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Showing posts with label any1 gynoid. Show all posts

Saturday, November 17, 2012

SLE Promotes Healthy Eating Despite Lanai's Love for Twinkies

Lanai's recent trip to the supermarket

With the public announcement of the Hostess company, best known for pumping out those cream filled Twinkies for the last 85 years, is liquidating and ending it’s distribution of those golden calorie engorged treats. People have been frantic.

Wonder Bread is being threatened too. This creates a big problem for all the moms that pack peanut butter & jelly, and ham sandwiches. Now they are being forced to find a bread less vitamin fortified and enriched!

Lanai did not take the news well at all. In fact, she remains shocked and convinced its the end of our free world as we know it. 

 In the midst of this terrible breaking news, Lanai felt the need to inform the SL Enquirer media group about the tragic end to Twinkie as she stockpiled for an emergency.

It stirred up emotions from the healthy eaters of Second Life who accused Lanai of being a secret advocate for the promotion of diabetes and unhealthy eating habits.