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Showing posts with label role play. Show all posts

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Vitali's Restaurant is open for business!


Vitali's is a romantic dining venue with a beautiful atmosphere, talented staff, and excellent entertainment. The restaurant provides a photogenic environment to truly enjoy quality time with loved ones. Special reservations are available for a live dining experience. Located in the luxurious Omerta City, Vitali's gives its guests access to plenty of additional benefits and secrets. Please reserve a fine dining experience by visiting for more information!

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

It's AUGUST AMORE time at Eclipse Restaurant & Events!!


August Amore at Eclipse Restaurant for the full month of August. A new kind of dating event, think Tinder meets Blind Date meets Speed Dating! Clients will sign up and complete a questionnaire, and upon doing so they will be sent the important questions answered from other clients that meet what they are seeking, and if they find someone that they would like to connect with, then they can request a dinner date through us for a small fee! There is NO FEE unless the client finds someone they want to meet for a dinner date! So therefore there's no risk for signing up!! But there is a great potential! You may find your missing link/partner in crime for SL! - Facebook page - Event page on website - SURL - Regular dinner/package booking request form - August Amore online sign up form - Job application - Flickr In world Contacts - Alassra (xalassrax) or Ash Sullivan (tiptonik)

Sunday, July 17, 2022


SecondLife is arguably the largest, most fantastic, and most diversified of the hundreds of Virtual Worlds out there today.  There are Regions and Sims on this grid that appeal to the most diversified of interests.  Sims devoted to the musical and visual arts, science, literature, philosophy, geography, and entertainment of all manner abound here. One of the more imaginative and creative of the clubs in the area of adult entertainment is “The F**k Fest”, or “TFF” for short.  Run by longtime resident Jaxtorelli (Jax), I was invited to come to see what she had created and was invited to share my findings with our SL Enquirer readers.  While TFF has been here for a while, Jax is in the midst of improving the club to provide an even more exciting Adult Club experience for their guests

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:   So, tell me…What is it that sets TFF apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

TFF:  We offer more than the just usual sex club.  We based our joining fee for 500L which gives you free access to Our VIP Lounge which is built in with the price. Our schedule of weekly events put us above the rest of the clubs in SL. For the more adventurous among us, we offer voice, text, and cam escorts and voice verification.  Our animations are Lovense enabled, to add to the realism and pleasure of the guest experience. Additionally, we went to all our members and asked for their desired options and suggestions.  In the feedback we received, the majority of our guests indicated a strong desire that we be voice-enabled and to incorporate voice into our activities.

JB:    Who are the key personnel in the  Management of TFF, and what are their jobs?

TFF:  We have a small but cohesive staff. Jaxtorelli (Jax)  is the owner of TFF. And  Brianna does a phenomenal job as our Stage Dance  Manager.  Additionally, we employ additional staff as dancers, escorts, and general greeters who always make our guests feel most welcome when they visit us.

JB:   Where did you get the idea for TFF, and can you share a bit of the history of TFF?

TFF:  We visited many different adult clubs and other adult and mature builds in SecondLife over the last ten years and one of the shortcomings we noticed was that most of them did not offer voice services. Many of the limitations of text-based communication could be overcome with actual voice communications.  In addition to just being simpler than text, voice offers a chance for more spontaneous and more realistic experiences.  It was at that point that I decided to open my own club with activate voice with verification and Lovense enabled.  I  found this allowed me to offer a much “hotter” and much more appealing experience.  Most of our members agreed with us.

JB:  Do you have any special events planned? What types of events do you have here?

TFF:  Yes, we do hold weekly events.  Monday at 4pm SLT we have our ever-so-popular Naked Naughty Bingo!  Wednesdays at 4pm SLT we host our Naked Foam Pool party every Friday at 4 pm SLT you will find us hosting Messy Sex Games.

JB:    I see a fairly extensive Game Room.  What different types of Games do you have there?

TFF:  Our game room is probably one of the better-equipped game rooms on the entire SL Grid and serves as a gathering place for many of our guests.  Some of the games available for our members include Naked Naughty Bingo , Greedy,Can't Stop,  On A Roll,  Cheesy, Hand & Foot,  Phases ,  Skippo, Sexy Rodeo on Quiz, Beer Pong  , Swingers Game , Reel Of Fortune, Little Devil,Bondzee , MadLibs,  and various free play Casino Games

JB:   Tell us about the various areas that make up TFF?

TFF:   We Offer the Main dance area, where our dancers and escorts reside. Behind the main stage is our Private VIP area, for a more intimate setting with couches, dance poles, and a bar.  The Main Play Area has beds and other devices to delight the senses.  Additionally, for those guests with a penchant for BDSM, what adult club would be complete without a BDSM Dungeon, equipped with all your favorite toys for the discriminating BDSM enthusiast. Then there is our Pool Party area, where we host our weekly Foam Pool Parties, complete with hot tub and sauna.  We also have a spacious Games area where you will find dozens of your favorite games.  To top it all off, we also maintain four private, specially themed skyboxes, to include Red Room BDSM, Paradise Beach, Luxury Purple Room, and,  Baby Girl Room.

JB:   Tell us about your swimming pool?  What is that like? 

TFF:  Our Naked Foam Pool Parties are held on every Wednesday at 4pm SLT. We all get together to wind down from a  long work week, where we all take a cool dip in the pool with the added sexy foam. We offer Lovense floats in the pool and hot tubs, towels surrounding the pool, a sex yoga couples mat, a treadmill, and a workout bench.  Additionally, we have a sex sauna that seats up to 4 people at one time,  and massage corner sex swing, pool loungers and  a sexy diving board. This is where we like to relax and chit chat, answer sexy trivia ball questions to get up close and personal with our members! Winks!

JB:      I understand you also have specially themed skyboxes?  What are those like?

TFF:  We offer high-quality standards in our skyboxes  Our Luxury Room theme gives you that honeymoon sexy romantic feeling.  The Baby Girl Room very pink with the princess look and lovely furniture with a  twist of Daddy Dom,  The BDSM Red Room provides guests with a 50 Shades of Grey experience and more with sexy special features and toys.  Finally, we have a secluded Private Paradise Beach with that Tiki touch and beautiful scenery.

JB:      How might someone learn What’s Happening at TFF?

TFF:  We send daily notices out on SL group and we also have an active group on discord for all members to let them know about our activities and upcoming events.  When they are not on SL, we can reach out to them on discord and let them know in advance about what is happening.  Guests can go to our FLICKR  page for all days and times and any other special events.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers? 

TFF:  We are an “over 18 adult sex club” and we do not judge individuals by their sexuality, nor do we discriminate and will not  tolerate racism or bullying of any kind.  We want people who come here to feel free  and to build up their self-confidence.  We built this club based on what our members wanted and required. We love to have fun and make others happy by bringing them fantasies and kinks,  and we keep working hard to make it a greater place and to keep on  growing our staff and our membership.




So, there you have it folks. For the finest in adult entertainment anywhere on the grid, hop on over to TFF and check out this little corner of Adult Paradise that Jax has created for your personal pleasure. Explore the many rooms and areas, and check out their special events.  TFF will soon become one of your favorite venues in SecondLife.

Did someone say Pool Party?

Be there.  Aloha!


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BDSM in SL: An Update- Triskelion Academy and Social Center- Ely Catronis Reporting…



Triskelion Academy and Social Center are created to offer advice and education to people in the Secondlife BDSM community. Classes and discussions are available for both Dominants and submissives; regardless if you are entirely new to BDSM or if you have been practicing for many years in real life or SL. We hope to give you the tools to develop your knowledge and understanding of the lifestyle in Second Life, allowing you and the people you play with to enjoy more meaningful scenes and relationships. In addition to education, the sim also aims to create a social community and hangout space for people to meet other like-minded individuals.

Over the past 19 years in SL, the lifestyle of BDSM has developed through a variety of styles and kinks to the current lifestyle and community we have today.  In a nutshell, BDSM is about the Dominant and submission lifestyle. People believe that it is safer in SL than in RL and will go through a range of courses, talks, and negotiations to understand exactly what it is and what to do. 

Search around and one can find a variety of centers and communities that represent different educational aspects and fetishes in this lifestyle. It has become common and many people think they know what it is. One place is Triskelion Academy and Social Center.

This is a community that began back in 2020 with the goal to educate and assist in the development and safety of those seeking to explore a BDSM lifestyle in Second-life through continuing educational classes, discussion groups, and mentoring.  The academy has graduated 5 classes since it began and is moving and expanding the academy and social center to the Black Moon Acres BDSM Community beginning in the Later Summer/Fall Session which begins August 8.  They are currently accepting registrations and tailor their academy to accept both sides of the slash (D/s), which offers a unique learning experience for participants. 

The features of this Academy over the others is that although it does have classes and discussions, similar to other locations, Triskelion Academy offers courses that are continually researched and enhanced each session; including assignments for the students to reflect on with non-judgemental, reflective feedback offered, two textbooks for learning at their own pace within the semester, and mentors, and study help available in a non-role play setting. 

When you arrive, you come to the landing zone filled with information to guide your journey. Taking the teleporter on the floor in front of you to the classroom as well as any of the other places for education or mentoring time, discussion, and meetings.  Through the perspective of Adola, a graduate:

I found the Triskelion Academy shortly after they opened up the sim and found so many lovely people there.  But also it took me a long time to finally sign up, so I signed up for the 5th term at Triskelion Academy.  12 weeks of classes took the students on a journey through almost every aspect of the D/s and BDSM world.  The classes are led by very experienced instructors that are totally open-minded and encourage students to find their own way of BDSM. Still, they are giving great advice but they emphasize finding your own style. “ 

Taking another walk-through (or teleporter) journey through the calming, nature-filled land will bring you to a variety of spaces for entertainment and activities in the community as well.  They offer munches, game time, sub club at the pool, Dominant meetings, and dances so that people can get to know one another and share time with one another socially in a relaxed time outside the academy to get to know one another. “Something important is the relationships and friendships made while here” noted another graduate who became staff.  The staff aims to make each experience an enjoyable experience and something that everyone will remember.  

The sim is open to come through and explore,  relax with their Dominant or submissive in the other areas as long as they are respectful of the community who reside there.  There is a cave of various tunnels which includes a Lagoon and Hall of Wonders with equipment and other surprises to find, an underwater area, library, meditation area, and beautiful picturesque places to enjoy.  

Additional Information:



Preferred Contact: Faxi (Faxi2016)

Monday, July 4, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Eclipse Restaurant & Events has NEW Dining Venues & NEW Dining Packages!


Eclipse Restaurant & Events, offering 5 dining venues now, and special packages currently only available by request (not made public yet), we also have an Exclusive package coming up in Sept. only available at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival.

Website URL -

Reservation Request Form - Facebook URL - SURL for our shop - Contact Alassra (xalassrax) or Ash Sullivan (tiptonik) in world via NC for info.

Friday, June 17, 2022

9th Annual Royal Ascot Saturday, June 18th 2022

Team ACTS presents the 9th Annual Royal Ascot benefiting RFL at 1pm slt

Come enjoy the pageantry and excitement of Edwardian times races!  All welcome!

Dress code strictly enforced for Royal Box and Grandstand seating.

Friday, May 27, 2022



Come experience the Finest in RP sims!   Authentic Jungle, Desert and Pirates-cove settings provide the ideal locations for extended RP scenarios.

Liberi Isles is set in the 18th Century and based off of both fiction and nonfiction histories of Madagascar during that era. Akanga Island: Liberi Isles is fictionally located off the coast and lost in time which is where the multi-verse RP comes in. The Lore has a fantasy flair to it which incorporates both fact and fiction all in one so that the player can either develop within the created storyline or create their own.

This build is the result of painstaking research on Madagascar regarding their landscapes, wildlife, fauna, insects, and even their people and villages that were around at that time. The result is this highly authentic build.

The Cove is more or less the heart of the Liberi, it serves as the main bridge between the land and sea folk. In a way, because the sim low key touches on the idea of the Multi-verse, it's also a cultural stew pot, exposing characters from various settings to one another to create something new.

Players will love how they can develop their own storylines and incorporate it into either the existing lore or start their own. We are an immersive RP sim and most of our players do para- or semi-para RP. You can use the optional HUD System to complete your character.  You can build, earn in-game funds to trade, and so much more.

For More information, click on the link below to get started on your AKANGA ISLAND, LIBERI ISLES Adventure

or, summon your transportation canoe by clicking on:


Be There!  Aloha

Thursday, May 26, 2022



Dr. Ghostie Antwoord delivered Hugh on 5/23/2022 at   7:19pm, weighing 7 lbs  10 oz and   16  inches long. Maggie had a very smooth labor, staying strong throughout with Hugh and her family by her side. The family are smiling, happy and healthy, and we wish them tons of love and happiness as they start life as a family!

At Everlove Maternity Clinic we strive to enhance your pregnancy experience through personal care and making each and every one of our clients feel like family.  We specialize in Hands on Mommy,Tantra, & Mama Allpa births,and are now accepting new patients.

Contacts: Dr. Ghostie (ghostie.wildmist), Lydia, Midwife (lydiafairmount resident)

Public Landmark:

Social Media:

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Serena Arts Center invites you to join the event "WILD WILD WEST"- May 27th- June 10th

Hosted by Serena Estates from May 27th to June 10th in a small classic Wild West town of the 19th and early 20th century: a very special place for photos and a little roleplay made by Kasama Lagan. There is a railway, a station, classical houses of that era, and a gold mine. For gambling guests of the city, there are many gambling games.


In this event, we would like to offer you not just the Wild West, but to show how representatives of different countries have united in their diversity on the continent of America, creating a new unique culture and art direction based on freedom, equality, and independence.

The event includes:

1. Official Opening on May, 27 with the theme The New World costume contest! Prizes  + free gifts for everyone!

2. Musical parties with the best "Wild West " singers and DJs. You wouldn't miss it, there will be a lot of special tunes you never heard before!

3. We support a PHOTO CONTEST with the theme: America, arranged by Museum for Art (MUFA) - Square Photo contest, with CASH PRIZE 2000L, 1000L, 500L, organizers: Vandeverre and Art C. All entries must be submitted before June 1st, 2022.


2 weeks "WILD WILD WEST"  event 

May, 27- June, 10

!!place is FREE for rent but LIMITED!!

For Creators: 10 houses for setting up vendors - please avoid multi-vendors and choose low script vendors. First come, first served!

You may set up 4-8 vendors + info (total of 10 prims). You don't need New releases, use what you already have. Take it easy, we do it for fun for everyone!

For Artists: First come, first served!

You may set up 2-4 pcs + info (total 5 prims). You don't need a New Art, use what you already have. Take it easy, we do it for fun for everyone!

****CALL FOR SINGERs & DJs****

We have an open schedule for you to choose your personal performance day, including

May, 27 (opening party) -June, 10 (closing party)

Please, bring us your passion, your tip jar, and your fans!

The theme for all artists, creators, and performers is... 


Please, show us your art and creations in any way you wish (keep it in a moderate rating please). How it could be if YOU discover for yourself a new big world, a new big land? What you would bring there?

Where: Serena Estates Wild West area

When: May, 27 - June, 10. 

Opening party on May, 27  at


If you like to take a part in the event, please, contact:

Ty Silvercloud, Serena Estates or Vita Theas, Serena Arts CTR 

with the support of  Viktor Savior, Unity Art & Unity Fashion CEO

Sunday, May 1, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Eclipse Restaurants & Events is Taking Reservations NOW!


Eclipse Restaurant & Events, A Roleplay, full-service private fine dining restaurant. We offer several packages to pick from and can provide custom packages for our clients. Whether it's for a romantic night out, a special proposal, a nice family dinner, or girls/guys night out - We can set it up! Contact xAlassrax or Tiptonik, go to the in-world shop, or fill out to book your reservations.


I was checking Pixel delivery orders the other day to see who had recently ordered truckloads of pixels.  This can be evidence of heavy construction going on, and I hit Paydirt...or rather.. “PayPixels”  As it turned out, there was some MAJOR construction going on at Akanga Island, the grid’s newest Role Play build.  There I met Renita (Jacquotte Anne de Graaf) and Clawtooth (M/Roach Aker), taking a short break from the day’s labors.  Fascinated by what I saw, I KNEW that this would be something for RPers everywhere.

Josh (Thomas1 Belic) JB:    So tell me, Renita.  Just what is Akanga Island Liberi Isles all about?

(Renita) Akanga Island:Liberi Isles is the RP brain child of my friend Clawtooth Aker and myself that is set in the 18th Century and based off of both fiction and nonfiction histories of Madagascar during that era. Akanga Island:Liberi Isles is fictionally located off the coast and lost in time which is where the multi-verse RP comes in. The Lore has a fantasy flair to it which incorporates both fact and fiction all in one so that the player can either develop within the created storyline or create their own.

We started this RP back in 2010 and decided to rekindle it with a vaster storyline that inter-fuses everything from Libertalia pirate history to the cannibalistic tribesman in the dense jungles and then everything in between.

We wanted an exciting and diverse place to play and have fun that is built for players by players.

JB:    What a phenomenal build.  Did you do this all yourself, of did you have help, and what did they do?

(Renita) I am glad you enjoyed it. Feels like it took forever! I did the build myself yes. I started this particular build back in early 2021 after Claw and I decided to make a go at reopening this RP after 10 years. I wanted the build to be very realistic but allow for players to add their own flare to it. It was challenging to say the least. There were a lot of cuss words. Let's just leave it at that.

 JB:    Where did you get the inspiration for this build?

(Renita) The history of the Libertalia is what started it 10 years ago and so this time around I painstakingly researched Madagascar regarding their landscapes, wildlife, fauna, insects, even their people and villages that were around at that time. It was important to me to make sure that it was done correctly. There is nothing I hate more than to walk onto a sim, see primmy builds with textures sloppily slapped on and objects, wildlife or even trees that were never even in that timeline or location. Unless it is all fantasy, it just doesn't make sense. Make it make sense and that's what I did.

(Clawtooth) While Ren took the visuals angle for our game design, I focused mostly on the mechanics of RP and interactions. I come from a very game-centric background, Role Playing to some degree is a large part of my experience. I wanted to make sure there was a baseline created so that everyone was playing on a fair, interactive game field, regardless of the style of play that was chosen.

JB:    What can we hope to discover in Pirates Cove?

(Renita) So many secrets to be told!! Can't give away too much but there is quite a lot of fun to be had in the Liberi Cove. I wanted it to look like a hybrid of Pirates Cove and the Pirates of the Caribbean shipwreck island. We have everything from the quack doctor to a historian and even a greedy trader's office. We have a ton of housing available with some really cool ones, some even on cliffs,  and of course, the ability for people to live on their ship if they like. Wow, there is so much,... the marketplace, the taverns, the faction headquarters, the blacksmith, the carpenter and so much more to do just in that cove for sure.

(Clawtooth) The Cove is more or less the heart of the Liberi, it serves as the main bridge between the land and sea folk. In a way, because the sim low key touches on the idea of the Multi-verse, it's also a cultural stew pot, exposing characters from various settings to one another to create something new.

JB:    How about the Desert Build?  What is THAT all about?

(Renita) Ahh, the desert, isn't that magnificent? So if you take a look at Madagascar it has a number of landscapes and climates all on that one island. You have jaggy rocks, desert landscapes, dense tropical jungles, and mini islands off it called isles that can be habitable. With that in mind, we created a desert landscape on Akanga Island. On the one side of the desert, you have the dwellers and these are common folk who are on the mainland and have found community in that area. They have a marketplace, a tavern, housing and so much more. Now on the other side of that desert are the Bari people and they are the desert tribesman who raises cattle and live peacefully as long as they are not provoked. They trade spices, chickens, and pottery and live in a very highly patriarchal tribe where polygamy is practiced among them. The Bari have their own secrets. Everyone does...we love secrets.

JB:    Are these areas built for free-play, or is there an existing storyline for each area?

(Renita) We encourage both! We love when the players develop their own storylines and incorporate it into either the existing lore or start their own. We are an immersive RP sim and most of our players do para or semi para RP. Claw masterminded the HUD system and it is optional, but it's great to complete your character.. You can build, earn in-game funds to trade, and so much more.

 (Clawtooth) Bottom Line, we wanted to create a choice for everything... immerse yourself in what exists, or forge ahead into the future and make something new. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor did it last for nearly a thousand years by focusing on what was. We want the players to take what we made, and make it their own.

JB:    I imagine the Jungle Build can give way to all kinds of RP scenarios.  How do you see that playing out?

(Renita) I had fun on this build and really wanted people to get lost in there and I think I accomplished that because I get lost all the time (laughs). The Dayuks were a challenge though, they really are a pivotal part of the Lore and I wanted to make sure their area really represented the danger, mystery, and magical powers behind this important tribe.

(Clawtooth) It's dense, crawling with critters, like Ren said it is easy to get lost in. Any number of scenarios can play out here, it really depends on the player, anything from the simple harvesting of resources, to raids, or even a simple walk through the jungle. Make a farm, explore Lore. If the Cove is the center of culture and knowledge, the Jungle is definitely the seat of the unknown.

 JB:    Do you plan any special events here, and if so, how might people learn about them?

(Clawtooth) We have a few event types planned, which can all be found in the Active Stories section of our Website. Active Stories represent a sort of timeline for events that stand out over the course of story progression, as time goes on and more events take place, a more formalized format will be adopted. Some events may never end and typically rely, to some degree, on the HUD/Meter system to operate while others may simply take you to a point of interest to find an object or present you with a clue.

JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

(Clawtooth) Akanga/Liberi Isles is in OpenAlpha stage Development. We fully expect players to take what we've created and run with it, that is, we want them to break the status quo, and make it their own. We have created a place rich in history and lore... and a flexible, interactive HUD system so players can represent their characters. This includes a crafting system that allows players the freedom to customize their own RP experiences. While we have plans that expand into the distant future, we have come to a point in development where growing and making everything even better only comes with community-driven play and support. Want to get in on the RP? We got you. Don't have $Ls? You don't need them to progress and RP. Got ideas for the game systems? We have ears and the skills to make it happen. Want to be a part of something big? What you see on sim is only a fraction of the plans we have for Akanga Island: Liberi Isles.

So.  There you have it folks.  For the finest in RP sims, drop on by Akanga Islands.  Stay an hour…or stay a lifetime…or anything in-between.  You’ll be glad you did.




Saturday, January 29, 2022



Here at Bayside Medical Clinic, not only are we a Roleplay clinic that offers medical care for our patients, we believe and are passionate about providing awareness for charities in RL. That's why this Friday BMC will be putting on a charitable event supporting World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day held every year on the 4th February is a global event that raises worldwide awareness in hopes to, 're-imagine a world where millions of preventable cancer deaths are saved and access to life-saving cancer treatment and care is equitable for all - no matter who you are or where you live.' That's why we should act NOW. Every year over 10 million people die from cancer, which is more than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, cancer being at the forefront; the leading cause of death worldwide. By 2030, experts project cancer deaths to rise to 13 million. How you can help? Come by to our clinic and make a donation. We have a donation Giraffe by our reception where you can donate. Or donations will be converted into RL money and donated to the official world cancer website. Join us for our event this Friday the 4th of February from 7amslt - 1pm slt at Bayside Medical Clinic. Wear blue and orange. Dj's to play. Wear blue and orange, the official theme colors of this year. Post a snap creating awareness on social media and #closethecaregap

If you would like to learn more about World Cancer Day then you can visit To make a donation visit us Landmark Our Links

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Grand Opening of the Bellisserian Embassy to Corsica on November 19, 2021


All Second Life residents are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of the first permanent Bellisserian Embassy to open on the Mainland, the Bellisserian Embassy - Corsica! The opening ceremony, which will include the handing over of the embassy keys by Abnor Mole to the new Hon. Ambassador, Jack Vincent, will take place at 12pm - 1pm SLT and will be followed by a formal ball. The organizers would like for everyone in attendance to dress in formal attire and encourage, although it is not required, to dress as a favorite celebrity (living or not, real or fantasy). Remember to be creative and have fun! The embassy in Corsica opened on the 13th in the Timescape region on the Circuit de Corse highway. His Excellency Jack Vincent has homes in both Bellisseria and Corsica. The embassy in Heterocera is under construction and its location will be announced shortly, together with the date of the formal opening ceremony. So what purpose do the Bellisserian Embassies serve you may ask yourself? These embassies are sanctioned by the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy, the group that created the popular Bellisserian Passports which introduce residents to interesting parts of the Mainland in a fun way that includes the collecting of unique stamps at each location. These embassies, and the Honorary Ambassadors who serve on their behalf, advocate for Bellisserian residents with the residents of six other continents on the Mainland and also with the residents of the continent which their embassy is located on, creating a community connection between the two. The BBB is currently recruiting Bellisserian Honorary Ambassadors to the Mainland continents of Satori, Nautilus, Gaeta, and Jeogeot. We will be opening embassies on each continent soon, Ambassadors to Corsica, Heterocera and Sansara having already been chosen. The first to open will take place November 19, 2021, on Corsica. Hon. Ambassadors will be organizing official events at least once every two months. This might, for example, include dances, parties and ‘meet & greets’ in the Embassy Function Room, or an accompanied tour of the continent, etc.

SLURL: BBB Gazette: FB:

Thursday, November 11, 2021



Come and Join Multiverse Online, where you can create your own superhero or supervillain and face off or become a citizen/city official. We are looking for roleplayers and general managers/rp storytellers to help out. GM's will receive 100 prims free to use in either a private skybox or an apartment of their choice.

Location: RP HOURS Wednesdays at 12pm sl time and 4pm sl time Thursdays at 2pm sl time Fridays at 8am sl time Sundays at 12pm sl time ( Dates and times may be subject to change in the future.) Visit our website for more info

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON the Original Marvel RP sim (Excelsior) and DC Universe RP - SLE Reporting…

In July,  the SL Enquirer’s Ops Manager Orion Baral celebrated his 15th rez day with a surprise Hulk Themed party right in the middle of Times Square, SL. Friends from far and near came in their best marvel costumes and were in for a wild show complete with humping pokemon, a broken ankle, and a lost contact lens. However, Melina Firehawk, Mankind Tracer, Terry’s Place’s DJ Ninja, and Lanai Jarrico made it possible.  The party was amazing!

For Marvel fans across the grid, this is one of the most detailed roleplaying experiences we’ve seen in a long time. Melina Firehawk and her team created a replica of Times Square on the original marvel Sim (Excelsior) as well as a DC Universe roleplay sim using the comic characters to tell stories based on the 616 Marvel Universe. We sat down with Melinda Firehawk to learn more about these two very popular RP experiences and how to get started.

Interview with Melinda Firehawk

SLE: Melina, first and foremost we want to thank you for allowing us to host a surprise party on your Sim. I asked for a Hulk Inspired theme and got more than I expected. It was a blast!  I’ve been to NYC plenty of times and I have to say the SL Times Square really looks like the real deal. How did you discover Second Life and what inspired you to get involved in Marvel RP in SL? 

Melina:  I discovered Second Life 16 years ago in July 2005.  At that time, I was part of an organization that focused mainly on traditional mediums of role-playing such as forums, AOL/AIM chat rooms, IRC, and email with a high concentration in Star Trek offerings.  They had a few other options that they branched out into including Stargate, Firefly, and Star Wars, but I was more of a PBeM (play by email) roleplayer.  I could not, for the life of me, keep up with the live-action role plays that took place in chat rooms like AOL/AIM and IRC, which at that time comprised the bulk of the roleplay opportunities the group offered.

That is until I came across Second Life.

I did some research on ways that I could improve with live-action roleplaying and that's how I came across Second Life.  I didn't join at first, but once I did I was hooked.  I not only found the old Star Trek Museum at Indigo, which had a Defiant that you could go into and roleplay in, but I learned how you could literally make your av look like anything, and do almost anything while interacting with others around the world.

Sadly, the founder of the group passed away suddenly so I was never able to fully propose the idea of Second Life to them as an option for a roleplay offering, but I stuck around and got involved with a few Star Trek groups in Second Life.

Even though I was doing Star Trek roleplaying, I was a huge Marvel fan ever since I was little and watched reruns of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon on TV, as well as the early 80s shows like Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and others.  I got involved with the peace-keeping group, Justice League United, and that rekindled my interest in Marvel and DC.  I started searching for possible roleplay groups and sims within Second Life, but unfortunately, the character I really wanted was always filled.

The person who had the role eventually was willing to give it up so I could have a chance to play it out, and I've been part of the roleplay ever since.  At this point, I believe that I've been there for at least 7 years.

SLE: That is a dedication to Marvel RP. You have come a long way!  The beauty of Second Life is it can be anything you want it to be. Do you consider SL an extension of your real life or just a game?

Melina:  I kind of consider Second Life to be a hybrid that is both a game, but also an extension of my real life.

The hybrid is due to the fact that, as a game, I can exit out of it anytime I want to in order to focus on things in the real world like work, home repairs, and the like.  But once I'm in Second Life, it's definitely an extension of my real life as I've made friends that I'd never get the chance to meet without it.  Additionally, I'm able to participate in fundraising efforts like Relay for Life as I've had several family members who have had cancer.

SLE:  Great answer, it is like a hybrid of both. Can you tell our readers a bit about the original Marvel Sim and the DC Universe sims?

Melina:  The Original Marvel RP started in 2009 on a small plot of land using a skybox and a rezzer.  It eventually grew to occupy a full sim that was part of Aftermath, which had already offered a DC roleplay.  Leadership members came and went over the course of time, and the Marvel roleplay broke off to become independent and we've been on our own ever since.  When the DC roleplay at Aftermath took a hiatus for a while, we actually acquired a second sim and launched our own DC roleplay effort in 2015.

The Original Marvel RP, which won the 2015 Simming Prize, is based on the 616 Marvel comics universe.  Even though the MCU is extremely popular, by being comics based we're able to offer a much wider range of characters that haven't been seen in the movies or recent TV shows.  In the past, we normally did our own spin on the comic storylines, but after we saw what Marvel did with Civil War II and Hydra Cap, we decided to go in our own direction.  This gives us more freedom to integrate and keep elements like Parker Industries, or A-Force, even though they no longer appear within recent comics.

Our DC effort follows the comics, but we actually had a divergence in the timeline from the beginning of the sim.  We saw the changes that occurred during the New 52/Rebirth comics, and honestly, nobody was a fan of the highly unpopular alterations to various beloved characters.  We also didn't want to go with the DCEU since that effort has been filled with a few hits, but mainly misses.  Similar to Marvel, taking our own direction allows us to open up fan-favorite characters that people remember from the more popular comic titles in the past and avoid a lot of the changes that we didn't like.

SLE: I really like how you accessed the status of the role play and you took your own direction but still keeping true to the fan-favorite characters. Some people get confused about roleplaying. Can you define what it is and how people engage in it? Is Marvel RP  like being a hero in your own action movie or something more?

Melina:  We've all had books, comics, TV shows, and movies that we've enjoyed, and some people become big fans of the characters that appear in them.  But after that book or comic has ended its run, or the TV show or movie ends, then what?  Do they just fade into obscurity never to be seen or heard from again?  Or are they still out there, doing what comes next and continuing to embark on new pursuits, new adventures, etc?  The "what's next" part of it is what ultimately drives people to write fanfiction or create roleplays to immerse themselves in that environment . . . in the shoes of their favorite characters . . . to create all-new adventures. The difference between fanfiction and roleplay comes down to one very simple element. Interaction.

Fanfiction is normally the work of one person alone, wherewith roleplay you are doing the same thing with continuing the adventure of your favorite characters, putting yourself in their shoes, but you're doing it with someone else.  You're engaging them, and they are interacting with you, and together you are building an all-new story for the characters you love.  You can even create your own character to fit into the genre and interact with others who are playing your favorite characters on sim.

SLE: It is great that you offer the ability to role-play in these scenarios and if one particular character doesn’t fit into the role you want to role play you allow them to create one if it will fit into the Marvel or DC universe. In order to keep everyone on the same page, All roleplay sims should have a set of rules to prevent the storyline from going off-topic or griefed by trolls. What are your guidelines and how do you keep everyone participating safe, informed, and involved?

Melina:  Most of our rules are very common sense for not only the sim but also the roleplay itself.  Many elements of the rules regarding griefing, age, behavior, minimum clothing, etc are in line with the Linden Lab Terms of service so it's pretty self-explanatory.  Other rules are specific to the roleplay sim itself like rez and character limits in order to achieve fairness and spread things out so you don't have one person taking up so many prims that part of the sim gets returned or hogging more than one character from the same team.

We provide a link to our rules, which are in a Google Doc, in not only the notecard that has a bit of information about the sim but also at the top of the application itself.  From that point, we're on the honor system when it comes to our applicants.  We expect that, if they are interested in dedicating the time to write up an application and become part of the roleplay, they've taken the time to actually read the rules and understand them.

Members of our leadership are normally available through status boards in the landing area of each sim, plus our annex, for those that may have questions about the rules or our sims.  On top of that, not only we will monitor the sims at different times throughout the day to ensure that visitors are not violating any of the rules, but we also have members of leadership who participate within the scheduled roleplays who can react and prevent griefers from interfering.

If someone does violate the rules, in many cases we'll try to talk to them first.  Most are more than willing to stop any undesired behavior, but those who persist normally have action taken against them if they refuse to comply after repeated warnings.  In the rare event that someone intentionally griefs the sim, we do react quickly in order to remove them and minimize the impact on the region, but we'll also alert other sims that conduct superhero roleplays.  Griefers who are banned in one sim will often try again in another sim of the same genre so giving those sim owners a heads up can also help protect them as well.

SLE: It is unfortunate that you have to uphold the rules to protect against people that troll and grief and try to upset the role-playing. So tell our readers, due to time zones, it can be difficult to gather a group of roleplayers at one time. How often do characters come together for an RP session and approximately how long does it last?

Melina:  We try to schedule our bigger RP events on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a time that's reasonable for not only most of the US but also those who are in Europe as well.  We do understand if people have to bow out early or arrive late due to the time difference, even with the time that we normally schedule our RPs to be held.  Those sessions on average last about two hours, although sometimes it's gone much longer.

Additionally, we always encourage our members to check the group to see who's online and reach out within the group or via IM to engage in roleplay on an individual basis.

SLE:  Not everyone is born with the thespian bug and it can be a bit intimidating for starters. What advice would you recommend to help make the transition into the RP easier? How can they get started?

Melina:  The best approach to take is to look at it as a simply interaction.  We interact with people all the time . . . in the office, at school, our family, and our friends.  Roleplaying is the same . . . it's interaction with others who may be just as nervous or intimidated as you are, but the difference is that you are putting yourself in the shoes of your favorite character just as the others you are interacting with also are putting themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters.

Once you get approved with a character, you become part of our family, and like family, we try to look out for each other.  We're always willing to roleplay with anyone who wants to get help easing into it, whether it's one-on-one or in a small group before you participate in the larger group events.

SLE: We truly appreciate all that you do in Second Life to give people a place to Roleplay and allow people to bring out the inner hero or villain :) they have inside. Now, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Melina:  In addition to roleplaying, we also have a Relay for Life team called Heroes Helping Heroes.  We invite anyone who wants to help us be a hero by supporting the real heroes fighting cancer and those who care for them.  Join us and participate in some of our events, or become part of the team and help us grow the impact we have by providing fun events for all Relayers to enjoy.

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