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Sunday, July 28, 2013

PR: About Sick Bubblegum Textures and the Woman Behind the Business

Mauve Binders shop "Sick Bubblegum Textures" has been located in lovely Triggerfish for just over 4 years. What is Sick Bubblegum Textures "about" though?

In real life, Mauve's mother was an artist and teacher. Growing up, Mauve was offered opportunities to explore art and music and was encouraged to attend art college. Deciding to take the road less traveled, many years later, Mauve found herself studying in the social work field. In 2007, Mauve finally gave in to a friend and joined SL. It was in this universe where creative freedom took flight. 

When entering the work force after graduation in 2008, the need for creative outlet increased. Mauve was working at a secure custody facility for young offenders aged 12-18. Working with kids that had committed very adult crimes can be incredibly stressful and self-care is crucial to prevent burn-out. One night, while watching a Rob Zombie video for "Sick Bubblegum" Mauve was struck by the clothing that he wore, denims with skulls, argyle vest over a striped short-sleeve top; pure rock and roll. It was on that night that Mauve decided to create textures.

In the past 4 years, Sick Bubblegum has evolved and grown. Inspiration for any item is had from music, tv, thoughts, dreams and conversations. Everywhere Mauve looks, she seeks out challenges and inspires to release them as textures. Holding licenses to a variety of creators, Mauve prides herself for creating original works that reach a variety of audiences.There is the standard offering of basic packs of knits, denims, florals and seasonally themed packs but how about "Guerilla Schoolgirl Plaid", "Voodoo dolls", or blood stained? Expecting a baby? check out the aged baby giraffes or prams. Kawaii your style? The list goes on. The store, a newly renovated 2-story factory has multiple sections, each devoted to a specific theme. 

Mauve prides herself on creating textures to appeal to every audience and when inside the shop, you are sure to find a texture pack to appeal to every design need and style. Can't find it? Just ask, If she can't create it, she will happily direct you to someone who can meet your needs. Come by and slap the MM board, check out the latest CoLab Creation offering or just browse and say "Hello". Looking forward to seeing you soon!