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Showing posts with label The Jungle. Show all posts

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Visit The Jungle Jointe Today!

The Jungle has had many, many, jungle avatar animals visit since it opened.  The role playing seems to come very naturally for our jungle friends.  We have decided to create a group for all jungle avatars. 

We find running through "The Jungle" and chasing our visitors to be very rewarding.  Playing with the children and watching them giggle warms an animal avatar's heart.  "The Jungle" is very dense with many hidden pathways and places to explore. 

 You can not possibly see "The Jungle" in one visit.  There are  many things to do for both humans and animals. Taking one of our boats through  miles of jungle rivers lets you see how beautiful and magical this sim is for its visitors. 

 Guides are kept on hand to answer questions and point the way to the many sights to be found at "The Jungle"  "The Jungle Jointe" hosts top quality entertainers on Sunday  evenings starting at 6pm SLT. 

The incredible Clarice Karu followed by the heart stopping Trav McCullough pack the "Jungle Joint Club" on Sundays!  There is so much to do at "The Jungle" we could not possibly list it all.  Take the Time to COME TO THE JUNGLE I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Jungle; a Place of Enchantment and Wonder

Begin your journey by entering through the Lion's Mouth Cave. It will prove to be one of the most relaxing, interesting, romantic sim experiences that you place your avatar’s feet upon.

There is no reality in The Jungle, only enchantment and wonder. The design was laid out with no expense or prims spared in the building of this sim. Explore and you will find yourself in awe of your surroundings.