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Showing posts with label The Rose Garden. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spotlight on ℜღŞε (scorpianrose)- Cover Artist and Relay for Life Supporter- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

ℜღŞε (scorpianrose) is a cover artist in Second Life and a Relay for Life supporter.  Music is her passion.

From a very young age her mother exposed her to various genres, playing the guitar and singing herself,  that nurtured Rose's love for singing. Rose's fondest memory is of her and her Mother singing to the guitar in their living room. Second Life gives her the ability to open up and share her passion with people from around the world.  Rose is a very shy person and suffers from a bit of stage fright. She loves the fact that Second Life gives her a chance to do what she loves in a way that brings out her confidence. The SL Enquirer sat down with Rose to learn more about her and what she does in Second Life.

Interview with ℜღŞε (scorpianrose)