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Monday, June 17, 2024

Spotlight Feature on Blue Ridge Country- This Place is a Country Song waiting to Happen- Lanai jarrico Reporting...


“Hillbilly” music originated in the Southern regions of the United States in the 1920’s and focused on story telling in ballads and dance tunes. In the 40’s this genre gained popularity the term Country Music was adopted; also known as Honky-Tonk, Bluegrass, folk and gospel and crossing over into. The musical instruments commonly played are fiddles, banjos and various types of guitar coupled with line dancing.


 In Second Life, Blue Ridge Country is a venue dedicated to Country music and rock.  It is a place where friends and good times are what it’s all about.  Visitors can Rock the Dock on Saturdays with a whole day of rock.  For those that like playing games, there is a Game room, Water horse rezzers and trails to ride on. There are also boat rezzers and an open water area to enjoy as well as Stores to shop.  The SL Enquirer met up with owner Hannock Evergarden to learn more about Blue Ridge Country and what it has to offer Country Fans gridwide.

Interview with Hannock Evergarden

SLE: Hi Hannock, before we get down to the nitty gritty, can you tell us how you discovered Second life and what inspired you to create Blue Ridge Country?

Hannock: I encountered SL almost 11 years ago. It was just a curiosity, and I had no intention of staying long term, but I discovered friends and fun destinations that intrigued me. I found a few fun clubs and from the start I had a fascination with some day starting my own. I had left Sl for a while and found many of the clubs and friends had disappeared. It was during Covid that I found my way back in and looked for a club I could call home. At the time I was not all that familiar with country music but found a love for it along with many new friends. After about a year I became interested in becoming a DJ and absorbed all I could from my favorites.  It was through the help of many close friends that happened to be DJ’s that I learned the ropes and as of 5/22 I performed my first set as a DJ and the rest is history.  I learned a lot about how a club works and eventually became part owner of a well-established country club. After about a year I started toying with the idea of starting my own club.  Lola and myself started from scratch and built a country club based on the Appalachian Mountains on a ¼ region. On September 1 2023, Blue Ridge Country opened with only 3 sets per day for 5 days. We only had 7 DJ’s and 7 Hosts.  Within 2 months we grew to 27 DJ’s and 27 Hosts and with 4 sets per day 7 days per week.  

  On 3/1/24 Blue Ridge Country moved to a whole region with an adjoining sim wide open water area. Blue Ridge continues to grow with hopes of expanding sets from 6AM – 10PM. 

Lanai: Your backstory is impressive. It shows with hard work and the right people in your circle to really manifest your vision into virtual reality!  Every successful venue has a solid team, can you share who makes up your team and what their roles are?

Hannock:  Hannock and Lola Evergarden – owners

                 Ange Blackwell – General Manager

                 Myth Blackwell   - General Manager

                 Rayn Vortex – Day Manager

                 Jessie Demure – Schedule Manager

Lanai: It looks like you have management covered! Country music is gaining popularity amongst the millennials and Gen Z as new talents hit the recording studios and popular singers Like Beyonce coming out with a whole Country Album. What does Country Music mean to you and how do you feel about other artists crossing over to the genre? 

Hannock:  I came from a rock background and knew very little about country music before I became a DJ. I learned quickly from other DJ’s and binged all the popular country songs on my music app and listened to them every day and downloaded everything that appealed to me. I never play a song that I do not like.  Country music has now become my favorite music genre and I get excited finding new songs every day.

Lanai: I like how motivated you are to try new things and really get involved in Country music so quickly. What type of events do you host at BRC?

Hannock: We have future RFL events in the planning stage. We have a racetrack skybox that we will soon be having competitions. Live singers are being approached and we hope to host a live event in the near future. 

SLE: That sounds like fun! Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions are you offering?

Hannock: We are always looking for good energetic DJ’s and Hosts. Many of our sets are covered but we always need cover DJ’s and Hosts as well as hoping to expand our sets in the mornings. 

SLE: Aside from live shows and DJ events, what other activities do you offer at Blue Ridge Country?

Hannock: Blue Ridge country has several stores with owners that would be happy to create something personal for you. We have an open water area with boat rezzers, bumper boats, kayaks, canoes and jet skis. Islands to explore, a huge tree house with several levels, cuddle spots and plenty of scenic photo opportunities. We have a trail that surrounds the region and horse rezzers to take a casual stroll around to see the mountainous sites. There is a beach area where occasional music sets are located. The huge club can accommodate over 100 vips with a massive game room upstairs. 

SLE: it sounds like a little something for everyone.  What group can guests join to stay up to date with your events?

Hannock: Blue Ridge Country, we also have subscribers if you are out of group space. 

SLE:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about BRC?

Hannock: We are a family friendly club where our number one goal is having fun and making friends. Blue Ridge Country will never have a sploder or linden chasers, we prefer genuine folks that enjoy good country music, good friends and a good time. Blue Ridge Country wants to be your club and a place anyone can call home. 

Additional Links:



Monday, February 5, 2024



The Shelter Club is a fun, exciting music club with a funky, Steampunk vibe! The club was created to share all types of music including Rock, Alternative, Metal, Blues, 70s, 80s, and beyond. The tunes are curated by amazing DJs from all around the globe. We also host Trivia nights, live performances, and

special events and we LOVE to host private parties!

The Shelter Club has the coolest dances available in Second Life, from Paragon, Sync’D Motion and Abranimations. You can show off those flawless moves on the dance floor and strut your stuff! Not into

dancing? Not a problem! We have lots of the games you love to play, including Hand and Foot, Greedy Greedy, Cheesy, Blitz. The fun doesn’t stop there! We also have a ROLLER SKATING RINK and MINI-GOLF. Plus, we hold theme nights, movie nights and fun contests where you might win some Lindens!

Hop on the provided LM and check out the coolest music club on the grid! While you are here, be sure to join our in-world group, our Discord, and our Facebook group. That way you never miss out on any of the fun things that we always have going on in our exciting and growing community!

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING FUN, RELIABLE DJS, AND HOSTS TO JOIN OUR FRIENDLY,POSITIVE TEAM. Applications are at the front door, so drop by to check us out and pick one up. Drop it back to Suzeee Sands or Codeee Larsson ASAP!

If you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Suzeee Sands or

Codeee Larsson In-World or via our Discord Channel. Links are provided below.

In-World Location:


Facebook Group:

Hop on the provided LM and check out the coolest music club on the grid! While you are here, be sure to join our in-world group, our Discord, and our Facebook group. That way you never miss out on any of the fun things that we always have going on in our exciting and growing community!  

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING FUN, RELIABLE DJS, AND HOSTS TO JOIN OUR FRIENDLY, POSITIVE TEAM.  Applications are at the front door, so drop by to check us out and pick one up.  Drop it back to Suzeee Sands or Codeee Larsson ASAP!

If you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Suzeee Sands or Codeee Larsson In-World or via our Discord Channel.  Links are provided below.  

  n-World Location:


Facebook Group:

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Get Your Greedy On. Win Lindens July 1st to July 31st


Greedy Tournament at Skyfire Club. July 1st to July 31st. Highest score Will Win 2000L Winner Announced July 31st at 12 noon SLT. Winner from Score in World will be paid Directly in Lindens. Greedy Table in the Club and scores will be recorded for all to see.

*SL Landmark FB Link

Contact Doctor Kroll In World

Tuesday, January 3, 2023



MCX /// Press Release Today, to Ring in the New Year, MCX, the Motorcycle Interactive Game System launched its new Beacon Update to 1.16. The new Beacon improves several core functionality features in the game, including a new JackPot Mode, Club Identification, Improved Game Play with no more TImers and much more. MCX is a FREE game!. Join today visit

Friday, October 21, 2022

Sinister Event- A Dark Alternative Fashion Event is Happening Now! October 13th- November 3rd

     Sinister Event is a monthly Dark Alternative Fashion Event opening its doors on the 13th of each month. Inside, you will find the latest in goth and alternative fashion, kink clothing and accessories, and much more. Our designers feature the best and brightest in Dark Alternative fashion. Sinister Event is a showcase for their latest creations. Every single month, our creators will feature at least one new exclusive item you can purchase at the event. You will also find awesome pop-up events such as the hottest DJs in Second Life, Contests, Games, and more!

Every Month Sinister Event helps raise money for Don't Be a Monster. Don’t Be A Monster is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works alongside haunted attractions to provide free bullying prevention assemblies to schools across the United States of America. You will find the donation kiosks scattered around the event, as well as a portion of the proceeds of running the event go to this great cause. Check out their website to learn more:

Here are some important dates to be aware of:

>5th: Payment is due

>5-10th: Regular Setup Period

>11-12th: Extended Setup Period (1500$L fee)

>13th: Sinister Event opens to the public

>3rd: Sinister Event closes

A few expectations we have for our creators:

>Content must be 100% original

>All designers must create at least one exclusive release. No re-texturing of past products or full perm templates will be accepted. Once the event ends, you can resell your exclusive items in your store.

>It is mandatory to have a Sinister Event kiosk at your main store once accepted.

Apply Now:

Got Questions? We're always happy to help!

Contact: BabyBee54322


Check us out on Social Media:


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Perfecting The Pitch


Pitch Perfect is open 4 mornings a week. Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturday. With a special singer each Sunday. Pitch Perfect is about live music. We have an eclectic selection of entertainers from Europe, Britain the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and the occasional American. We have games, virtual fishing, currently building a photo studio and soon you will be able to elope. Pitch Perfect is based on the beautiful sunny shores of Australia.

Sunday, July 17, 2022


SecondLife is arguably the largest, most fantastic, and most diversified of the hundreds of Virtual Worlds out there today.  There are Regions and Sims on this grid that appeal to the most diversified of interests.  Sims devoted to the musical and visual arts, science, literature, philosophy, geography, and entertainment of all manner abound here. One of the more imaginative and creative of the clubs in the area of adult entertainment is “The F**k Fest”, or “TFF” for short.  Run by longtime resident Jaxtorelli (Jax), I was invited to come to see what she had created and was invited to share my findings with our SL Enquirer readers.  While TFF has been here for a while, Jax is in the midst of improving the club to provide an even more exciting Adult Club experience for their guests

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:   So, tell me…What is it that sets TFF apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

TFF:  We offer more than the just usual sex club.  We based our joining fee for 500L which gives you free access to Our VIP Lounge which is built in with the price. Our schedule of weekly events put us above the rest of the clubs in SL. For the more adventurous among us, we offer voice, text, and cam escorts and voice verification.  Our animations are Lovense enabled, to add to the realism and pleasure of the guest experience. Additionally, we went to all our members and asked for their desired options and suggestions.  In the feedback we received, the majority of our guests indicated a strong desire that we be voice-enabled and to incorporate voice into our activities.

JB:    Who are the key personnel in the  Management of TFF, and what are their jobs?

TFF:  We have a small but cohesive staff. Jaxtorelli (Jax)  is the owner of TFF. And  Brianna does a phenomenal job as our Stage Dance  Manager.  Additionally, we employ additional staff as dancers, escorts, and general greeters who always make our guests feel most welcome when they visit us.

JB:   Where did you get the idea for TFF, and can you share a bit of the history of TFF?

TFF:  We visited many different adult clubs and other adult and mature builds in SecondLife over the last ten years and one of the shortcomings we noticed was that most of them did not offer voice services. Many of the limitations of text-based communication could be overcome with actual voice communications.  In addition to just being simpler than text, voice offers a chance for more spontaneous and more realistic experiences.  It was at that point that I decided to open my own club with activate voice with verification and Lovense enabled.  I  found this allowed me to offer a much “hotter” and much more appealing experience.  Most of our members agreed with us.

JB:  Do you have any special events planned? What types of events do you have here?

TFF:  Yes, we do hold weekly events.  Monday at 4pm SLT we have our ever-so-popular Naked Naughty Bingo!  Wednesdays at 4pm SLT we host our Naked Foam Pool party every Friday at 4 pm SLT you will find us hosting Messy Sex Games.

JB:    I see a fairly extensive Game Room.  What different types of Games do you have there?

TFF:  Our game room is probably one of the better-equipped game rooms on the entire SL Grid and serves as a gathering place for many of our guests.  Some of the games available for our members include Naked Naughty Bingo , Greedy,Can't Stop,  On A Roll,  Cheesy, Hand & Foot,  Phases ,  Skippo, Sexy Rodeo on Quiz, Beer Pong  , Swingers Game , Reel Of Fortune, Little Devil,Bondzee , MadLibs,  and various free play Casino Games

JB:   Tell us about the various areas that make up TFF?

TFF:   We Offer the Main dance area, where our dancers and escorts reside. Behind the main stage is our Private VIP area, for a more intimate setting with couches, dance poles, and a bar.  The Main Play Area has beds and other devices to delight the senses.  Additionally, for those guests with a penchant for BDSM, what adult club would be complete without a BDSM Dungeon, equipped with all your favorite toys for the discriminating BDSM enthusiast. Then there is our Pool Party area, where we host our weekly Foam Pool Parties, complete with hot tub and sauna.  We also have a spacious Games area where you will find dozens of your favorite games.  To top it all off, we also maintain four private, specially themed skyboxes, to include Red Room BDSM, Paradise Beach, Luxury Purple Room, and,  Baby Girl Room.

JB:   Tell us about your swimming pool?  What is that like? 

TFF:  Our Naked Foam Pool Parties are held on every Wednesday at 4pm SLT. We all get together to wind down from a  long work week, where we all take a cool dip in the pool with the added sexy foam. We offer Lovense floats in the pool and hot tubs, towels surrounding the pool, a sex yoga couples mat, a treadmill, and a workout bench.  Additionally, we have a sex sauna that seats up to 4 people at one time,  and massage corner sex swing, pool loungers and  a sexy diving board. This is where we like to relax and chit chat, answer sexy trivia ball questions to get up close and personal with our members! Winks!

JB:      I understand you also have specially themed skyboxes?  What are those like?

TFF:  We offer high-quality standards in our skyboxes  Our Luxury Room theme gives you that honeymoon sexy romantic feeling.  The Baby Girl Room very pink with the princess look and lovely furniture with a  twist of Daddy Dom,  The BDSM Red Room provides guests with a 50 Shades of Grey experience and more with sexy special features and toys.  Finally, we have a secluded Private Paradise Beach with that Tiki touch and beautiful scenery.

JB:      How might someone learn What’s Happening at TFF?

TFF:  We send daily notices out on SL group and we also have an active group on discord for all members to let them know about our activities and upcoming events.  When they are not on SL, we can reach out to them on discord and let them know in advance about what is happening.  Guests can go to our FLICKR  page for all days and times and any other special events.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers? 

TFF:  We are an “over 18 adult sex club” and we do not judge individuals by their sexuality, nor do we discriminate and will not  tolerate racism or bullying of any kind.  We want people who come here to feel free  and to build up their self-confidence.  We built this club based on what our members wanted and required. We love to have fun and make others happy by bringing them fantasies and kinks,  and we keep working hard to make it a greater place and to keep on  growing our staff and our membership.




So, there you have it folks. For the finest in adult entertainment anywhere on the grid, hop on over to TFF and check out this little corner of Adult Paradise that Jax has created for your personal pleasure. Explore the many rooms and areas, and check out their special events.  TFF will soon become one of your favorite venues in SecondLife.

Did someone say Pool Party?

Be there.  Aloha!


Friday, June 3, 2022



Historical Hunts Ltd. presents the 12th Annual Silk Road Hunt & Event (4-26 June 2022).  Our theme this year is "Crossroads: Japan."  Therefore, when you arrive at the event, you will find yourself in a place much like Edo Period Japan!

The Hunt is grid-wide, which means hunters will hop store-to-store following landmarks inside each hunt item.  The Event is in Mieville Shelley, at a brand new mega-build created for high visibility and smooth traffic flow.

There are tons of free gifts and top-quality merchandise available.  Seventy merchants are participating, with a wide range of decor, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and full perm items for your shopping enjoyment.  For a full list of shops, please view our blog ( and click "Participating!" at the top.  The list of merchants includes Sky Willow, Grendels, Fairey Angel Creations, Sanna - Science and Art, Texworks, Timeless Textures, Pixel Box, Kisetsu, ~Lantian/Flox~, Storybook Cats, Grasshopper St., and many more!

There is also great entertainment on-hand, including the very popular group: "Keeba's Tiny Maniacs!"  In addition, we offer traditional dancers, an Asian violinist, wandering storytellers, live DJs, haiku and fishing contests, an art show, and four big, costume-themed parties.

Lastly, there is a game at the Silk Road Event called the "Clicky Kitsune Quest."  Once visitors get the free HUD at the Arrival Area, they can wander and click randomly-appearing kitsune (foxes) for points.  These Clicky Kitsune are spread throughout the event, so visitors are encouraged to explore.  Points can be traded at any time for a wide range of gifts, available at participating merchants' Event booths.  The entire system is FREE, and past, similar games have proven highly popular.


WHO WE ARE:  Historical Hunts, Ltd. has been organizing coordinated grid-wide hunts and events for over 15 years.  We appeal to a wide range of hunters and merchants, but especially to those with an interest in history and culture.  We are sponsored by the Mieville community, which currently celebrates 13 sims and 150+ residents.  Historical Hunts, Ltd. itself has nearly 3000 members at present.

    * Primary Contact: Wyvern Dryke (email:

    * Hunt Contact: Ceirwynsinclair Heartsong

    * Organizer: Unalunaqat

    * Organizer: Mitraardwyad

    * Founder and Mayor: (currently on extended leave) Perryn Peterson


WHEN: Both the grid-wide Hunt, and the Event in Mieville Shelley sim, run from the start of Saturday, 4 June through the end of Sunday, 26 June 2022.

(About the date: Because we open on the 33rd Anniversary of Tiananmen Square, we will hold a special ceremony to honor those who have been lost.  There will be a candle-lighting ceremony at the Arrival Area on Friday 3 June, 5pm SLT.  We will also keep a memorial candle burning throughout the month at the Shinto Shrine.)


WHERE: The start and end locations of the Hunt, plus the location of the entire Event, are in Mieville Shelley sim:



Historical Hunts Blog:

Events, Entertainment & Activities:

Join our SL Group:

Please copy/paste the following line into chat, press Return, and click the resultant link:


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Egg Smashing Madness From MadPea!


Hop on over to the MadPea Easter Egg Farm for thirteen days of egg smashing madness! Each day you'll break, smash, and pulverize eggs for a fantastic prize! By visiting daily, you'll be able to collect 13 seasonal prizes and be awarded MadPea achievements! The Easter Egg Farm runs from April 6th through April 18th. Join the fun now!

Check out the How to Play for more info!

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Spotlight on Tabby’s - Re-Grand opening of a new adult club and complex with many hidden surprises- SLE reporting…


Unlike the many sex clubs in SL that are reminiscent of the red light district’s gritty lower east side. Tabby’s is a beautifully designed atmosphere. Established in June of 2019, Tabby’s club is an adult luxury playground for voyeurs with a variety of amenities to tempt that naughty side. Owner Tabitha Mercury has worked hard to create a place where adults can let go of their inhibitions and freely explore those kinks without fear of judgment in a safe environment. Not only is there a club with events hosted on Sundays & Wednesdays, an elegant indoor pool and spa room,  game room hangout, and sex rooms there are even rental properties for couples and apartments for singles. SLE met up with Tabitha for a tour to learn more about all the hidden amenities and was pleasantly surprised by how well-designed it was. 

Interview with Tabitha Mercury

SLE: Hi Tabitha, thank you for meeting up with us for a tour of Tabby’s. Before we get started can you tell us a little bit about you and how you found your way into Second Life?

Tabitha: I actually found my way to SecondLife many years ago. I don't recall what drew me to begin with, but when I left was when Flexi hair just came out and was all the rage. I came back to SecondLife after 13 years because there were changes in my real life and I felt alone. I remembered how SecondLife made me feel before, the fun I had building in it (prim building, mind you), and thought, "Hey! I can build clubs and sell them on SL for some L$ when I go back!". Then I logged into the new world of mesh.

SLE: Well we are glad you did come back and adapted to all the changes Second Life has had since you first took a break. So about your club, Tabby’s is a place for voyeurs, those who like to watch. It can be intimidating to some and exciting for others. As we all know Sex can be a taboo topic for a lot of people, especially for those who are not comfortable in their own skin or who have been conditioned to believe sex is a dirty thing unless it is confined to an act within marriage. Since it is 2022, it's time to brush those old traditional beliefs out the way and be free, especially in the virtual world. What made you get into the adult hospitality industry in Second Life?

Tabitha: Honestly, because I had been here before, I knew how it worked. I knew what industry a new person could get into right away to make some L$ to maintain the life I wanted to in SecondLife. Unfortunately, for many new people to SL, you have to have been around for 30 days before you can get hired somewhere. I got lucky and was hired my 2nd day as a dancer for an adult club. About a month later, the owner closed the club down and my new friend and current business partner, Veronica Bunny, surprised me with my own club within a day. Tabby's was born in May of 2019 and opened its doors on June first.

SLE:  That is great having good friends in the game to help you succeed. We all need that. So, we know you allow escorting and voyeurism at Tabby’s. There are a lot of Sex clubs on the grid that allows it also but rarely have any staff around to ensure minors and child avies do not use these places for “illegal” purposes. How do you safeguard against possible TOS infractions?

Tabitha: Nothing is 100% effective, but we take what measures we can to dissuade those under the age from entering. The land settings are set so that no one reporting themselves under the age of 18 can enter. And our staff is vigilant against allowing any avatars appearing under legal age from entering. There is ambiguity with some avatars, but we do try to encourage those with "borderline" avatars to update their appearance to fit the adult scene. We also check profiles on entering to ensure the avatar is not being portrayed as an underage individual. Everything else is a violation by the avi's user of SecondLife and Linden Labs TOS.

SLE: I am sure that a lot of people including SLE commend you on you taking the seriousness of protecting minors, thank you. At the SL Enquirer, we don’t like to just do fluff pieces, so we ask a lot of questions that make you stop and think and sometimes can be uncomfortable. The main one I believe our readers would like to know is. Why another Adult club? There are so many in Second Life already, everywhere you turn there is a kink club, BDSM, open and AFK sex. What would make Tabby’s stand out from them? Why will people want to go to your establishment?

Tabitha: A lot of clubs out there are after L$, plain and simple. Our staff wants to challenge the status quo of most clubs by being personable. We want to get to know our guests and provide them with a place they feel they can go to whether they're after the "fluff" or not. The entertainment earns 90% of their tips and there's no pressure to do anything they don't feel comfortable with. We offer several venues for events and have rental areas available to those who could use a place to call home. While it's still being finished, we are adding profiles for each member of our staff at so you can get to know us a bit before coming to the club.

Come visit us to see what's different!


SLE: I am sure after this Spotlight you will have many visitors coming to see all that Tabby’s has to offer. Starting with Tabby’s Club, What type of events do you host, and how often? Do you need to be a great member to access private events? 

Tabitha: We currently schedule weekly events. Our main club is open every Sunday from 12-6 PM SLT for the return of Tabby's 'School Girl Sundays', a tradition of ours that is back by popular demand. Every Wednesday from 12-6 PM SLT we have our 'Half-Price Hump Days' where our guests can enjoy our premium services for half the L$. We will also hold public and private special events. Private access can be gained by being a tenant of Rivendell or Keyhole Towers, or simply by becoming a regular to Tabby's and getting to know us! Upcoming events include our 'Grand Re-Opening White Party' on Friday, April 8th, Secretaries & Suits in May (est.), Pride Day in June, plus many more to come!

SLE: I can go many places with your marketing of “Half-Price Hump Days” but I will digress :) There is also a sex room in the back of the club, can you tell us a little about that? And what kind of privacy if any does that allow?

Tabitha: I like to refer to that as "Las Vegas" because, what happens in the sex room, stays in the sex room. The sex room is actually on its own parcel and private. You cannot see what is going on in there by camming, you must be in the room physically. If you are into voyeurism, then we have a place for you, and that is called "Keyhole Towers".

SLE: That is a great concept to adapt with, the what happens there stays there. The pool room and spa at Tabby’s is a gorgeous little spot to hang out and explore some fantasies. What kind of events, if any, happen there?

Tabitha: Eventually, we would love for this to be open daily and have a staff there who aren't expected to do anything other than serving drinks and helping guests in a non-"fluff" way. For now, it will be open to the general public to explore and use. It may also be closed for private events for our tenants or staff. Keep an eye on our VIP Group notices for updates.


SLE: I am sure a lot will keep an eye out and help you bring your club to new heights. So, Tabby’s Club is doing its re-grand opening as we all know, but are you hiring? And if so, what positions and where can people apply to work for your club?

Tabitha:Tabitha: I am so glad you asked that! Yes, we are hiring! We are looking for exceptional conversationalists; women who are outgoing, intelligent, and who radiate their beauty from the inside. We are looking for Pool Room Hostess', Dancers, Escorts, and DJs. While there are position-specific requirements, generally we need people who will be attentive to our guests and put their best foot forward to represent not only Tabby's Club, but themselves as well! Anyone may apply by speaking with a manager or myself or by getting an application from our giver at the landing point and drop it off there.

Tabby's Club SLurl:


SLE: You know, Orion slacks from time to time and I believe he is bored with helping manage SLE, so maybe I will get him an application from you. Besides the locations to engage in some sexual fun, you also have a game room for guests to unwind in. Do you host game nights there?


Tabitha: Yes! We will be hosting game nights very soon. For now, we invite you all to come and play the games to get used to them for upcoming contests and game nights! We have Zombie Hunter, Darts, Beer Pong, Mad Pass, Mad Hoops, Texas Hold 'Em, Mahjong, Greedy, and more!



SLE: Games in SL are a great way to spend time with your friends. We have a SLE game night also, we love it. You also have property and apartment rentals for couples and singles. Can you tell us more about Rivendell and the Keyhole singles communities? What are your pricing and availability and what amenities are included?


Tabitha: Rivendell is...I can't begin to describe the pride I feel in Rivendell's beauty. Veronica Bunny did an amazing job turning my dream into a reality in SecondLife. There are 3 homes for rent. There's the small shack we call "Hob's Crick" which goes for L$200/week for 100 prims (which actually has already been rented), and 2 "Hobbit homes". One is called "Hob Hill", and the other is called "Hob Knob". Don't let the outside fool you, though. These homes are quite roomy inside! Both Hobbit homes are L$500/week each for 300 prims and also parcelled privately. You can visit Rivendell here: SLurl:


 - Tabby's Club

 - Spa and Pool Room

 - Games Room

 - Rivendell Sim

- Access to all private Tabby's events

- Purchase up to 200 more prims 

Keyhole Towers is a basic, fully furnished rental complex. Voyeurism is encouraged and even implemented through a desktop computer system included with each unit, as well as hidden lobby peepholes. Their design is not for families, but rather for singles and open-minded individuals and couples.

The rentals, via the desktop chair menu, will have further access to watching their neighbors.

You can visit the Keyhole Towers Lobby here:



 - Tabby's Club

 - Spa and Pool Room

 - Games Room

 - Rivendell Sim

- Keyhole Sandbox

- Access to all private Tabby's events



SLE: Sounds like you have everything in place that is so great. Thank you for the tour of this lovely adult resort. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


Tabitha: We would hope that they would come by and give us a visit. Regardless of that, we wish everyone the best experience they can have on SecondLife, and we hope we can be a part of that. Remember, this is YOUR SL and it is what YOU DREAM it can be!


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Contact In-World: Tabitha Mercury