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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spotlight on ℜღŞε (scorpianrose)- Cover Artist and Relay for Life Supporter- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

ℜღŞε (scorpianrose) is a cover artist in Second Life and a Relay for Life supporter.  Music is her passion.

From a very young age her mother exposed her to various genres, playing the guitar and singing herself,  that nurtured Rose's love for singing. Rose's fondest memory is of her and her Mother singing to the guitar in their living room. Second Life gives her the ability to open up and share her passion with people from around the world.  Rose is a very shy person and suffers from a bit of stage fright. She loves the fact that Second Life gives her a chance to do what she loves in a way that brings out her confidence. The SL Enquirer sat down with Rose to learn more about her and what she does in Second Life.

Interview with ℜღŞε (scorpianrose)

Lanai: Hi Rose, it is a pleasure to meet you. I’d like to start of this interview by giving our readers a little bit of background on you. Music is your passion and early on you were exposed to many genres. Who were your favorite artists going up?

Rose: Well, I am a child of the 80s so of course those of that era influenced me.  Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Eagles, Journey, Poison, George Michaels, even Michael Jackson.

Lanai: How has music influenced your life?

Rose: I find that no matter what I am going through in life I can always turn to my music for strength.  Music is an excellent stress reliever, it can sometimes even express what you yourself cannot.
Lanai:  Music to me is like a form of therapy. It has the power to help change our own moods and the people around us. As a singer, in what ways has it helped you?

Rose Music truly has helped me express how I feel countless times. 

Lanai:  Everyone has a story and one of my favorite questions to ask is what brought you to Second Life?

Rose: ** laughs** funny you should ask that.  I was actually in a chat room on a website called sing snap. About 6-10 of us would have our own room and take turns singing.  Well when it came to one of my friend's turn (Boo Beauregaurd) she was always MIA.  I finally asked her what in the world she was doing to which she replied “Playing SL” “Well what is that?” I asked..........the rest was history.

Lanai: What does Second Life mean to you?

Rose: Second Life is to me what it probably is for so many others .  A place to come and live out what you cannot achieve in real life.  I also love the fact that it gives people an opportunity to get to know others without the prejudices that most have in real life.  You actually get to know somebody for who they are without getting a chance to judge them on appearance.  For me it also gives me the chance to do what I love, to sing for an audience without the fear.

Lanai: I see so many interesting names used in Second Life and I wonder what inspired some of them. What inspired the name Scorpianrose?

Rose: The name was given to me by my grandfather. The meaning behind this is scorpion because scorpions are normally very shy creatures that will not attack unless provoked and rose because they die every year but still come back just as beautiful after they die showing strength and longevity    Before the name was given to me my nick name for the longest time was Scorpia.......this is my astrological sign feminized.  That is why my name is spelled with an A as well.  It is not a spelling error, Just my way of personalizing my name.

Lanai: I think every avatar in Second Life shares similarities and difference from their true self.  Would you say your avatar is a reflection of you or is it a reflection of what you aspire to be?

Rose: I try and make Rose and extension of myself, from her looks , down to her personality.  I would love to be in real life what Rose is in Second life.   So in my eyes she is the perfect projection of me and who I wish to be.

Lanai: How has performing in Second Life affected you as a person?

Rose: If nothing else, it has boosted my confidence a lot.  It's an amazing feeling to be able to perform and you get IMS after wards filled with compliments or people expressing what a certain song has made them or a loved one feel.  Above all it has truly humbled me.  The thing to remember is without fans there would be no “you”. After every show I like to take the time to answer my IMS personally and show each the attention they deserve.  My fans are all important to me.  

Lanai: Second Life is an interesting place no matter who you are or what you do here. Can you share with are readers you most memorable moment?

Rose: I would have to say that my most memorable moment was the very first time I sang in second life.  It was the most nerve wracking yet amazing feeling in the world.

Lanai: How often do you perform in Second Life and what type of music can fans expect from you?

Rose: I dont perform as much as I like to, real life always has a way of rearing its ugly head sometimes but fans and future fans can always contact me inworld or on my face book and inquire about upcoming shows.  I sing songs from may different genres save for heavy metal and rap.  As a cover artist I try to keep the door open to all musical styles and I learn new songs as they come out to keep my song list current. I also enjoy going out and supporting fellow artists and if I happen to see any at some of my shows make sure they are recognized as the great artists they are. I believe it is very important for people in the music community to support each other. 

Lanai: I think it is interesting that you struggle with shyness, yet you perform in Second Life. That has to feel so liberating for you. What advice can you give to people who struggle with shyness and how to build confidence within a virtual world?

Rose: The only advice I can give to someone is to be yourself no matter who you meet or what you do.  If they dont like you then it wasnt meant to be.  I struggled with this for the longest time trying to conform myself into who I thought the person I was talking to wanted me to be.  The only way to build confidence in yourself is to be just that, yourself.  Love you for you.

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Rose: Something most dont know about me is I love graphic arts.  I take a lot of pictures in sl and most can be seen on my face book page.  I enjoy building in sl as well.  My venue, The Rose Garden is the product of my building, texture and decorating skills. I also do profile pictures and have reasonable prices.  Though I have been slacking a lot lately I enjoy making musical video collages to my music to share with fans on you tube as well. I consider to be a very artistic person and its only by the grace of God that I have these wonderful talents to be able to share. 
Lanai:  Thank you for sharing yourself with SLE fans. I wish you the very best in Second Life.

Rose: Thank you, I wish you the best in second life as well. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and write this article about me.

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Music has always been my passion.  I grew up listening to all genres my Mom exposed my ears to. .  As an adult, the passion of music still flows through me and I love being able to share my talent with those that will listen. I consider myself a cover artist and try to bring the same passion to each song that the original singer does. With a song base knowledge of over 500 songs and counting, love requests and dedications.  After all it's about what you as the listener cares to hear. In RL, I am a very shy person and must say suffer from a bit of stage fright as well.  I love the fact that SL gives me the chance to be able to do what I love without the fear of being the center of attention.  I am a fan of 80s music and base most of my shows on songs from that era but can sing a wide variety of music.  I enjoy all things having to do with the arts such as crafting, photography, graphic arts and drawing.  Most of my time in sl is spent either supporting a fellow artist or anywhere with water. 
I am a very optimistic person, most of the time I see the world as a good place still. I appreciate openness and honesty and above all a sense of humor.  I do not like people who act like they are better than others nor a bully.
When I first meet you I tend to be a bit shy until I get to know you a little better .  I've had people say that I am a great listener, honest, trustworthy, a friend for life.  I try my hardest to uphold my half of the deal once I deem you a friend.
       I truly believe music heals the soul and can be found most of the time either singing myself or at live shows here in SL.  I am very open minded and don't offend easily but if you should happen to push me to that point, its not pretty.
If you wish to really know more about me for help with questions, this link pretty much sums me up

Links to my youtube videos that I also took created.


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