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Showing posts with label backdrops. Show all posts

Thursday, August 26, 2021

POSEvent August round is Open!


POSEvent by Posesion Productions POSEvent August round is Open! At POSEvent you can find the best pose creators and backdrops builder of the grid! August 27th - September 19th Event Gallery: LM:

WebSite: Facebook: Flickr:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Top 5 places in Second Life for Great Photography Backdrops– Camury Reporting

Photography is a hobby appreciated by many SL residents. With a little effort and patience it is possible to enjoy all the SL graphic resources available, and get quality photos with a variety of lightning, colors, shadows and textures.
If you’re willing to become an SL photographer you should take a little time to configure your SL viewer, to obtain clear photos and graphic quality. Also, you may need some knowledge on photo editing to improve the quality. Take a look at your viewer’s tools, some of them are really helpful.
The Firestorm Viewer, for example, has some really interesting tools. Here’s a few tips to use with that viewer.  
You should remember that the final result will depend also on your computer capacity. Yes, processor, RAM memory and your video board may interfere. With good hardware configuration comes great SL photography.
But let’s face it. Some of us just want to have some fun and take some pics. So just choose a great view and go ahead! Explore the artistic beauty of the architectural wonders created by mankind… SL mankind.
There are great destinations to visit in Second Life for photography backdrops. Here are a few:
The Alirium Secret Gardens are amazing, they explore all the four seasons. At each area you will find perfect places for photography. Take your time to meditate and relax. It will inspire you for great photos.
Your taxi to this destination:
If you like Sci-fi, InSilico is your place. High-tech skyscrapers and mysterious elements make it a great place for photos. You’ll understand it better when you visit it.
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Loch Noble is simply spectacular. This sim provides a ton of urban landscapes and some rural ones. There is this little city on the top, and on the other side of the river where you can appreciate a beautiful farm, surrounded by lakes and forests. It resembles the Scottish summer. Also a lot of details and the colors are impressive components for taking great pictures.
Your taxi to this destination:

If you like urban settings for  photography you should try Saint Pete City. You can feel the vintage atmosphere, walk through the streets and alleys, and appreciate the realism of the place. Go visit the stores, always shiny and with vibrating colors. Have fun at the playground and the squares. A fantastic trip inside SL.
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And if you like the sweetness of the bucolic scenery, Kilu is an excellent place, ideal for photography lovers. The gardens are perfect for dreamers and life admirers.
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Well, the rest is up to you. Go explore beautiful places. Practice your photo skills. Enjoy your own imagination and have fun with your friends!

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