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Showing posts with label christmas tree. Show all posts

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Visit To Tex's Tree Farm- Stacey Cardalines reporting...


A lot of people get their trees from Wal-Mart, or a gas station, or some vacant lot where a bunch of trees are stacked against a fence. Someone playing SL can order one from the SL Marketplace, None of these is a good option.

Unless you are a complete zero, you instead want to head out into the country, find a cut n carry tree farm, and hack down your own tree with a big ax like a goddamned man! A girl can cut a tree down too, but it's more fun to tease men. Societal expectations can cut both ways, and a girl can get away socially with saying "Like I'm gonna cut down a tree..."

My husband has a pretty hard job, and he likes to rest on his off days. That's all well and good, but we have to drive from Duxbury to West Bridgewater- about 45 minutes in the car- passing several Wal-Marts and Home Depots on the way- and get our tree from a farm. There is a "Sorry, kids. Mommy gave up this year" vibe to get a tree from a gas station, and I won't do that to my kids. I also only choose the tree, after which my husband cuts it, carries it, ties it to the car, drives it home, and fits it into the stand for the kids and I to decorate. God made my husband bigger and handier, so blame him.

Once you shame your man into doing the cutting, you need to find a place out in the sticks where you can go all Jack Torrance on a spruce tree. Fortunately, Stacey has taken care of that for you.

Tex's is unique in that you can go there, find a tree that is ostensibly growing, and take an axe to it. It will then be moved into your inventory (after you give Tex a little Linden Love, of course) and you can do what you wish with it after. 

Even if you don't have a house or a business to decorate, there are worse ways to spend a December day than walking around a Christmas tree farm. There is a Ghetto Christmas aspect to this, but it beats sitting in a tavern... although I'd recommend sitting in the tavern while before going, so you are properly Jolly.

There isn't much time left before Christmas, so hustle out to Tex's Tree Farm and get you some!

Added SLE Bonus: Fun Christmas Tree Facts!

- Christmas trees date back to medieval Latvia and Estonia, and non-Christian decorated trees may go back to the caveman days. Evergreen trees were decorated in ancient China and Egypt. 

- The custom spread through Germanic territories to Western Europe, usually by the upper classes. Trees are referenced in 1400s Portugal and 1500s France. 

- The Christmas tree came to America with German immigrants. Our founding fathers failed to get in on this trend early, as North America's first Christmas tree was put up by Hessian soldiers stationed in Quebec. Remember, Massachusetts was founded by people stuffy enough to ban Christmas in the 1600s, and the only things they hung off trees here were Witches.

- Your typical Christmas tree is some form of evergreen conifer, like pine, fir, and spruce. Some folks use juniper or cypress, and wouldn't The Starry Night look cooler if Van Gogh had painted some tinsel onto the cypress?

- The star and the angel that you see on top of Christmas trees are symbolic of Bible stuff. The star represents the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Magi to the manger where Jesus lay. The angel represents God's messenger, Gabriel. You know him from the Annunciation, which was when God, through Gabriel, told Mary that she would bear Jesus. I'm agnostic and apologize for the religious stuff, but it is good for one to know such things.

- Elaborate snowflakes are the most common non-religious tree topper.

- Christmas trees generally go up, even unintentionally with non-religious people, along the lines of Advent, which is the 4th Sunday before Christmas. This coincides with "right after Thanksgiving" in the US.

- The tree tends to come down around the Epiphany, aka the Adoration of the Magi, which is when the Three Kings found Jesus.

- Traditionally, the tree went up on Christmas Eve and would come down on January 6th. This time span is what we now know as the Twelve Days of Christmas.

- The Twelve Days Of Christmas song uses a pear tree, not spruce or fir.

- Queen Victoria and her Germanic Albert were sketched with their children by a Christmas tree in 1848, which boosted tree love in the UK and the USA.

- The first White House tree was put up by Benjamin Harrison in 1889.

-Teddy Roosevelt, an ardent conservation guy, refused to put up a tree. He was unaware that a tree farm generally plants more trees than they cut down.

- Thomas Edison's assistants invented electric Christmas tree lights. Candles were used before then, and fires were common.

- The Rockefeller Center tree first went up in the Depression, when construction workers pooled their assets and bought a tree. The tree is presently topped by a 500-pound crystal star. The tree has been up to 100 feet high and has 30,000 lights.

- Oregon produces the most real Christmas trees. China produces the most (80%) artificial ones.

- Balsam Fir and Scotch Pine are the most popular trees, although it varies by region.

- 35% of trees are sold at garden centers/retail stores. 25% from cut/carry farms, 15% from tree lots and 15% from non-profits.

- Every year, Boston is given a giant tree from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is a thank you for Boston sending aid to Halifax after a 1917 explosion destroyed half of the city.

- "Christmas tree" came in 8th in a poll of American's favorite smells. They were one spot higher than perfume and one behind bacon. 

- Several murders and beatings have been committed by a husband and wife debating "white lights vs multi-color lights." I've struck my own husband over this debate.

- American songbird Taylor Swift was raised on a Christmas tree farm.

- "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" was written by Johnny Marks. Marks is an obscure artist, which is amazing because he also wrote "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" and all the songs in the Rudolph animated special, including "Silver And Gold" and "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas." He is also the author of "I Don't Want A Lot For Christmas," which means that Mariah Carey owes him a little somethin' somethin'. Of course, he was Jewish.

- Since 9/11, the most famous fire in New York City involved a homeless man putting a Bic to the Fox News Christmas Tree.

- Charlie Brown was once ridiculed for buying a small tree for the Peanuts Christmas pageant. However, small trees have since become fashionable. and are often referred to as Charlie Brown trees. In the real world, that would get Charlie laid, but the Peanuts cartoon beats the hell out of that poor kid, and I always expected to see him shooting up the high school in some special. Lucy consoled Charlie Brown by telling him that "Everyone knows that Christmas is a racket run by some big eastern syndicate."

- "I own a cat" ranked higher than "I am not a Christian" among people surveyed about not having a Christmas tree, and by a large margin. An indoor tree, filled with shiny things to swat at, is irresistible to a cat.

- The American carol "Oh Christmas Tree" is actually a remix of "O Tannenbaum," a German song that doesn't mention Christmas and which may be about a faithless lover.

- A freshly cut tree will drink a quart of water a day.

- Christmas trees take 7-10 years to mature..

- Christmas trees are involved in one-tenth of one percent of U.S. residential fires. Cut and carry Christmas tree farms figure into .027% of ax-related injuries in America, an impressive number considering they are a seasonal item and that America has a lot of lumberjacks.

- America has since come correct on conifers.  America produces about 35 million Christmas trees a year, with Europe being good for another 60 million. 

- Americans spent 2 billion dollars on trees in 2016, making a liar of whoever said "Money doesn't grow on trees." We, sadly, spent $1.8 billion on fake trees. The average price of a tree in 2017 was $73, and that price is about the same today. 

- America has 15,000 tree farms, not including Tex's Tree Farm, which is animated. They provide at least seasonal employment for 100,000 Americans, including journalists like me who have a boss going, "One Christmas tree article? Please?"

- A third of these tree farms are, like Tex's, chosen and cut. This is good because axes and chainsaws are always fun. No holiday is lessened by chainsaw use.


OK, maybe Arbor Day.

Friday, November 20, 2020



Sooo..the year 2020 will certainly go down in history as one of the more “dynamic” years we have had in some time.
  Many of us look forward to stability and tradition in an unstable World.  One of the more cherished traditions, is to decorate for the Holidays. The sights and sounds of the season abound as the rough edges in life are covered with a lovely blanket of snow.  Usually, folks wait until after Thanksgiving to begin decorating for the holidays, but this year is different.  You can already see decorations springing up all over, not only in Real Life, but in SecondLife as well, as snow-covered Sims begin to carpet the grid.

I had the very real pleasure of visiting Tex’s Tree Farm last week.  Both Tex, and his partner, Summer, were up to their elbows in boxes of Christmas Decoration as they busily decorated their Sim for the holidays.  Despite this activity, they were able to carve out enough time to graciously answer my questions about their operation.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic):    Hi Tex, Hi Summer. Thanks for inviting us back again this Winter to tour your lovely Sim.  You guys always do a great job here, and I am sure that, along with other Christmas Traditions, a visit to Tex’s Tree Farm will soon become an annual trek for many of the grid’s more discerning residents.

So then, what is the “Tex’s Tree Farm” difference that makes your place unique among the hundreds of sims on SL?

Tex Humby:  Tex's Tree Farm is unique because we are the only tree farm that you can chop down your own tree with an axe. We have created in SL a full family experience like you would have in RL cutting down your own Christmas Tree.


JB:  What was your inspiring “Ahh Haaa” moment when you first realized that a “chop down your own Christmas Tree” would become a reality in SL?

TH:  We knew chopping down a tree isn't new in SL with RP Sims. But we never saw anyone cutting down a Christmas Tree; So we put our heads together and found a workable solution so that Real Life experience could be brought to SL, for SL families to be able to have that same Family tradition they experience in RL.


JB:  I see you have a Gift shop here also?  What might the discerning shopper find in there?

TH:  Under the Tree Christmas Shop is an extension to Tex's Tree Farm. We have 100s of Christmas Gacha from the best creators Items such as Rare Christmas Trees, food to toys. Our Gacha Toy section is one the biggest Gacha toy shops in SL. The second floor are non gacha items for your home decor. We also have our Pet adoption center filled with gacha pets waiting to be adopted this yea.  And for all those that love Harry Potter we have a Magical Menagerie with an array of beasts and magical creatures. Careful! Some do bite.


JB:  I think I saw a guy with a streaming hot cup of coffee and a donut.  Where can a chilled tree shopper grab a bite to eat around here?

TH:  Our Deer Ridge Cafe is where you will stop after a long hard day of cutting trees. Stop by our cafe and get a warm cup of Hot Chocolate or cider. We also have several options for meals and soups to get your energy back for more shopping or ice skating.


JB:  How do you two figure out the division of labor here?  Which of you does what, normally?

TH:  Summer and I have been together for 6 years in this game and from that moment we became not only partners but partners in business. We both love creating. My wife Summer builds the trees and I make sure everyone can cut them down and keep the sim running smoothly. We have a great partnership in love and in business that keeps going. Every day is a new adventure in our creativity.

JB:  Do you guys design your own trees?  Or are these obtained elsewhere and brought here?

TH:  We do design our own trees. These trees are all are one of a kind.  Each year we design new ones so there are always several more trees each year for families to come and have new options each year for their family tree.

JB:  Do you operate the tree farm year-round?  Or do you do something else with the property during the off-season?

TH:   We do not. We own several other businesses so half our year is spent with upgrades or building new sims and the other half is getting ready for the Christmas season and the trees. The tree farm ends January 10th every year. That is when we put in our samplings to get ready for the next winter season. All of our other locations on the sim are open year-round.

JB:  I see you also have a lovely residential area here as well?  Can you share something about that with our readers?

TH:  We do own several rental business and Deer Ridge Cabins and Cottages is one that we have set up for that winter season.  Deer Ridge is unique and decorated for that cozy warm winter season. And we do have residents all year as well. Those are always open 


JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

TH:  Come and see the vast array of trees we have to offer. All our trees have decorating options which allows you to pick and choose which decorations you would like to see on each tree. Stop by the cafe for a hot drink or a hot soup to warm you back up for more shopping at Under the Christmas Tree Shop. There is so much to do and see. Start your families Christmas tradition this year at Tex's Tree Farm. The experience is waiting for you.

There you have it, Folks. The trees for sale at Tex’s Tree Farm are beautiful (especially at midnight) and are very reasonably priced. While not actually built as a “romance sim”, taking that special someone with you to select a tree for your home or business and wander the isles at the gift shop will make for a highly memorable Date Night for you both.  By selecting and cutting down your own Christmas Tree, you can continue a family tradition (or even start a new one), AND, enjoy some shopping therapy in the process.     Accomplish two things with one trip.  Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

Be there!  Aloha





Sunday, November 10, 2019


The car door opens and out tumbles the family, swaddled in over-sized coats, scarves and mittens.  The children race into the forest of regularly spaced trees, with muffled footsteps and the crunch of compacting new-fallen snow.  “How about this one?” a young voice shouts. “Too short.” is the reply. “Here! This is it. Whatdaya think about THIS one?” “Wellll...If it weren't for that flat spot on the side there. Keep looking.”  Then finally. “Perfect! We found it. Bring the ax.” The sounds of chopping wood, dragging the tree back to the payment stand. The kids tossing back Styrofoam cups of hot chocolate. The tree is loaded atop the car, the family piles back inside, and chalk up another success in the perennial hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree.

This relic of bygone days is now available for you to experience in Second Life. Tex's Tree Farm is a one of a kind unique experience you will only find in SL.  This is a true family role play Christmas Tree Farm where you can pick and cut down your tree and take it home with you and your family.  

Bundle up and bring the loved ones. Stop by the Deer Ridge Cafe to grab a hot chocolate while breezing through the Tree farm to pick your favorite tree. Grab an ax, pick an empty tree behind the demo tree you like then chop it down.  Once it has fallen, pay for the tree and accept into your inventory. All the trees come fully decorated with a menu that allows you to pick and choose which decoration you and your family like. Then add your own special Christmas touch with those special ornaments. Once you have picked your Christmas Tree, head on over to Under the Christmas Tree to thaw out and grab those toys and special gifts. More home decor and trees to choose from as well.

Make this a family tradition you’ll cherish for years.  Head down to Tex's Tree Farm for a family experience you will never forget.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Tex and Summer Humby at Tex’s Tree Farm as they were busy gearing up for the Holiday Season - unpacking boxes of ornaments, sharpening axes, and shoveling snow off the walkways and parking lots.  I was able to get them to slow down long enough to answer a few questions. 

Josh Bellic (JB):   Tex? Tell me a little about Tex's Tree Farm.   How many years has this been in operation?

Tex Humby (TH):  My wife and I actually meet at a Christmas sim five years ago. We have been inseparable ever since. Tex's Tree farm has been in operation for four years now. It started off with just display trees that were decorations for the Christmas shop.  I am the builder and Summer is the decorator. Last year we started to build on the idea of having an original RP where anyone could come and chop down their own tree with an ax, just like you would in RL. We perfected the concept this year. Now anyone can pick a decorated tree they like, grab an ax and physically chop it down. Once the tree has fallen, you pay for the tree and it goes into your inventory. Nothing else like it in SL 

JB:   Whatever inspired you to do this in SL? Was this process part of your own Family Tradition?

TH:  Cutting down our own Christmas tree was something we always did. Every year our family would bundle up and make our way to the farm. We would pick out the perfect tree each year and my Dad would chop it down and we would bring it home to decorate. It was one of my favorite memories as a child. Today we buy a real tree from a vendor as those long ago tree farms are almost non existent.  We wanted to bring our old family tradition back into SL.

JB:  Do you build all the tree options yourself?

TH:  We decorate each tree with a rezzer concept. Now you can not only cut your own tree down but touch to get a menu to build on that tree with the decorations you want. You have an option to choose which of those decorations on that tree you would like to rez, and leave room for your own decorations as well.   Summer comes up with such original ideas with adding more and more to each tree as the years go by. Now with the new rezzer concept she has extended those trees to include things like the candy shelf and toy sleigh. I love what she comes up with and can't wait to see each tree once she is done. 

JB:  Will Tex’s Tree Farm be operated only seasonally, or do you plan to keep it open year-round?

TH:  We are open year round for anyone wishing to visit a Christmas location throughout the year. We add new trees every year and build the farm up. Next year will have have even more and it will only get bigger as the Farm has really taken off here in SL and people contact us every year asking if we will open the Farm or if the Farm will be open as they love to come back each year with their loved ones and experience the Tree Farm.

JB:  What else would you like our readers to know about either the tree farm, or the gift shop?

TH:  We would love for everyone to know that our location has so much to offer. Tex's Tree Farm experience go hand-in-hand with the shop. We built the Deer Ridge Cafe to let everyone stop and enjoy a family lunch before heading to the Tree Farm to cut your own tree. Once you have your tree, head over to Under the Tree Christmas shop for all of your Christmas Decor needs.  The first floor is dedicated to Christmas gachas and the 2nd floor to non-gacha items. We also have Georgia's Pet Adoption Center named after our third child who loves animals. The cabin is filled with gacha animals of all kinds that you can adopt and take home. 

We also have The Magical Menagerie which is a Harry Potter Themed shop chalked full of magical creatures and all things magical. We built this for our second oldest daughter who loves the odd things of the world. 

Last but not least we do have cabin rentals that have the cozy feel of winter with our multiple scene indoor decor options. They are the best cozy little cabins and cottages in SL that is snow year round for those that enjoy the feel of winter every day of the year. 

So there you have it Folks.  As you put together your list of Christmas activities this Holiday season, be sure it starts with a visit to Tex’s Tree Farm, for a memorable experience the entire family will enjoy.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Make Tex's Tree Farm part of your SL family tradition


Picking a fresh-cut Christmas tree isn't about crossing an item off your holiday to-do list. It's about breathing in the scents of fresh cut trees, sipping hot cocoa at Deer Ridge Cafe, listening to the fire crackle, and children laughing with delight as they skate around on the frozen pond. And best of all remembering Christmases gone by and Christmases yet to come.

    Tex's Tree Farm is a one of a kind unique experience you will only find in SL that is a true family role Christmas Tree Farm where you can pick and cut down your tree and take it home with you and your family.  

Bundle up and bring the loved ones. Breeze through the Tree farm to pick your favorite tree. Grab and ax, pick a empty tree behind the demo tree you like then chop your tree down.  Once it has fallen, pay the tree and accept into your inventory.  
    All of our trees come fully decorated with a menu that allows you to pick and choose which decoration you and your family like.  You and your loved ones can pick what you would like then add your own special Christmas touch with those special ornaments.

Make this a family tradition and head down to Tex's Tree Farm for a family experience no one will forget.

    And don't forget to stop by Under the Christmas Tree Shop for all your Christmas Decorating needs on the first floor including toys, home deco and lots of Christmas baked goods.  Second floor, non gacha home decor including new modern trees. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Under the Christmas Tree Shop open for another season of holiday shopping and Experience cutting down your own tree at Tex's Tree Farm

Under the Christmas Tree is a one stop shopping experience for all those gifts you need. Our first floor is stocked daily with hundreds of gacha items including toys, home decor. rare trees, baked goods, Christmas foods of all kinds and so much more. Store is stocked daily with new things each day.

Our second floor is non gacha items for all your home decor needs including, rugs, trees, toy givers. food givers, fireplaces and everything you could ever need for your home and your family.

Don't forget to visit Tex's Tree Farm to have the only RP experience in SL of cutting down your own Christmas tree. Each tree comes decorated with menu of decoration choices. 

Come visit us today and make it a family Tradition. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Preparations for Christmas begin in Second Life: – Camury Reporting

This is the season for Christmas Tree and Decoration Shopping!
What do you really want for Christmas? More time, more joy, and less stress? Welcome to the Christmas Countdown! Do you love Christmas but hate the stress leading up to it? The holidays should be a fun time of year that you can welcome fun in an organized manner. Plan your gifts, set the scene, and loosen your belt so you can feast during the holiday
Some of the best things about Christmas are the many traditions as well as the preparations which provide for great memories with family and friends.
You need to get Christmas presents and a tree, buy all the traditional food for Christmas, do your Christmas baking, and decorations.
In Second Life, how about starting your preparations for Christmas too! Get started by finding the perfect Christmas tree and decorations for for home and or business.

Christmas tree

Find  the perfect Christmas tree to decorate your place for the Holidays! In second life, you can find  tree realistics with lots of great ornaments,lights,bows,gifts,toys and more.
I loved the tree at  Bee Designs . It comes in 2 versions, basic and complete(24 & 32 prims) and  with 3 full songs. the christmas animations have lots of great props that rezzez or attach to your avatar. It comes with a menu for a Family oh 2 adults and 2 kids and a lots of standing cuddles.
Price: L$ 399
Store: Bee Designs

Another great Christmans Tree us at Heart Homes. You can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year together with your family with Heart Homes’ newest Christmas Tree. This tree starts is only 4 prims, you might add 4 additional deco options from a menu, like Candles lights, festive sparkles, or a set of decorative toys. This tree comes with  a lots animations. You can also sing carols together, display gift, or try the animations which include lifting your child to put the star on top.... and much more!
Price: 850
Store: Heart Homes

Unusual Decoration for Christmas
Some people choose to live in a tropical beach region, even at Christmas time. For all those islanders, this is a set of all those little things you can add to your beach, and instantly turn the Christmas mood on.  Wooden Christmas trees in red and  green, beach towels, matching pillows with animations and  beach umbrellas. All are copy and full modify (you can edit, stretch, change textures, color, add your own scripts etc )
Price: L$299
Store: Real Waves ™ Tropical Beach foam landscaping Christmas decoration

Christmas Dinner
Start sending the invitations because the Christmas party is at your house this year! Everything you need for a fun and memorable Christmas with friends and loved ones is on your Christmas Party table.
In this wonderful set, you will find several items to eat: cookies, fruitcake, pecan pie, etc. Touch the trays to get a fork and a plate and have fun with your friends.  Toast to Christmas, with a delicious punch!
Price: L$1.250
Store: La Galleria Houses, Kitchens, Furniture

Free Decorations
If you do not have lindens to spend in your preparations for Christmas, do not worry. You can find some gifts that will help you decorate your place.

Xmas fireplace gift

a Christmas fireplace with socks and candles for only 1L!
Store: Luxi&Style

Have fun, with a 5 Christmas tree color change gift. Included In This Pack: 5 Christmas   trees with color change. For free!

Price : L$0


Happy Shopping and Merry Preparations for Christmas!