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Showing posts with label comments. Show all posts

Monday, May 13, 2013

Your Anonymous Comments are being Monitored, So Be Nice!

This goes out to you, "Anonymous" commenter that clearly reads The SL Enquirer and stated,"You call yourself a journalist? Your a joke."   It's "you're" if I wanted to be a real bugger about grammar errors.

Anyway... when you make comments like that, you not only attempt to offend the person providing you with reading material, but the one who does the hiring, editing and publishing of The SL Enquirer. If you really wanted your comment to do some justice, perhaps providing more substantial information to support your statement would have been of some use to us. We encourage constructive criticism because it helps us  provide YOU with better news to read. 

So with that said, didn't  your mother ever tell you if you don't have something nice to say, than don't say anything at all? But since you have enough courage to say how you feel than perhaps you should have signed your name to it rather than shield yourself behind the words anonymous.

 Keep in mind that I am always hiring new writers and would love for you to try out for a position to showcase your skills as well as show you how hard we work to bring you news.

 I am not your mother, but someone had to tell you about yourself...


Lanai Jarrico

Monday, February 25, 2013

Leaving Comments on The SL Enquirer

From The Desk of Lanai Jarrico

With all the comments good and bad that are submitted to this website. I review them all and publish the ones I see fit based on my vision of The SL Enquirer.

 The nasty and absurd comments never get published because I feel it's my responsibility as CEO to keep readers protected from those that feel the need to be negative. I want our readers in a positive mood and keep them from many of the attention seekers and drama queens that like to write comments to undermine, look down upon or otherwise try to discourage people from doing what they love. The SL Enquirer caters to those that come to Second Life to do activities, socialize with others and release their creative energy. For many it has helped them realize hidden talents and enriched their both real life and their second life. For those that abuse it, it causes drama and necessary emotional strain that we can all do without.

Those of you that have positive things to say, have different opinions to share or  have ways to help others are always welcomed and encouraged to leave comments, but always remember to think about what you say, give valid reasons, be kind to one another and respect those that choose to spend their time differently than you. Together we can all create a place of harmony despite our differences.

Thank you

Lanai Jarrico