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Showing posts with label application. Show all posts

Monday, July 13, 2020

*PosESioN* Agency opens casting for male and female models- Accepting Applications


*PosESioN* Agency is searching for male and female models to add to its roster. We invite you all to participate in the casting scheduled for Wednesday, July 22 at 1pm SLT.

Two outfits are required for this casting, utilizing both a mesh head and mesh body. In addition, a style card will be necessary for each outfit and must include a head shot and body shot. Participants will give their style cards to the judges just before the casting begins. When presenting each outfit, the walk may include however many poses the model would like to use over the span of 40 seconds. That is the amount of time each model will be allotted. The casting will be conducted by DVC system.

Outfits must be styled in the following genres:



The casting LM will be released a few days before the casting. Important:  Be sure to submit your applications via the following link: 

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing you on our runway!

Founded in 2012 by Dahriel Nova (*PosESioN* Poses, Men & Women Jail Event, The Darkness Event, XXX Original Event, & MR SL 2019), *PosESioN* Agency offers the Second Life designer highly creative and memorable ways of conveying his or her brand's vision and purpose. Through the expert use of the runway and inspired set designs, *PosESioN* Agency delivers both maximum brand exposure for its clients and an enjoyable fashion experience for show attendees.

For inquiries or to commission *PosESioN* Agency to showcase your brand, please contact Stephano del Piero (stephano76).

PR Contact: Dresden Couerblanc

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Technology: Second Life (C) on Text-based Viewers – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting...

Metabolt Chat Screen

There are times when an avatar, logging on, is restricted to low-bandwidth connections. Mobile laptop connections, firewall issues, or just plain choice may be the deciding factors to switch to a non-graphic viewer. Fortunately, the Second Life third-party viewer (TPV) list includes such gems as METAbolt ® and Radegast ®.

Sometimes one has to make a choice whether to log on at all, or to use text-only viewers. One of the earliest text-only viewers was the famous AjaxLife that was developed by then 15-year-old Katharine Berry and gained wide popularity until it fell by the wayside, probably due to the demands of the upkeep. Today, the TPV list has two text-only viewers, METAbolt and Radegast.