaries. The patience to listen and being honest in what you share. You don't have to share everything (we don't all have time for that), but for the things you do share... be honest.

Once you get past that stage of learning someone, you can finally begin to appreciate their true beauty... their passions. What drives them? What can they talk hours on end about? Only then will I truly consider them a friend.

I feel Angelixa has a good take on how to start and maintain a new friendship and has dispensed some sage advice. (Yes, she’s always like this, very wise and sage for her age.)

There are so many different qualities that people look for and this poll showed me that we all are so unique and look for different things in others. It was interesting to see which ones seemed to be most important (by being repeated by different people) and what some would include in their top 5 qualities that they look for in a friend.

For me personally, Honesty, Reliability, Sense of Humor, Intelligence, and Loyalty would probably be my top five qualities I look for in my own search for friends. I will admit, I have many more qualities I look for in new friends and it was very hard to reduce it to a top five list. I am taking applications for new friends currently, so hit me up if this sounds like you. *winks*

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

EMA’s Model Training - Tabitha Mercury Reporting…

Recently, while I was out venue hoping, I decided to fill out an application for a modeling position with Eden Modeling Agency (EMA). Owned by Jocelyn Amber and Aufreizend Lexico, EMA is located on the Dragon Field sim. I turned it in after filling it out with all my previous hopes and dreams about being an SL model. I have wanted to get into modeling in SL since I started years back. I was here years ago, under a different name which I had no idea how to get into, I think I may have even deleted the account. My memory grows fuzzy in my old age. *wink*

The Initial Meeting

Sue (sue.terr): I am the CEO and Trainer so you will only be with me for the course and any shows or shoots we do

Tabitha Mercury nods

Sue (sue.terr): Today I want to establish if you have the right enthusiasm behind you to become a model. The course is free and takes around 6 weeks as this is spread out so it does not interfere with your S/L life as well as your R/L life.

Tabitha Mercury nods

Sue (sue.terr): Should you pass the course you will be awarded a certificate of training and a place will be offered as a registered model at Eden Model Agency

Tabitha Mercury: (I am surprised it is free, that's a bonus for sure!)

Sue (sue.terr): yes it is

Sue (sue.terr): Besides the course there will be AO’s you will need for photo shoots and catwalk shows which could cost 2000L but I can show you which you require.

Sue (sue.terr): I do not want to mislead you thinking you have no other costs.

On shoots and shows you are given clothing jewelry and footwear by the designers which can be of 800L or more so free clothing is what you get, however you may get tips too.

Aufreizend Lexico: Tabitha, reason the course is free, is you need to buy the AO

The interview with Sue

The questions posed:

  • So can you tell me why you could be a model?

  • Do you have any dependents to look after in S/L or R/L?

  • Are you married or have a B/F G/F who may get upset if you're not available In S/L or R/L?

  • How would you feel on a photo shoot just wearing underwear with the photographer looking at you for a shot?

  • Do you take orders well?

  • Could you give 12 hours notice if you can not attend a shoot or show?

After pondering my truest answers and answering their very good questions, I excitedly accepted their offer (Aufrezend sat in) to do model training with them. I shot off a letter to my editor, explaining my latest article idea. A weekly peek into what it’s like to become a model in SL. Luckily, she approved and here we are.

First day of training

I landed at the sim and went into the office to wait for Sue Terr, the CEO and trainer of Eden Modeling Agency (EMA). She had a R/L thing and we started an hour later than scheduled, which was fine as I was a dingbat and thought that I would be training for 5 hours every week, during one sitting and prepared my schedule as such. It is only one hour per week, I was very relieved to find out.

We went to the modeling studio classroom and began my training. There was a lot of information given. A lot of requirements and common sense things one could expect. First we started with the rules of modeling.

  1. If you go to a casting, runway practice or fashion show, be there at least 30 minutes before it starts. ( it's a Golden Rule )

  2. Never ever wear bling shoes or jewelry.

  3. The runway is not the place for shoes with sound.

  4. Please do not wear any hair that is glowing. (use the midnight setting to see this)

  5. Respect other models and designers and their work.

She stressed number 5 and mentioned she wouldn’t hesitate to drop you from future shows and shoots because she will not tolerate anything less. Personally, I think this is a very professional approach and should be what’s expected in the industry from each other.

I got lessons in lag, my body, tattoos, a hair reminder about glowing hair and the reminder that your face, body, style (clothing), is your branding. I must admit, I was disappointed upon finding out that I would have to change my petite body to a tall body on occasions, depending on the designer's needs. Lamented the fact that I would likely have to remove my tattoos and then had the horrible realization that I was going to have to remove my wedding ring, as well.

I was relieved to find out that I can go back to being “me” when I am not doing the shows or the shoots. I feel it would be smart to keep myself in “designer” clothing to keep the branding of myself going, modeling or not. My face will stay true, my body shape may change temporarily to an amazonian goddess size, I can wear my wedding band when not working as a model, and it’s a good thing this is SL and I can remove and add my tattoos at a moment’s whim.


I knew that modeling in SL would entail a lot. I had hoped to find a place where I didn’t really have to change my body shape but I haven’t found one, yet. You become partial to your avatar, as it is an extension of yourself and take great care in curating what you feel makes your avatar the you that you want to be in SL. I would say that if you are not willing to change these things, modeling in SL professionally is not the route you want to go. For myself, this will be an adjustment, but I do look forward to my opportunity before me!

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Some of the Best Concert Venues of 2024- Tabitha Mercury Reporting...


Donning a backless black top, form-fitting jeans and complimentary heels I left my humble home on a quest to spend my Friday checking out concert venues and seeing which ones stood out the best. I got out my list of researched sets to check out and started.

After arriving on the Dream of Sylt sim, at the .semicolon. venue, I was greeted with the voice of Anilaik, performing rock and sounding really good. It was a mid-sized venue that was rather crowded by the stage, with plenty of seating around. I could see people enjoying shows here.

Next, I popped over to End of Time, located on the Eotia sim. I was greeted with a ground level, open air venue surrounded by forestry. There was a smaller crowd at this venue, there was enough standing, dancing, and seating room. Mel Cheeky was on stage performing to a crowd that they seemed to have a fan base in. 

Ahh, the good ole Blarney Stone! This pub is located on the Dublin sim and claims the “Oldest Pub in SL” title. Central bar, stage at the back of the pub, not much has changed. Oddly, not as friendly of a crowd as I remembered. I think this was the only club the host didn’t greet me in. I found that very strange for one of SL’s oldest venues. Must be a weird fluke. This venue is great for live singers and truly built for it. In the traditional style of an Irish pub, The Blarney Stone has ruled in SL for years as a go to for entertainment.

Next I went to another fairly well known concert venue, Cafe Musique. I have been here before to watch artists perform and knew a bit about what to expect. Located on the Sandness sim, Cafe Musique’s beach venue is where I normally end up for concerts. This is also an open air venue, which was established in 2015. That does usually make for a low fps. It’s a friendly atmosphere that has a good dance area with dance pads and limited seating. I enjoyed the stylings of Dandy Pianoman when I visited.

Bright colors, romantic scenery, photo ops and breathtaking moments can be had at this next sim, the Romantica sim. Home to a concert venue (amphitheater) that features live singers, such as Leo Brind, who I found to be engaging and amusing. Surprisingly, this open air design had a higher fps than most open air venues I had been to. A huge dance floor beckons you, dotted with bright colored lights, to make your romantic side take over. This place is made for weddings and proposals, so let your heart lead you!

The last club I went to was Hotel Chelsea, located on the Lanestris sim for the Reno Jones performance. I enjoyed his musical stylings and took in the scenery around me. I felt the decor was disjointed and could use an update. There was plenty of standing, dancing, and seating for the small crowd that had arrived for this show. There was low fps, but that seems to be the case with most of the venues I have seen.

Oh, you thought I was done? Oh no, dolls…I saved the best for last!

As I was seeing which place I wanted to head to next, after the stunning Romantica, I got a group message from my favorite SL performer letting me know she was doing an unscheduled set at a venue I had never been to. What timing!

I was off to Exotic Escape Club on the Dragon Field sim to watch Mavenn, the songstress of my soul, perform. This was an open air set up with a great dance floor with dance pads - single and couples set up. There was a serious stage set up where speakers lined it along with lights. I was welcomed right away, everyone seemed very friendly and approachable, including the staff. I panned around the sim and enjoyed what I saw, so I IMed one of the owners, Nap, who was present and asked them how long they have been open. I was shocked to find out they have only been around since August of 2023.  There is a lot to see and do on this sim and surprisingly it had good fps, considering all there is to see, with plenty of room to dance or sit. I approached the other owner, Aufreizend Lexico and had to ask her what inspired her to create a live music venue and what her hopes are for the future of Exotic Escape Club. 

Aufreizend: I was in SL 13 years ago and help manage another club. A year ago came back with a vision to own and manage a better club that is Romantic, Classy, Exciting , Naughty ,Fun and cater to most people’s dreams in SL.The club had to be classy with limited rules..RL has so many rules already..Sl is all about fun and making your dreams come alive ., I found that PG Clubs cannot provide this type of environment and yet be fun. .I have a great Team here at Exotic Escape and without them , my visions would have never came true. Making it one of the most visited Music Venues in SL with the Best Live Singers doing incredible shows for the audience (and) start live streaming for our singers.We are currently a Live Singer Venue and are always looking for good entertainment throughout SL.  We are researching how DJs will fit into our entertainment stream. We also have spaces for vendors within our sim and are actively looking for vendors to fill our space.. Bringing people together so we all can enjoy SL without the drama of RL.

In conclusion, SL has a plethora of venues to choose from and all have their good and bad qualities. I feel that Exotic Escape Club is an up and coming venue with lots to offer and I am definitely going to keep my eye on it. They have a friendly staff, not limited to the owners - Nap, Aufreizend, and Lieve Annette, it also includes the manager Billy Miner, and their entertainment Manager - Boom Boom Karrie. This sim was created with much love to fit into Aufreizend’s dream by herself, Nap, and KaL, along with all the hard work from their staff to keep it running.


Adult Sim, check out the events board at the landing point for more info!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

XSPACE BY BETTY TUREAUD & AI- An interactive region Space and Art - Tabitha Mercury reporting


What started out as a challenge Betty Tureaud set for herself, XSPACE is a treat for the senses. Yes, I say senses because in each display there are sounds and visual stimulants, minimum.

Ok that was new…

Upon arrival I was greeted with some bots and it was explained to me that a special HUD has been attached for navigating the sim with. 

And if you know me, you know that…I started clicking away!

Oh wow, that opened a new menu to a new area? Ok…Oh goodness, where to start? I looked forward to meeting Betty Tureaud and meeting the brilliant mind behind this intense and extensive installation.

We arrived at a landing point, surrounded by blackness, with a very colorful doorway and I introduced myself to Betty. Wasting no time, she led me directly to a space frog in the colorful room and asked me to please sit on it. I was immediately teleported into another colorful room with…Betty Bot!

Upon arrival I was greeted with the following:

[11:29] INFO: whispers: Say hi to Betty Bot Betty Tureaud

[11:30] Tabitha Mercury: hi

[11:31] Tabitha Mercury: hi Betty Bot Betty Tureaud

[11:31] Betty Bot: Hello there, Tabitha Mercury! How can I make your day a little brighter today?

[11:31] Betty Tureaud: ok who is betty tureaud

[11:31] Betty Bot: Well, Betty Tureaud is a renowned Danish artist known for her vibrant and innovative artworks. Her works often incorporate elements of technology, light, and sound to create immersive and interactive experiences. She has exhibited her art globally and is recognized for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. Anything specific you'd like to know about Betty Tureaud or any other artists? I'm here to help with a twist of humor!

Tabitha Mercury: So not only are you artistic, you are also very technical it seems, how were you able to make this bot interact like that?

 Betty Tureaud: I built it with a friend, Blaise, we made an API to open AI…we made it to interact with ChatGTP.

I was then directed to the next space frog to teleport into the next realm. There were six space frogs in all to discover new realms with. Many interactive with touch, sounds, and sights that can keep anyone occupied for hours. Each one distinct and intricately made. All of them are strikingly beautiful to experience.

Tabitha Mercury: What inspired the combination of so many different ways to interact with the installation?

Betty Tureaud: it was a competition with myself

Tabitha Mercury: a challenge for yourself, then? ok

Betty Tureaud: yes

Tabitha Mercury: Well, how does it feel to have accomplished such an intricate and tactile exhibit?

Betty Tureaud: smiles

Betty Tureaud: there is always new frontiers

Betty Tureaud: haha

Tabitha Mercury: haha you are quite relentless in your pursuit of art and technology

Betty Tureaud: my next installation will include PBR and mirrors

Tabitha Mercury: ooooo

Next, Betty teleported me to a new location, THE SACRED MONOLITHS, where I clicked a box to get a new HUD that attached itself along the bottom of my viewer. This one listed 9 objects which were the locations for these exhibits. And so the new adventure began, while I was still processing the absolute awe I had for the XSPACE one I had just been shown.

Tabitha Mercury: How long did this take to accomplish?

Betty Tureaud: about 30 days

Tabitha Mercury: what?!

Tabitha Mercury 's eyes grow wide so she doesn't look half Korean anymore

Tabitha Mercury: wow

Tabitha Mercury: just wow

Betty Tureaud: haha

Betty once again led me on a tour that was a feast for my eyes, ears, and wave of the mouse. These nine destinations have so much to explore and see.

As we traveled through them and Betty politely directed me what to do in each realm, I realized all the hard work that went into the idea of this and then the hard work that followed to make it a reality. This quite simply is amazing.

Some tips for first-timers…Use the HUD which attaches itself upon arrival to navigate to the XSPACE installation. It kind of looks like it says HSPACE. This will be where you will meet the space frogs who will direct your journey through XSPACE. Sit on a space frog and experience everything this installation has to offer by sliding your volume on all sounds up. Make sure you have the highest graphics settings possible as the installations also rely on EEP.

To get to the other installation that is featured on this sim by Betty Tureaud you will want to teleport to this destination:

Upon arrival, click the rotating cube for the TP HUD to explore Betty’s installation!

In closing, these installations are fantastic to explore and experience. I highly suggest it when you have some time to spare. You won’t get it all done in one trip, unless you are being guided on a quick tour by Betty, like I experienced. You are going to want to take your time going through this, and like me, probably come back a few times to explore certain favorites, deeper.

Additional Information


Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Disc Golf+ in SL! Welcome to YOUR new GEEKSPOT! - Tabitha Mercury, reporting

Mythra and Jaq ℛøṡε showed up this Sunday morning to meet me for a feature and interview on something new and exciting. We met and sat down on a bench, in one of their many lovely visiting areas to discuss their new addition to the world of SL.

Tabitha Mercury: This sim, features quite a bit and is quite lovely aesthetically, I have noticed. Who did all the work to make this look so amazing?

Jaq ℛøṡε: Raven ℛøṡε did most of the actual course design, the layout and such, since she has a long history with RL disc golf.. so the planning for that was mostly her…the three of us did the landscaping together and all the golf stuff is custom mesh we made for the game packs. 

Tabitha Mercury: So you guys created this Disc Golf+ system or just the mesh items to use for it? (not discounting making the items, that’s hard as heck, I have tried Blender and it won.)

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: *laughs at the Blender winning comment*

Jaq ℛøṡε:  (The) whole thing. It's a ground up build all stemming from a simple course refresh idea that we had.. then we kinda ripped up a whole sim and made an LOTR themed course next door.. which we'll have to take you on a tour of some time, we're really proud of it.. and then we were like.. we need a better game…so we made one.

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: Pretty much.

Jaq ℛøṡε: so the game system itself, the hud, the discs, all the course building stuff, tees, baskets, etc.. all new and unique

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: It's all Jaq's fault, really. It all began with a "You know what would be cool..." comment.

Jaq ℛøṡε: yeah, that's accurate lol. But given how good that sim turned out, I'll claim it lol

Tabitha Mercury: hehe, that’s how it starts.

Jaq ℛøṡε: this sim came about to be essentially a demo area, for other course builders who might want to add our game to existing golf courses, or make new, specialized ones. This is your more traditional kinda course.. 9 holes.. 3 tee options per hole.. can hold short form tournaments here and such, but it's also a really fun course.. we have people coming here and testing the new tees we put down.. we have 2 per hole that are fixed and the third we move around with the seasons to keep people guessing

Tabitha Mercury: Honestly, y'all have done something pretty amazing here. You've created a game for SL based on RL, the system, the props, all of it...Can you walk me through a "game" of it for those who don't understand what Disc Golf is still, please?

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: It's a lot like golf, really. Just played with frisbees or 'discs'. Rules are quite similar and scoring is done the same way.

Jaq ℛøṡε: sure .. so disc golf is similar to golf in that it uses a similar set of rules. Obvious differences being balls and clubs are swapped for discs for different lengths and styles of shot.. and the holes are replaced with baskets…you have driver discs, approach discs, and putting discs, depending on how you need to throw.. you have to aim, account for wind.. either curve your short or throw straight.. avoid obstacles.. all that fun stuff

Tabitha Mercury: Ok, thank you very much for that, I think that will help those who might be new to this! Oh wow, so it’s more intricate than I realized!

ℳყϯɦrɑ ℛøṡε: Actually (we) have a fairly large update in the works right the testing phase of things.

Jaq ℛøṡε: it's as close as RL as possible.. and we're constantly revising it and trying to improve it. (It) runs on sim wind, so it's constantly variable.. although for tournaments, you can fix the wind so everyone is dealing with the same conditions

Tabitha Mercury: Whoa! Wait! What’s that? This is actually based upon the winds on SL as well?

Jaq ℛøṡε: oh yes.. Every sim has its own wind system. Our game reads that wind signal from the sim and will affect the discs accordingly, so the wind will vary every time you play but also as you go around.

Tabitha Mercury: Let's say one reads this article, then they want to try it out...What do they need to do when they arrive to use your system?

Jaq ℛøṡε: first thing to do here is to join the group. That will be the same with any golf game, because you'll need certain permissions to be able to use it. Group enables that. We have the game huds for sale in the building behind us.. they are 299, but discounted for members. They'll also be available in partner courses as and when. We already have the game in one well established golf course, Eagle Creek Golf Club.

(Jaq points to the roof of a nearby building.)

Jaq ℛøṡε: if you have a look on top of the building, there's a weather vane that shows the wind strength and direction.. that's actually the thing that talks to the game hud all around the sim, so everyone is playing under the same conditions, (so) you don't have to watch the weather vane when you're playing though, you get a little flag that follows you around when you take your shot, so you can see what the wind is doing when you need to

Tabitha Mercury: Y'all have done an amazing job here. I can't wait to see this take off! A totally new game, developed by some really creative minds. I really do thank you for your time and explanations to show me what you have created for others enjoyment! Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to say?

Jaq ℛøṡε: We really just hope everyone has a bunch of fun with it like we do. All the time and effort that's gone into it is as much for our own enjoyment as it is for creating a product. We made it to enjoy it ourselves, so hopefully that will translate into others enjoying it too. We're trying to get it spread across as many quality golf courses as we can to give people plenty of variety.. and with the new update that will hopefully be released in the coming week or two, I guess.. There are some really exciting changes being made.

In closing, there is so much to do on this sim…from shopping to playing Tron or discgolf+ or dancing to some great tunes, this sim appeals to any fellow “geeks” out there. Check out the photos below for more info!

Additional Information:


Group: secondlife:///app/group/f7a4c471-f62b-7b9c-2083-2e00691015c6/about