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Showing posts with label XSPACE. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

XSPACE BY BETTY TUREAUD & AI- An interactive region Space and Art - Tabitha Mercury reporting


What started out as a challenge Betty Tureaud set for herself, XSPACE is a treat for the senses. Yes, I say senses because in each display there are sounds and visual stimulants, minimum.

Ok that was new…

Upon arrival I was greeted with some bots and it was explained to me that a special HUD has been attached for navigating the sim with. 

And if you know me, you know that…I started clicking away!

Oh wow, that opened a new menu to a new area? Ok…Oh goodness, where to start? I looked forward to meeting Betty Tureaud and meeting the brilliant mind behind this intense and extensive installation.

We arrived at a landing point, surrounded by blackness, with a very colorful doorway and I introduced myself to Betty. Wasting no time, she led me directly to a space frog in the colorful room and asked me to please sit on it. I was immediately teleported into another colorful room with…Betty Bot!

Upon arrival I was greeted with the following:

[11:29] INFO: whispers: Say hi to Betty Bot Betty Tureaud

[11:30] Tabitha Mercury: hi

[11:31] Tabitha Mercury: hi Betty Bot Betty Tureaud

[11:31] Betty Bot: Hello there, Tabitha Mercury! How can I make your day a little brighter today?

[11:31] Betty Tureaud: ok who is betty tureaud

[11:31] Betty Bot: Well, Betty Tureaud is a renowned Danish artist known for her vibrant and innovative artworks. Her works often incorporate elements of technology, light, and sound to create immersive and interactive experiences. She has exhibited her art globally and is recognized for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. Anything specific you'd like to know about Betty Tureaud or any other artists? I'm here to help with a twist of humor!

Tabitha Mercury: So not only are you artistic, you are also very technical it seems, how were you able to make this bot interact like that?

 Betty Tureaud: I built it with a friend, Blaise, we made an API to open AI…we made it to interact with ChatGTP.

I was then directed to the next space frog to teleport into the next realm. There were six space frogs in all to discover new realms with. Many interactive with touch, sounds, and sights that can keep anyone occupied for hours. Each one distinct and intricately made. All of them are strikingly beautiful to experience.

Tabitha Mercury: What inspired the combination of so many different ways to interact with the installation?

Betty Tureaud: it was a competition with myself

Tabitha Mercury: a challenge for yourself, then? ok

Betty Tureaud: yes

Tabitha Mercury: Well, how does it feel to have accomplished such an intricate and tactile exhibit?

Betty Tureaud: smiles

Betty Tureaud: there is always new frontiers

Betty Tureaud: haha

Tabitha Mercury: haha you are quite relentless in your pursuit of art and technology

Betty Tureaud: my next installation will include PBR and mirrors

Tabitha Mercury: ooooo

Next, Betty teleported me to a new location, THE SACRED MONOLITHS, where I clicked a box to get a new HUD that attached itself along the bottom of my viewer. This one listed 9 objects which were the locations for these exhibits. And so the new adventure began, while I was still processing the absolute awe I had for the XSPACE one I had just been shown.

Tabitha Mercury: How long did this take to accomplish?

Betty Tureaud: about 30 days

Tabitha Mercury: what?!

Tabitha Mercury 's eyes grow wide so she doesn't look half Korean anymore

Tabitha Mercury: wow

Tabitha Mercury: just wow

Betty Tureaud: haha

Betty once again led me on a tour that was a feast for my eyes, ears, and wave of the mouse. These nine destinations have so much to explore and see.

As we traveled through them and Betty politely directed me what to do in each realm, I realized all the hard work that went into the idea of this and then the hard work that followed to make it a reality. This quite simply is amazing.

Some tips for first-timers…Use the HUD which attaches itself upon arrival to navigate to the XSPACE installation. It kind of looks like it says HSPACE. This will be where you will meet the space frogs who will direct your journey through XSPACE. Sit on a space frog and experience everything this installation has to offer by sliding your volume on all sounds up. Make sure you have the highest graphics settings possible as the installations also rely on EEP.

To get to the other installation that is featured on this sim by Betty Tureaud you will want to teleport to this destination:

Upon arrival, click the rotating cube for the TP HUD to explore Betty’s installation!

In closing, these installations are fantastic to explore and experience. I highly suggest it when you have some time to spare. You won’t get it all done in one trip, unless you are being guided on a quick tour by Betty, like I experienced. You are going to want to take your time going through this, and like me, probably come back a few times to explore certain favorites, deeper.

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