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Showing posts with label crystals. Show all posts

Monday, February 9, 2015

Linda Lauren on Crystals and Gemstones

Learn about the Crystals and Gemstones we surround ourselves with by watching Psychic Medium Linda Lauren on the BetterTV show and reading her article 'Crystal Awareness'!

Crystal Awareness

Have you ever held a quartz crystal in your hand? Ever feel the wondrous delight of its gentle hum to your palm or feel its soothing vibration sear through your fingers, up your arm and tingle throughout your body? If you have not, then you are in for a treat that will tenderly awaken your senses and gently amplify your mind, for the energy one experiences by working with quartz crystals is soul-enriching and life-enhancing.

Quartz crystals are God’s gift to the earth, and a rare treasure to those who embrace their light. A crystal connection will alter your vision and ease you into a greater understanding of your Self. Crystals are found in watches, clocks, televisions, DVR’s, and computers, just to name a few of their applications. Quartz consists of raw piezoelectric energy, and when shaven down to microchip size produces electricity that operates these necessities in our lives. Imagine then, the personal power we can claim when we harness that energy and allow the gentle electrical vibrations of crystals and gemstones to balance and work with the flow of our own unique energy.

Quartz crystal points, clusters and polished stones can be found in most metaphysical shops. I would like to focus on Quartz Crystal Points, as these will be best to use for the purpose of making it your personal tool of power and transformation. A crystal point is a single column of clear quartz with 3 to 7 sides around the face, with a termination at the end. It is usually clear at the top half, and milky white at the blunt end. The following methods are acceptable, but remember, you do not choose your crystal, it actually chooses you!

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. When you open them, allow your eyes to fall on the first crystal you see.

This is my favorite. A crystal will “call” to you, and when you pick it up you will feel a gentle vibration in your palm. It may take a few minutes to adjust. I suggest you take a deep breath, relax and allow the crystal to “speak” to you by focusing your attention on any vibration or warmth in the palm of your hand. Size does not matter when choosing a crystal point, as sometimes even the smallest chip may have more energy than a large point.

Once you have chosen your crystal, it is important that you keep it in a pouch of some kind. Silk, cotton, leather, are fabrics most commonly used. This will protect the point from any jarring or chipping, as you will be carrying it with you most of the time.

When you get home with your crystal, it is vital that you cleanse it. During the journey from the crystal mine to the place of your purchase, your crystal will have gone through many hands and been in many places. You will want to clear it of the residue from its journey to insure clarity. There are several schools of thoughts regarding this subject, and I will pass along a few methods commonly used. However, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong method to cleansing. When working with quartz, it is what sense you have regarding the stone that is important. Intuition plays an important role in developing crystal awareness.

Sea Salt or Salt Water — If you happen to be fortunate to live by the ocean, fill a cup with sea water and immerse your crystal in it for 24 hours, or until you sense it is cleansed. The alternative would be to fill a cup with a couple of spoons of sea salt and immerse the stone. (Note: Some people are not fans of this method, as they feel it alters the vibration of the stone.)

Rinse your crystal under cool tap water and dry with a cotton cloth.

Sage or Incense — Burn some dried sage or your favorite essential oil incense and run the crystal through the smoke.

Once you have cleansed your crystal, it is now time to charge your crystal’s energy. Here are some methods for charging:

The Sun — A crystal truly loves sun. This is my favorite method because it can be done anywhere. Simply put your crystal on a window sill, car dashboard, etc., and allow it to be nourished by the suns rays. The average amount of time is anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours. Again, you be the judge by listening to your intuition.

Some people place the crystal point into the soil of a healthy plant for a few days. Not only does it charge the stone, but it helps the plant, too.

After a dip in the ocean, allow the stone to sit in the sand with the sun beating down on it for a super-charge. (Just be careful you don’t bury the stone and lose it!)

I have a large cluster of clear quartz in my office. I lay my personal crystal points on top of the cluster to insure a charge.

Now we have covered the basics: choosing, cleansing, and charging a crystal. In order to work with your crystal you will have to program it. Imagine your clear quartz crystal as a blank tape. You can “record” your desires, needs and wishes into it. A crystal can hold as many “programs” as you need to instill. Some programs will become temporary, until your desire is met or your accomplishment is achieved. The way to program a crystal is to do the following:

Hold the crystal between your hands in prayer-like position with the point up. Clear your mind. Now visualize yourself actually in the situation of your desire. “See” yourself clearly. Then state an affirmation. For example: If you have the desire for a specific job, picture yourself as already in the job, happy and content. Then state something like: “I am working at the perfect job.” The affirmation insures the thought into the program. If you wish, you can also “tell”; the crystal verbally what you want in your life. The key is to “see it” and then “say it.” That’s it. You are now ready for the last and most important step: Meditation.

The primary way to work with your crystal to manifest what you have programmed into it is via meditation. When you wish to “receive” the benefits of your program, you would hold the crystal in your left hand. For example, if you are sick and wish it to help heal you, use the left hand. Put the crystal in your right hand when you want to “send” your program out into the universe, where action will take place.

Take your crystal with you to a quiet place, or a favorite room, and light a candle. Relax a few moments with your crystal. Look at it. Get to know it. Every crystal is different. Yours might have wisps inside, or sparkly inclusions of color. Examine it quietly while taking some deep breaths. Close your eyes and allow the crystal to pulsate in your palm. Concentrate on the vision of your desire and allow whatever images to come to you…or to leave you. Do this every day for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Not only will you notice a difference in what is manifesting in your life, but you will feel happier and your spirit will be lighter.

It takes about 30 days to bond with a crystal. Keep it under your pillow every night, shower with it, bathe with it, carry it in its pouch and take it with you where ever you go. It will soon become your pocket best friend.

Copyright © 1998-2014 Linda Lauren

Friday, February 14, 2014

The NEW Crystal Cave of Enlightenment

With each New Year we strive to create something new on the island to attract you to visiting.  We value your loyalty and support of Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Metaverse on the island of Etu Abbracciare in Second Life.

Our newest addition is a revamp of the Crystal Cave of Enlightenment!  We are particularly excited about this because it has two floor and many surprise animations and poses to enjoy meditating, cuddling, worshiping or just passing the time.  There are even places to get a fun psychic reading.

Here are some photos.  Please stop by and make sure you join our  group pages both online and off so that we can keep in touch with you!

God bless,
Linda Lauren
Sumi Portola
Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Metaverse

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Monday, August 1, 2011

August Astrology by Psychic Medium Linda Lauren

Happy August!

Enjoy Linda Lauren's Energy Astrology on her brand new website! Feel free to look around, watch the videos and read the blogs Medium Rare™, Psychic Companion™ and great articles on crystals.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Crystal Ball Room in Seers!

Psychic Medium Linda Lauren has just added a new line of Crystal Balls, Crystal Ball tables, and a crystal fireplace. These new items can be used for fun or as a tool for Avi's looking to enhance their own spaces and spiritual places.

The most popular Crystal Ball has randomly generated positive fortunes with star particles.

The other Crystal Balls, can be bought individually or as a set with a table and cloth. Practitioner and client chairs are also available.

Stop by today for your own Crystal Ball fortune and be surprised!