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Showing posts with label contest. Show all posts

Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Yes the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest was launched very early this spring and you had a lot of time but not anymore! Shine your style and send your photo!
The deadline to submit a picture for the first challenge dedicated to Jade Pono is June 20 at midnight and the first group of six semi-finalists will be revealed on June 26, here in The SL Enquirer.

Created ten years ago, the LOOK of the YEAR competition pursues two main objectives: to find the best ambassador for LUXE Paris and to offer a great and beautiful adventure to all fashion lovers. Men and women ! Pros and beginners! Everyone can play!


What does the ideal LUXE Paris ambassador look like?
“An elegant, original and charismatic person” describe Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, the owners and chief designers of LUXE Paris Fashion House.
“A person whose style splashes us with beauty and whose friend we want to be.”

Jade Pono, the last holder of the LOOK of the YEAR title, had it all. A woman with a heart of gold, this pretty Japanese girl living in Hawaii definitely had the boldness of her fashion roots. She knew how to think outside the box without ever losing an ounce of her dazzling elegance. 

Sadly, Jade left us in March 2023 to fight cancer and never returned. Our competition is therefore paying homage to her by asking the participants of the first week of the semi-final to create a LUXE Paris ensemble inspired by our dear Jade.


Another example of the type of ambassador sought by LUXE Paris: Hunipet Delicioso, Jade's dauphine. A classic beauty, Hunipet radiates exquisite elegance, definitely shattering the myth of the Texas girl always in jeans and a shirt lol!

As Jade suggested to us before her departure, we asked Hunipet to take over and assume the role of ambassador of LUXE Paris as part of the LOOK of the YEAR 2024 competition. Hunipet will therefore be a member of our jury and of the mentoring team in addition to being the image of the brand.

Jade, Ponchie, Zuri, Coco & Frolic

In addition to Jade, LUXE Paris will pay tribute to four other fashion icons who have particularly inspired the creators of the brand, established by Paris and Mika twelve years ago.

While participants in the competition must not lose sight of the fact that they are applying for the role of ambassador, candidates must draw inspiration from one of the fashion icons. 

Each of the five weeks of the competition is dedicated to an icon. Jade, in the spotlight the first week, will be followed by two extraordinary women who brilliantly shine the spotlight on SL fashion: Ponchituti Boucher, top model, co-owner of One On One Agency, nicknamed The Mother of All Models because she discovered so many runway stars, and Zuri Rayna, creator of the jewelry that bears her name, accomplished businesswoman and fervent supporter of SL designers.

For the fourth week of the competition, candidates will have to take inspiration from the famous Gabrielle Coco Chanel, this daring designer who freed women from their corsets in the '20s. 

Finally, the fifth week will be dedicated to a very dear friend of LUXE Paris, the legendary Frolic Mills, who died last winter. Without the strong roots established by Frolic, the virtual fashion industry would not be the same today.

L$200,000 in PRIZES!

Don't let yourself be frightened by this new version of the competition. These icons are absolutely not a limit. It's just a matter of imagining how you would dress them.

When the icon is female, male participants are invited to create a LUXE Paris outfit for their companion and vice versa for female candidates.

Does the adventure tempt you? Stop procrastinating! All participants receive a free LUXE Paris ensemble upon receipt of their first photo. The twelve finalists will share L$84,000 in gifts offered by our sponsors. The winner will receive L$50,000 cash and the runners up, L$10,000 each, in addition to many gifts.

It's the most exciting fashion competition on the planet SL and who knows, maybe you're the star we're looking for...

Visit our website at LUXE Paris Fashion House 
to get to know our icons better, let your creativity flow, make your style shine, capture it all in a full-length photo and send it FULL PERM to the avatar LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR inworld . You can send a maximum of 3 looks by icon.

The 2024 LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR Contest is presented in collaboration with One One One Agency, Zuri Jewelry, In-Nova Academy, The SL Enquirer, SL Confidencial, Swank Events, the Womenstuff and Menstuff groups, the Latin Quarter, ProPose, Hyacinth Poses & Design, Hayabusa Design and SL4Live-TV.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024


 Instructions For the SLE Easter Egg Contest!

1.    Choose from the mesh or prim template in your decorating kit and rename the floating text with your name.  (Edit egg, go to contents, open script, apply name in “ Your Name here”)

2.    Begin decorating your egg. You may add prims to your design. Up to 10 linked prims maximum.

3.    When you are done decorating your egg. Rename your Egg “ SLE Easter Egg- “Your Name”  and Submit to Lanai Jarrico for placement in the contest by March 30th and ask all your friends to come vote for you!


·       1st Place- A  Spotlight Feature and one month of advertising on The SL Enquirer website or cash prize of 1000L.

·       2nd Place-1 Month Advertising With The SL Enquirer! or 500L cash Prize 

·       3rd Place- Press Release Post (a L$300 value Redeemable for cash for L$ 100)


Use one of the Easter egg template provided only- Permissions: YES modify,  NO copy,  YES transfer


•    No Mega prims/Mesh ok

•    10  prim limit 

•    1 entry per person/couple

•    Must be PG as per Community Standard Guidelines

•    No changing original egg template size


   logo advertising


   note cards


  touch/ giver script

You can See Previous Contest Entries at the media Center for reference!

All entries will be displayed at the media Center with a voting board.  Teleport your friends to vote for you! Voting will be open to the public once entries are in!


Contest Ends April 20th 2024.

Good Luck and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, November 8, 2023



Playdoll's Mens Magazine is hosting a photo contest with spectacular, sponsored prizes from BBX, Heart & Soul, and United Colors brands. SL Residents and shutterbugs are invited to take a photo anywhere on the scenic and historic Playdoll's Mansion and Grounds in the Relaxation Region. Submissions are required to be uploaded to the group's Flickr site by November 15th. Browse the Flickr link or visit the Playdoll's Mansion for contest rules and how to apply!

Flickr Group SLURL in World Relaxation Contest Rules

Friday, June 9, 2023


HALF MOON BAY is kicking off their inaugural Flickr photo contest! Proudly sponsored by Virgil's Guitar Shop! Photos will be judged on composition, style, creativity and general appeal. There are some rules so please read them before you participate! Have fun with this! We look forward to seeing your creations!

Contest will open on June 10th and close on July 10th 2023 at 12PM SLT

We will select 3 winners :

- 1st place 2,500L + custom guitar from Virgil's Guitar Shop

- 2nd place 1,500L

- 3rd place 1000L

For terms and conditions please visit HALF MOON BAY and click on the contest poster LM: or find them on the HALF MOON BAY Flickr group page here: 

If you enjoy a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere in a natural setting, check out Half Moon Bay. This small coastal getaway offers an outside live music area with a boho vibe and is home to Virgil's Guitar Shop.  The Bay also features a wedding Chapel with automated services, a waterside restaurant with 80+ menu items, a naughty Motel, a fish & Chip Shack, a wharf area, and a tranquil sandy beach where you can just unwind .  A perfect place for a photographer enthusiast! Come explore Half Moon Bay!

SL GROUP: secondlife:///app/group/41fa026c-7bf4-df41-2a97-f932208465f9/about

For more information or inquiries please contact in-world:
Roxy Mystic (roxymystic) - HMB Manager / Bookings / Events

Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Basilica : Wait what? I can win 10 000 lindens for taking an picture??!


Well. A terrifically creative, emotive, and aesthetically pleasing picture to be fair. But yes, The Basilica nightclub presents a photo competition in which the winner wins an amazing 10 000 lindens first prize. There are many smaller prizes up for grabs too, from limited edition to The Basilica halter tops and t-shirts to access to the club’s exclusive VIP balcony boxes.

To win, participants need to teleport to the club, take a photo in or around the building and submit it to The Basilica Flickr group with a title that contains the words ‘@ The Basilica’. The photos will be judged on aesthetic appeal - shape form, light, contrast, and composition; creativity - how is the building or its surrounds incorporated in the picture; emotive content - how the pic make one feel and how well it represents The Basilica brand. When asked to describe the essence of the club’s brand, co-owner, Trynn Mildor says that it lives at the intersection of the following words: awe-inspiring, sexy, dynamic, cutting-edge, creative, unusual, gritty, hard-core, and innovative. “The Basilica is the house of music, the music we will focus on live along the axes of these words. We choose DJs that move people, emotionally and physically, that are cutting-edge innovators in their genres, that imbue their songs with sexy, that push the limits, that inspire awe just as the venue does! DJs who dare, and definitely aren’t business as usual.” She stresses the importance of the picture representing the brand well as it will be central to the club’s marketing efforts over the three months following the competition’s runtime. Contestants, therefore, need to note that the winning entry may well be featured on marketing material, as well as on the club’s other platforms including Discord and Facebook. "We are looking for something unusual that makes one feel something ... that moves you the way amazing music does, " concludes, Emily Silkstone, the other half of the owner duo. The competition ends on 9 March 2023 @10am SLT and the winners will be announced on 11 March 2023 - the day of the epic opening.

Sunday, January 8, 2023


People come to the Virtual World of Second Life for many and varied reasons.  Some come for companionship; to make friends, or to meet that special someone.  Others come to explore, dance, or to chill out while they listen to live or recorded music in their genre of choice.

Ikon Room is here for the sheer exhilaration of experiencing and embracing fully the creative process, and he has introduced, through his business model, a way that untold numbers of people can do likewise.   

I managed to catch up to Ikon Room one afternoon while he was working on his inworld office spaces, and he graciously agreed to tell me (and our 70,000 viewers) how dreams can become reality in SecondLife.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:    Soooo Ikon.  Thank you for agreeing to chat with me.  I know how terribly busy you are, so let's just start at the beginning….What is Ikon Room all about?

Ikon Room (IR): Ikon Room is a small real estate business in second life that has as its main focus not only on renting out and selling land but also on stimulating people to be creative in decorating the dwellings we sell inworld via our monthly contest. And with that, give exposure to their artwork to inspire others that are yet uncomfortable with their decorating or building skills. In short, my personal focus is to contribute to a world where people are feeling inspired by what others create and then feel less hesitant to create things themselves. In this case, due to my Ikon Room project I-R. World, a dwelling.

JB: Interesting Name. “Ikonroom” How did you come up with that, and does it have any special significance?

IR:   Ikon Room is the name "Moor Noki" reversed. Moor Noki is my artist name in real life. On this artist's name, I am a singer/songwriter/producer. I reversed it as it now sounds like icon. I want us all to be icons! In this case in decorating rooms, given my business in SL. For promotional reasons you'll find Moor Noki's music played on all the lands we rent or sell and you will notice some billboards that state that. Clicking the boards will give you a notecard with all the stores you can buy my music or listen to it for free.  Obviously, after the land is sold or rented out the owner can change the stream.  

JB: From RL New Age musician to SL Real Estate Mogul.  You seem like quite the Renaissance Man

IR:   I would not call myself a New Age Musician in RL. The music I create comes in many different styles which are in line with my personality. Making music, writing lyrics, and producing them was therapy to me and in that light it has become more of a diary,  which is authentic and personal to the bone, so to say. It's me and at the same time, it isn't me any longer. I'm never my last second but it's good to reflect on the past every now and then. Some check their diary for that, and I check my music for that.  I don't shy away from the roller coasters life has put me on, nor do I shy away from addressing issues that we all have to deal with one way or another. Yet often the majority of us are not comfortable enough to speak about it due to shame, guilt, status, culture, and so forth.

JB:Tell me about your properties.  How big are your lots, and where are they located?

IR:   Currently, since I've only just started, I rent out 1024 sqm plots as they fit the rooms I have created for the monthly contest I hold at That being said, renters and buyers can obviously rent or buy larger plots, I will simply fuse those lands. At the moment they are located on the mainland and come in general moderate maturity ratings. Adult land for rent will follow later on. The plots come with 350 prims and cost L$425 per week. You can also buy the piece of land for L$3000 per 1024 sqm. If you buy more than one parcel at the same time and they are attached (can be joined), prices can be negotiated. 

JB: So then, what are you all about?  What is the message you are trying to convey here? And what does “Telling in the Dwelling” mean?

IR:   It's "A Telling in the Dwelling".  When I visit a person's house I step into their story. I step into the past that they live in now. The way they decorate their home is who they have become and currently are. it's their telling in their dwelling. Compare it with how we dress. When we meet someone, we automatically scan them on how they appear, and based on that, we already have a quick idea if we understand this person (read “can connect”) well enough to continue a positive relationship. We are all inspired by others on how we dress – either like it or not. If we like it, we want to create the same but with our own personal touch to it. It's precisely what 'A Telling In The Dwelling" is about. To be inspired, to channel that into your own creativity and make your own telling in the dwelling. 

JB: I understand you offer rooms for 1L. What are those for, and how might people get those?

IR:   The rooms I sell are obviously on my marketplace store for anyone to buy. That being said. They are nothing more than 4 prim boxes. No windows and no doors only floor, wall, and ceiling texture. The main purpose is for people to buy and decorate them. After they've done so they can participate in's monthly contest. We will pick 3 winners each month and each of them will get L$500 as a reward. On top of that, the winners will have visibility on our website and inworld with their names attached to it for 3 months. All participants will get the money they paid for their room on MP refunded. 

JB: I see you are promoting something called “I-R.World - The Dwelling Contest”. Tell me more about that, please?

IR:   Certainly. Let me share what it says on our website,


Monthly Contest!

Find a room at our MP place! - Marketplace Store Ikon Room

Decorate it with a max of 100 prims

We will pick 3 winners at the end of each month and they get each L$500,-

We will refund the L$1,- to those that bought a room on MP and are participating in the contest.

All participants can turn in their applications at

Include a screenshot of your dwelling and a landmark. The new competition starts on the 1st of each month! We will come by and visit your land personally to check out the dwelling you've created/furnished/decorated.  Winners get placement on this website and in the I-R. World office and a free photograph of your dwelling c/m/t

For more information contact Ikon. resident inworld at “I-R.World HQ

Happy telling in your dwelling!!!


JB: Selling rooms for 1L?  How can you hope to make much money that way?

IR:     I'm not interested in making money per se. If anything, I'm interested in breaking even. Though I'm absolutely not allergic to financial tips, support, or donations. lol

JB: If people rent or buy one of your lots, are they required to build a 1L room on it, or are they free to add their own houses? 

IR:     When people rent from us they are allowed to do with it and on it whatever they like. Mainland has an SL covenant (which is usually none when fully rented by We do have our own covenant for those that rent with us. 

JB: Where do you hope to go with this project?  Do you have plans for expansion? Do you envision entire regions of 1L rooms?

IR:     Obviously I look forward to expanding my business and there are already a few new ideas in the making that are not yet ready for publicity. One step at a time is my motto. All at its own time and place. 

In previous endeavors, I was eager and wanted too much at once which made the project fail. I've learned my lesson from that. 

So, there you have it folks.  To learn more about Ikon Room and this uniquely creative opportunity, check out the following amaaaaazing locations:  

Website:  Moor Noki:

Monday, October 24, 2022

Halloween Photo Contest! Only a Few Days Left!


Take pictures anywhere at the We Are the Party (WAP) sim, join the Flickr group, and tag them with #WAPPYHalloween #WapHangout. You can explore an entire sim with haunted areas to take photos! Come dive into the haunted waters of the Bermuda Triangle, and tour a horrifying asylum and abandoned town! There is also a Ghostbusters/NYC area and a Stranger Things area. You can find each level easily with our teleport system. There are also rides in these areas to enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Sinister Event- A Dark Alternative Fashion Event is Happening Now! October 13th- November 3rd

     Sinister Event is a monthly Dark Alternative Fashion Event opening its doors on the 13th of each month. Inside, you will find the latest in goth and alternative fashion, kink clothing and accessories, and much more. Our designers feature the best and brightest in Dark Alternative fashion. Sinister Event is a showcase for their latest creations. Every single month, our creators will feature at least one new exclusive item you can purchase at the event. You will also find awesome pop-up events such as the hottest DJs in Second Life, Contests, Games, and more!

Every Month Sinister Event helps raise money for Don't Be a Monster. Don’t Be A Monster is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works alongside haunted attractions to provide free bullying prevention assemblies to schools across the United States of America. You will find the donation kiosks scattered around the event, as well as a portion of the proceeds of running the event go to this great cause. Check out their website to learn more:

Here are some important dates to be aware of:

>5th: Payment is due

>5-10th: Regular Setup Period

>11-12th: Extended Setup Period (1500$L fee)

>13th: Sinister Event opens to the public

>3rd: Sinister Event closes

A few expectations we have for our creators:

>Content must be 100% original

>All designers must create at least one exclusive release. No re-texturing of past products or full perm templates will be accepted. Once the event ends, you can resell your exclusive items in your store.

>It is mandatory to have a Sinister Event kiosk at your main store once accepted.

Apply Now:

Got Questions? We're always happy to help!

Contact: BabyBee54322


Check us out on Social Media:


Tuesday, August 23, 2022

INOV Event Raffle Runs from August 10th-26th 2pm SLT- Enter for a chance to win 5,000L$


The INOV Event is an event for all genres! We aim to bring new innovations to SL and always do things differently than other events!

The contest is only valid through Facebook:  

Thursday, June 30, 2022





The race now enters the liveliest of action! Here are the 12 finalists who will compete for the prestigious LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR title and the super prize of L$50,000 cash that comes with it! Congratulations to Arion Vella, Gabriela Seubert, Hunipet Delicioso, JadePono, Lathilda, Lokia Float, Nikkilicious, Stormy Spires, Trinity Aironaut, VanessaJane66, Virginia775 and Wartooth!

These exceptional women of style were selected from 303 submissions by a jury of 14 renowned personalities from the worlds of media and fashion.

They will now have to showcase their talents in 3 inworld events. First there will be the Judges Brunch, where each of the finalists will have to present a short speech (typed in the public chat) explaining why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris.


Two challenge shows will follow, where the finalists will be able to showcase their styling skills and presence on stage. For the first challenge, the 12 big ones will have to interpret one of the Decades of Fashion from 1950 to 2020 with fashion from LUXE Paris and jewelry from ZURI. The decades will be allocated by drawing lots.

For the second and last challenge, the finalists will have to represent one of the 12 biggest Fashion Capitals on the planet on the occasion of a charity ball organized by Rihanna, Cher, and Madonna.

It is the total of the scores awarded by the jury during these two challenges that will determine who will be the next LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR. The jury is looking for a stylish woman who will represent LUXE Paris with grace and charisma. The new LUXE Paris ambassador will be revealed immediately after the Fashion Capitals challenge.

The public is cordially invited to the two challenge shows, on July 31, 9:00 AM SLT, and August 7, 9:00 AM SLT. Don't miss these wonderful fashion moments so rich in emotions! Watch for your limo at LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2022

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Frank's Championship DJ Spin Off Round Three


The Frank’s Entertainment Group presents a new event, The Championship Dj Spin-Off.  Located poolside at their iconic Frank’s Jazz  venue and occurring biweekly on Sundays from 7pm to 9pm this event features two of FEG's accomplished DJS going at it against one another for the Championship title as well as the coveted Championship belt.

This round of the spin Off will see DJ Sharchrista Quan vs DJ Filo Tani and MCed by DJ Stella Eros.  It promises to be a :"not to be missed event" as proven by the last two rounds ,  The DJs will give it their all offering their signature sets of great music and with DJ Stella urging them on and keeping the audience informed of the progress.  Please join us this Sunday June 26th, 7pm to 9pm, poolside at Frank's Jazz, Dig out your favorite swimwear and come be part of the excitement that builds until a Champion is announced



Sunday, June 19, 2022

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR SIX NEW SEMI-FINALISTS: Anicia, Kitty, Nikki, Pandora, Scarlett & Wartooth!


The LOOK of the YEAR semi-final is entering its final round! The jury has just selected six new semi-finalists in their search for a new ambassador for LUXE Paris fashion house. Kudos to AniciaSaphira, Nightskitten, Nikkilicious, Pandora Mureaux, ScarlettDarkness81 and Wartooth!

These women of style are now eligible for the grand finale of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition. The jury will make a last selection of 6 semi-finalists next week, bringing the grand total to 30 semi-finalists.

The judges will then review all of the photos from all of the semi-finalists to choose 12 finalists. These will then be invited to take part in three inworld events which will determine which of them will be the new ambassador of LUXE Paris.

The new LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR will win L$50,000 in cash as well as many gifts offered by the sponsors. The two runners up will win L$10,000 each and several gifts too.

Haven't snap your photo yet? Do not delay any longer! Registration ends June 23 at midnight! All information at

Saturday, June 11, 2022

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR


Eleanor, Gabriela, Hyaecinte, June, Noelia, Teabug!

The race is in full swing!  The LOOK of the YEAR Jury has chosen a third group of semi-finalists. EleanorJean, Gabriela Seubert, Hyaecinte, JuneMagic3, Noelia Ashland and Teabug are now eligible for the prestigious LOOK of the YEAR title and the huge prize pool of L$50,000 that comes with it.

And the adventure offers much more! The LUXE Paris style contest LOOK of the YEAR is one of the most generous in Second Life. Candidates, finalists... there are gifts for everyone!

Plus, an amazing team of mentors is there to help professional models stand out and introduce newcomers to the catwalk. Nope! You dont need to be a professional to participate! This contest is open to ALL stylish women!


So if you are a woman of style and believe you have what it takes to represent a major fashion brand, wait no longer! Grab your camera and snap your best LUXE Paris look! But hurry up because the jury will select the last two groups of 6 semi-finalists this week and next.

Remember: LUXE Paris is looking for an ambassador, a stylish and elegant woman who will represent the brand with grace and charisma.

30 semi-finalists will be chosen before the jury selects the twelve grand finalists who will participate in the inworld events.


Three stages will make up the final. First, there will be the Judges' Brunch where each of the finalists will have to make a short speech (written) explaining why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris.

Two challenge shows will then allow the jury to assess the quality of the style and the stage presence of the finalists. For the first challenge, the finalists will have to illustrate one of the decades of fashion, from 1950 to the present day. The second challenge will focus on the Twelve Major Fashion Capitals of the planet.

It is the cumulative scores awarded by the judges during these two challenges that will determine the winner and her runners-up. 

Friday, June 10, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8 Days Left to Win from Island Weekend's Summer Giveaway


Island Weekend is hosting a Summer Giveaway that is sponsored by some brands of talented designers. Island Weekend has paired up with The Bearded Guy to offer you a chance to win 1 of 5 gift cards (values vary from 1,000L - 5,000L) and one lucky winner could win 5 Backdrop Fatpacks. To enter for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes: 1. Like & Follow @IslandWeekend.SL & @TheBeardedGuySL2021 on Instagram 2. Share the Summer Giveaway post to your story 3. Comment your inworld SL name & tag 3 of your friends The Winners will be announced on June 18, 2022. Good Luck! Island Weekend has also paired up with Heartsdale Jewellery to shower you with gifts. To get all 6 of these jewelry gifts for FREE: 1. Join Island Weekend 2. Teleport to Island Event Office & join Heartsdale Jewellery group 3. Click each box to collect your jewels! Thank you for participating and hope you stay in our event group for updated news on our event launch dates, raffles, giveaways, and more!

Any questions about the giveaway, please contact Cocohantas.
Island Weekend Instagram:

Sunday, June 5, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Island Weekend Hosts Sponsored Summer Giveaway from June 5 - 18, 2022


Island Weekend is hosting a Summer Giveaway that is sponsored by some brands of talented designers and brands. Island Weekend has paired up with The Bearded Guy to offer you a chance to win 1 of 5 gift cards (values vary from 1,000L - 5,000L) and one lucky winner could win 5 Backdrop Fatpacks. To enter for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes: 1. Like & Follow @IslandWeekend.SL & @TheBeardedGuySL2021 on Instagram 2. Share the Summer Giveaway post to your story 3. Comment your inworld SL name & tag 3 of your friends The Winners will be announced June 18, 2022. Good Luck! Island Weekend has also paired up with Heartsdale Jewellery to shower you with gifts. To get all 6 of these jewelry gifts for FREE: 1. Join Island Weekend 2. Teleport to Island Event Office & join Heartsdale Jewellery group 3. Click each box to collect your jewels! Thank you for participating and hope you stay in our event group for updated news on our event launch dates, raffles, giveaways, and more!

Any questions about the giveaway, please contact Cocohantas. Island Weekend Instagram: Island Weekend Group: Island Event Office SLUrl: Island Event Website:

Saturday, June 4, 2022




Here they are! The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR jury has chosen the second group of six semi-finalists. Arion Vella, DanniDelicious, Keira Rhapsody, SaphirAzur, VanessaJane66, and Xhivha are now in the race for the prestigious title and the fabulous gifts that come with it!


The new LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR will win L$50,000 cash and as much in gifts offered by sponsors. The two runners-up will receive L$10,000 cash and numerous gifts too. It is one of SL's most generous contests and it is open to ALL women of style.

No need to be a professional model since the organization benefits from a team of mentors and professors to guide newcomers.

That said, the LOOK of the YEAR competition is also a place where professionals in the trade shine. The ones who are not afraid to compete against beginners since each year a few rising stars reach the final. The 1919 crown was even won by a debutante. For the professional, this competition is therefore an unusual challenge, a little destabilizing, but how exciting!


The jury will select 6 semi-finalists every week until end of June so applications are accepted until Thursday June 23 midnight.

We remind you that LUXE Paris is looking for an ambassador, a stylish woman who will represent the brand with elegance and charisma. Could it be you?

Very easy to participate: Put on a LUXE Paris outfit, add your charming style, capture a photo, put your official name in the title and send with FULL PERMISSIONS to the avatar LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR inworld. Gift to all participants!

More information at the store and at

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Frank's Entertainment Group Presents Frank's Jazz Championship DJ Spin-Off


FEG is proud to present " The Championship DJ Spin Off.."

Located poolside at Frank's Jazz, this event is highly spirited as each week, two  FEG's DJ's  pull out all the stops and compete for the Championship title .  Each contender will introduce themselves and their stylistic range and preferences in a 15 minute spin.  After which each will spin a more interactive set by taking requests and dedications as each DJ continues to express their individual style. The last half hour of this two hour event will have the DJs going all out for 15 minutes each, after which the winner will be named and go on to defend their title the following week with a new challenger.

With the more relaxed and casual atmosphere of the pool deck at Frank's Jazz, guests are invited to wear casual attire and swimwear.

Please join us for the launching of this weekly event and root for your favorite, or both, or just kick back and relax while enjoying great music spun by great DJs.  We cannot wait to welcome you!


Tuesday, November 30, 2021



✨Calling all craft beer lovers and nature junkies to celebrate the official opening of Wild Branch Brewery! ✨ Come dressed in your best outdoor getup and spend the day with us. There will be 3 DJs so pop in anytime between 12pm-6pm SLT for some beer, music, and linden prizes! CHEERS!! 🍻

Tuesday, November 23, 2021




Squid Game saw its 2nd winner crowned on the 6th of November. Mya Vespucci a regular player of the game triumphed and overcame her opponents, not folding under pressure but holding her own, as she beat the clock in the penultimate game Bridge of Glass. The other players were close but lost out, allowing Mya to take home the grand cash prize of L$6900.
Mya will now join Emaza. L Villin, cementing herself as a Squid Game Champion. NOW Squid Game Tournament 3 is on the way with players already signing up for the challenge. WILL YOU BE THE NEXT SQUID GAME CHAMPION AND HAVE YOUR NAME SOLIDIFIED INTO SQUID GAMES HALL OF FAME? If so....then SIGN UP for our next game, taking place on the 4th of December, Saturday @12pm SLT. DEADLINE will close on the 3rd of December. Thank you to our sponsors:

Little Stars
Luxe Paris
Ginger Cavalier
The Sl Enquirer

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