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Showing posts with label meditation. Show all posts

Sunday, June 12, 2022




DR. Ghostie Wildmist-Antwoord delivered NAOMI on 6/11/2022 at 7:43 pm, weighing 9 lbs 1 oz and 18 inches long. Nanami had a long labor, but perfectly healthy delivery with Fresco,  and their family, Goddess Lovely, Mrs Honee,  Javon, and Nalani by her side. Mom, Dad and daughter are happy, healthy and resting in Everlove's underwater Reef Suite. Everlove Maternity wishes them tons of love and happiness as they start life as a family!


At Everlove Maternity Clinic we strive to enhance your pregnancy experience through personal care and making each and every one of our clients feel like family.  We specialize in Hands on Mommy,Tantra, & Mama Allpa births,and are now accepting new patients.

Contacts: Dr. Ghostie (ghostie.wildmist), Lydia, Midwife (lydiafairmount resident)

Public Landmark:

Social Media:

Saturday, December 14, 2019

GeekSpeak – What will 2020 bring in space? Join the discussion Saturday December 14th at 12pm SLT

Will humanity really start to take off in space?  There will be a lot happening.  Virgin Galactic first flights, SpaceX testing their starship, Mars2020 rover on Mars.
What are your predictions for 2020 in space?  Will there be a first step in asteroid mining?  Or will we find interesting results from all the probes flying around, like the solar probe that is flying right now?
Will the general population get interested in space again?
Come and discuss the vast emptiness out there with our fellow geeks.  Bring your friends and geeks!

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.  Vulcan teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT, at the Edutopia auditorium.

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Lost Gardens of Apollo is an Official Historical Landmark in Second Life(c) - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In the beginning of virtual worlds, Second Life quickly became a popular online platform for VR enthusiasts  from all over the world. In Second Life’s infancy, the building tools and options were primitive but the most exciting part about it was free will on a global platform.  By 2005, the community was flourishing. Creators filled the grid with lush foliage, parks, beautiful beaches, role play communities, shops, products, services and venues of every genre. It was a time of exploration and creativity.

Dane Zander was a new resident at this time. While exploring, he realized the adult industry was starting to taint the landscape. He wanted a virtual home away from sex venues that he could call his sanctuary; a place of love.  It inspired him to create a relaxing escape, away from the busy side of SL and based on the story of Apollo and Hyacinth.

Day in and day out he worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life after discovering he could create anything he wanted. It became an obsession. His friends were so impressed they suggested he open it up to the public and that’s when The Lost Gardens of Apollo was born.

For over a decade, explorers and lovers from near and far have visited The Lost Gardens of Apollo, even getting married there.  Today it is a Historical Landmark, reopened by Linden Lab to protect its history.

Interview with LGOA creator Dane Zander

SLE: What was your inspiration for The Gardens of Apollo? I've been here so many times through the years. What a peaceful and beautiful place.

Dane Zander: Apollo and Hyacinth... the story at least inspired the naming some of the places on Apollo. I had a full sim on the mainland. The Tuvan sim, well ... all the land on it. I had that fully built up, but lacked the controls and ban opportunities etc. Anshe Chung was getting big at that time and she had a few of the new, still rare private islands so I asked her. I knew she was hot for my mainland sim and we traded. She got Tuvan, I got "sex palms...whatever island"... a flat, utterly empty sand bank.

SLE: Were you a builder starting out here?

Dane Zander: Just small time. I realized I might be in over my head... it was  completely overwhelming. I then started building, trial and error... once I realized I could make anything exactly how I wanted it to be, it became an obsession. I was online three weeks building and hardly slept at all. It was madness! But very rewarding.

SLE: The Gardens of Apollo is a beautiful place to visit. The details show your hard work and dedication.  I see it as an escape from the busy world of sl and rl.

Dane Zander: Thank you! I believe that love is stronger than any other emotion and I wanted to create a place to enable love and serenity to flourish.

SLE: It is.  If more people allowed that to be their guiding light, the world would be a better place.

Dane Zander: I agree.  At the time, SL was far smaller, less regulated and you often came across porn and whatnot all over. I found that taxing so I thought we needed a place free from that. Somewhere to just explore, meditate, date and dance.

SLE: Did you have a partner to enjoy all this with over the years?  I only ask because every long time lovers in SL have touched these grounds at one point or another.

Dane Zander: I had Sean Hadlee as a Second Life partner - also personal assistant, Senior Estate Manager and my rescue line in all cases. He is German and lives in Berlin. We are still close friends IRL.

SLE: Did you build all this together?

Dane Zander: No, I built this.  He was my very capable assistant and scripter, in all manners of logistics and everything else practical.

SLE: How did you get people to visit LGOP?

Dane Zander: I didn't.  Originally it was simply my own place but friends wanted me to open it to the public so I did and people came - I suppose by word of mouth. I never thought this place could become so popular but somehow people liked it enough to tell their friends and to come back themselves :)

SLE: Rightfully so! Has anyone gotten married here? This is a perfect setting for celebrating love

Dane Zander: I eventually did many marriages, yes. It’s a lot of work setting that up. I still have the whole wedding scenarios in inventory! :)

SLE: What about other events?

Dane Zander: Quite a few - R. R. Martin did readings here and at a number of other sims through Bantam Books before he got all GOT famous. He was kind and generous with his limited time here..

SLE: that’s very cool! With the popularity of The Gardens of Apollo has Linden Labs taken interest in it?

Dane Zander: LL had kept a full backup and reopened the sim as a Historic Sim. Now I am under contract with them and gladly so. The sim simply hadn't reopened without them!

SLE: What does that mean for you?

Dane Zander: It means I supervise the sim,  and it means the sim is open for now. I don't decide for how long, but I will service it for as long as I can, which is for as long as LL decide to keep it open.

SLE:  What a wonderful story of a vision turning into a virtual world historical site. Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Dane Zander: No.  nothing except they are welcome as always - and well... that is it a G-rated region/sim for dating, meeting friends, meditating, dancing and relaxing. Not a place for sex - there is a whole Adult continent for that! ;)

SLE: congratulations to you Dane on such a great accomplishment in SL.  We understand that you are a busy man and we thank you so much for taking the time to give us the backstory and also for your sacrifice in giving us this beautiful place to share with love.

The Lost Gardens of Apollo

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

KIX Meditation Platform with Tai Chi and Sky Dance

Everyone needs time to unwind in peaceful tranquility and with the KiX Meditation Platform you can do that in style. 
This original mesh build brings you tai chi animations which can be used solo or together and a hypnotic couples skydance to keep you transfixed. All KiX animations are exclusive originals. The platform contains 5 different texture changes to suit your environment and all this with a lovely low land impact of only two.
So if you are looking to create a zen and relaxation  area then we invite you to check out the Meditation Platform

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Beyond the Physical Transcendent Action - Seersha Heart reporting...

“Have you ever found yourself running around doing things while you breath quickly and your heart beats too fast? 

If left to your own natural pace what would your breathing be like, your pulse be like, operating in your own rhythm?  Discovering this rhythm gives a certain feeling of freedom to know ourselves.”                                                                                       Ewan Bonham

Today I am speaking with Ewan Bonham who, along with Starlight will be hosting a weekly Transcendent Activation class Sundays at 3 pm slt beginning March 19, 2017.  Ewan is sharing the experience of Mindful Meditation with SL residents to help them find that freedom.

Seersha Heart:  For those who may not know, what is meditation?

Ewan Bonham:  Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound object visualization, the breath, movement or attention itself… in order to increase awareness of the present moment.  It is used to reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

One source of stress is our mind jumping around to things it has no control over: the past, the future.  We have a habit of thinking about these issues continually, but we find peace as we live our moments in the present.

When we focus on the present moment we feel a sense of peace and can enjoy the sensations of that moment.  This leads to each of these moments being a richer experience.

Seersha Heart:  One of the other techniques you will be discussing is “Mindfulness” meditation.  How would you describe that activity?

Ewan Bonham: Simply sit in stillness allowing whatever thoughts you have come to your mind. You acknowledge them and sense their flow but you give them no energy.  You do not pursue the thoughts, letting them float in and out.  As you let go of these thoughts you gain an ability to stay in the present.

You create a detachment from distracting thoughts to gain insight and awareness of self.

Seersha Heart:  Your class is called Transcendent Activation.  What do you mean when you use this term?

Ewan Bonham:  Transcendence means beyond the body, also beyond our strict time table and beyond the physical.  Transcendence is a reduction of our awareness of our physical bodies and a letting go of our emphasis on time.  Your body and your mind can regulate itself.

Seersha Heart:  What made you think of SL as a good place for your class?

Ewan Bonham:  SL is very convenient to use. You just need a laptop and to construct your own personal Ashram. Our meeting as a group while using the simple tools in SL, gives you the freedom to construct your method and space to take time out of your RL day.  When we meet as a group we will go through many of the different tools that help to create an ambiance.  The end product will be to build you own private space for focused meditation.

Seersha Heart:  You are saying your group will be making their own meditation area using the tools in SL?

Ewan Bonham:  We begin by showing a simple platform.  I want each person to find a place, where nobody else knows you are around, your own corner of the world for this ashram to be used.

Some of the SL tools we will use in building our ambiance are lighting, textures, our cameras and scenes. Other tools include the use of words, affirmations, music and sounds.  Some find it useful to use a moving object for focus [moving art].  These are all basic building tools to use to make your ashram.

After discussing the ashram I will talk the group through a meditative experience.  The breath is the anchor of meditation, if you concentrate on how your breath sounds and feels it is much easier to stay in the present.

Seersha Heart:  People attending the class will meet other residents.  What are the social and interactive elements of your group?

Ewan Bonham: We will practice meditation and follow it up with a group discussion.  Members can share what the experience was like for them.  Perhaps something that has popped up for them.  Some people have memories or feelings they haven’t had in years. Once released, they become more available to the present.

Discovering and sharing with group members in our natural state has a comforting feeling.

We will also be traveling to some of the many SIMs that are designed creatively and beautifully.  They have been created with meditative spots in mind.

Seersha Heart:  You will be meeting in a dedicated skybox for meditation.  Will you describe it for us?

Ewan Bonham: It is represented in the picture. This is a quiet and private space where we can flexibly present many of the elements discussed above.  Group members can determine what feels right for each of them.

Seersha Heart: Should people interested in your class bring anything with them to class?

Ewan Bonham: Just themselves and their own open minds and hearts.

Community Cultural Hub
SURL: WBH Community Cultural Hub, Inspiration Island (87, 118, 22) – Moderate
Transcendence Skybox

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mind Over Matter: A Psychic Medium’s Business Tips posted by Sumi Portola

No matter what stage of business you’re in, there are always moments where we silently find ourselves wishing for answers from a higher power. We hope for ways to clear negative thoughts and energy from our lives as we move forward to make big decisions and big moves. Well, 4th generation Psychic Medium, Color & Energy Expert, Author and Reiki Practitioner, Linda Lauren, has some tips, strategies, and daily practices for learning to trust your instincts and most importantly, thrive.

Being a fourth-generation psychic medium, how has this role impacted your day to day?
The fact that I had available to me a network of female family members spanning generations who were skilled in spiritual guidance, made all the difference in the world.  My mother, especially, was instrumental in revealing to me the ways I could embrace my psychic awareness in everyday life.  As a result, I am able to intuit a better course of action in my approach as I move through day to day.  This has been a blessing because it has allowed me to accomplish more in one day than I might have in a week.  It has opened me to grow in areas I might otherwise have missed.

When starting out, did you take business advice from your mom? 
Oh, I definitely took business advice from my mom. She was instrumental in helping me to set up my first real office.  She had insight into the way I might operate it and cost-effective approaches to how I structured my business.  Her advice was invaluable.  I discuss the extent of her involvement in my memoir, Medium Rare.

What is one thing you’ve learned in business that you would pass along to someone just starting out?
A lot of people tend to look at their business strictly from the standpoint of checks and balances.  But before you can truly get to the point of understanding your business, my suggestion is to add meditation to your daily schedule.  
Meditation creates structure.  When you meditate you learn to respond to life, embracing reason, rather than reacting, which is through emotion.  That single most act can assure success and good health just by the awareness it affords us when we meditate faithfully.  To me, it’s like washing your face or brushing your teeth: it’s something you don’t skip! So, even if it’s for 10-20 minutes a day, the potential for positive energy is in every breath.

Are there any specific signs or energy that you say a female entrepreneur should specifically try to listen to as she starts her business?
I feel it is very helpful to listen to what your gut is telling you.  Put yourself into a quiet place, address any situation via a question, place your hand on your midriff, and “listen” to what your body, mind and spirit are indicating.  It is a way to learn to tap into what I refer to as your “center,” which is a place where we make our most important decisions.  If something feels “off,” this will be a good gauge to help you discern the best cause of action.
How have you learned to listen to your business intuition?
I make it a policy to meditate on each business issue as it comes along so that I can discover the best way to work.  Yes, there it is again: meditation.  I consider it a business practice that is the foundation for everything I do.  However, I also use color to work with the energy available to me in business.  I have long worked with color to help people in business pursuits. I can attest that certain colors reflect positive action when they are embraced.  Embracing them can be in the form of the clothes or jewelry we wear, the colors we surround ourselves with, and the intention we wish to convey.  For instance, one of my executive clients often focuses on the color blue when she is in business meetings.  If affords her a clear understanding of what is being said and she is able to achieve desired results. 
We’re loving the idea of your Vibe Spray. Can you explain what it is?
The Vibe Spray™ was designed to clear negativity from a space and replace it with positive energy.  I use this product everywhere, and so do my clients.  It is part of my office procedure.  I spray it when I first open my doors, when I close, and after each client.  Many of my clients use it for when they travel to spray in their hotel rooms, meeting room, and other areas.  It is designed to replace the use of smudging with smoke.  It has a lovely rose top- scent and it incorporates essential oils, sea salt and other ingredients of a proprietary nature.  I came up with the recipe via my family and have gone back generations in my research in developing the product.
What drew you to go beyond your reading sessions and develop a product that we can use everyday?
Public demand propelled me to extend my work to products.  We make or carry everything from bracelets, color/energy candles and mediation pieces, to The Vibe Spray and Himalayan salt lamps. These tools are essential to growing within your spirit in business.  They create positive awareness that moves us forward. I have also create a website that allows people easy access to the products I develop, as well as the information and advice I provide as a blogger for Huffington Post and

Lastly, are you able to make any predictions about what’s next for females in business this year?
Women will continue to raise their voices in unison and solidarity.  We will most likely see more businesses springing up that are headed by women.  The written word will be a consideration, too, as the plight of women takes center-stage.

Linda Lauren can be found hanging out at her Island ETU Abbracciare and her Meditation Gardens.  Come visit!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Using Crystals to Enhance Dreams by Psychic Medium Linda Lauren

To me, dreams are the most important part of living. By tapping into them one can explore the waking world, and actually work through issues before they have even come to light. There are two factors one must consider in dream work: remembering one’s dreams and recording those dreams. I have had many clients tell me they could not remember their dreams, or that they do not dream. Everyone dreams, every night. How can one record what one can not recall? There is one method I believe works well.

REMEMBERING: Before sleeping for the night, form your hand into a fist and hold it in the center of your chest. Close your eyes and say: “I will remember my dreams when I wake up.” Say this three times, once aloud and twice to yourself. After a few days, recall should be easier.

RECALLING & DECIPHERING: Once you begin recalling dreams, you can record them. Purchase a journal, any kind will do. Some of my clients buy a notebook with an inspirational cover while others simply pick a small school notebook. Personally, because I do heavy dream work each day, I have a notebook and a small tape recorder that I use during the night because handwriting can be tricky when you wake up from dreaming. In dream recall everything is important. A general rule would be to make a point of recalling any of the following: colors, shapes, gender, water, weather and movement. These points should reveal a great deal about the state of your life at the present time.

Using crystals for dreaming can enhance the dream state in many ways, depending on the type of crystal and how it is used. The results can be enlightening, enriching and therapeutic. Below are methods and the crystals one might use.

Stress Release And Insomnia — Amethyst is an excellent stone for relieving you of the stress of the day. A relaxing crystal, it also helps with insomnia and headaches. Take a glove and place it over your left “receiving” hand before retiring to bed. Slip a small amethyst crystal into the glove. You will be able to get a good night’s rest, release stress, and your dreams may become more uniform, thus allowing you to remember them more easily. Once you become more comfortable with dreaming with amethyst, you may want to tape one to your third eye before sleeping and create some real magic!

Love And Romance — Rose quartz and Jade are good crystals/stones for dreams where love is the issue at hand. Place either crystal (or both) under your pillow. (I find it best to actually slip the stone into the pillow case. If it gets lost during the night, don’t worry. It simply means you no longer need the benefits of those particular crystals. The energies of these stones are soft and may bring forth dreams that are loving and filled with positive vibrations.

Problem Solving — Clear quartz is the best for issues one needs to work through while sleeping. Program a clear quartz point with the issue on your mind, with the express request to solve your issue via your dreams. You will find that when you awake you may be more focused, grounded, and clear with your issue.

Money and Prosperity — Citrine is an excellent crystal for bringing about wealth in body, mind and spirit. Known as the merchant stone, it manages to attract abundance in ways that fortify balance, whether that balance is sought in the home, the bank account, the body, spirit, or the mind. Intent is important…as is your faith that God and the Universe will provide for your needs. Citrine is also helpful in cleansing the chakras (energy fields) of the body. You will find yourself awakening refreshed after using Citrine.

I strongly suggest that you dream with crystals for a full week, recording your results and the crystals you use, before moving on to the next crystal-dream exercise you want to try. Consistency and intent are most important. Your intention, your faith and your desire for accomplishment will bring about positive results. There are as many methods as there are crystals. There is no right or wrong to doing this. Tape a crystal to your wrist or third eye; wear a glove with a crystal inside, slip it under your pillow, or even place some crystals under your mattress, forming a grid around your bed. Experimentation is the key. Just make sure to keep an accurate record of the crystal/gemstone you use, how you are using it, and the length of time within which you used it.

I wish you luck and I wish you love! Enjoy this new adventure in dreaming with crystals.

Originally published in

Linda can be found Island hopping or on ETU Abbracciare, her SL Island.  Come visit! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Law Of Attraction and Living Happy by Psychic Medium Linda Lauren

Being happy should be our first priority in life. I have found that when I am happy, all other things around me fall more into place. I believe we can attract more of what we want in our lives by being happy and positive than by being angry and maudlin. The Law of Attraction tells us that what you focus on, you will attract to you. That is something to empower ourselves with! It means we actually have control as to how things play out for us.

In these high emotional times of politics and issues, it is more important than ever to emphasize what we want and not on what does not really serve us. It all really starts with our daily intentions. According to this universal law, your experiences in life are created and propelled by the thoughts you have. So it is important not to invite into your life the kind of thoughts that defeat that purpose. Here are some ways to help keep attracting to you the things that will enhance your life.

Trust your intuition rather than your emotions when it comes to decision-making to guarantee results that might better suit you.

Lending your attention on thinking about what you want may make them happen more quickly.
Envision things as you want them to be, rather than as they are right now.
Don’t watch TV shows that are negative as to crime or illness, and read and see the local and world news only regarding what you need to know.
Don’t forget to dream, as dreams can guide your intentions.
These suggestions are not foolproof, but I have known them to work for me, as well as my clients and friends I’ve shared with. Switch your thinking to the Law of Attraction and experience and see the difference for yourself. It may not be easy at first because we already have predisposed thinking, but over time, you may be quite surprised at how much more positive life is by attracting what you want as a first priority.

Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found hanging out in her Angel Retreat or Meditation Gardens on her Island ETU ABBRACCIARE 

originally published on 
January 4, 2017 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

GRAND OPENING of ARCADIA Sunday 1st May 2016 at 1:00 pm sl time.

Are you looking for a spiritually based community that is just beginning? One where you can have a say in its shape? Well Arcadia may be the place for you. Set on a beautiful island with many places to simply sit and enjoy, along with places to gather, Arcadia awaits.
The owners, Ava and Darren have built the environment lovingly over the last 4 years and are now inviting others to share the island with the aim of forming a community. Their vision for the community is equality and inclusion. That people of many faiths, and those with no particular faith can come together and share in a non judgmental way. "We may not share each other's beliefs but we can all learn something from each other." Says Ava, a doctoral student of community whose greatest wish is to see people come together and form a community based on acceptance and trust.

As a community Arcadia offers opportunities to participate in weekly groups and special events. Some of the weekly groups on offer or planned for the future include meditation, tarot, story telling, discussion, encounter, music and dance. New members are most welcome to suggest and facilitate their own groups. Ava and Darren see the community as a living, organic thing, so nothing is fixed in stone. Instead, the community changes according to what the majority of members want.

If you like to be in the thick of planning and nurturing new projects and communities, then this could be the place for you. We are looking for leaders who can help to shape the community, ambassadors who can greet and mentor new members as well as interact with other communities on our behalf. We need group facilitators, those who wish to run weekly events or just special events and moderators who can deal with the day-to-day problems that arise in an open space. Of course we are also looking for members who don’t have the time or inclination to commit to any form of responsible role but just want to come along and enjoy the company and environment when they have the time to do so.

So come along anytime to see what we are about or join us at our grand opening for some music, dance and fun. Doors open at 1pm.  Bring along an open mind and your curiosity. Dress code – casual (it is a beach environment) – no nudity please.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Arranging the Work-Space to Embrace Balance by Linda Lauren

I create my day every day by putting out to the universe what I want to embrace and receive in return. I have discovered that balance may be the most important thing that I want to embrace. I believe balance is one of the ingredients we need to afford us success in life and business. When I am feeling balanced it puts an entirely different spin on my day, making it easier to navigate through the murky waters of the decision-making process. It's important to me to initiate each day by incorporating balance in a way that feels natural. Not everyone likes order, and creating balance can make the messiest mind, and/or desk, become something out of the comfort zone. But, once you get used to how it feels to be balanced, new discoveries will more than likely be exposed, making the process something that adds quality to your days.

There are several ways to initiate balance. Here are four that I personally use and I have found them most helpful. They are bound to get you motivated as they have the potential to open you up to a clean canvas. That canvas allows you to begin anew at the desk where you spend most of your time.

  • Meditate: This is mandatory to me as it will set the tone for clear thinking and make way for the mindfulness needed to create a day that easily moves your work forward without stress. It affords you a clear slate.
  • Survey: Look at the surface of your desk as a table rather than as a desk. Close your eyes and try to remember what things looked like. Visualize yourself at the desk and try to remember your movements as they were when you are working. This will give you a sense of what is important to your work, and what might be in the way.
  • List: After opening your eyes, make a list of what is on your desk. Then number that list in the order of item importance. Include keepsakes and photos, adding them last to your list. This familiarizes you with the energy of your desk and what inspires you the most.
  • Arrange: By process of elimination, choose the items on your list that you are keeping. Keep only what you intend to use, and place the items on the desk in a way that allows you to effectively reach them with ease. Keep in mind the adage that less is more.
Now, give yourself some time with your new work-space, and be diligent. I have found that working with just the surface helps to keep the space uncluttered, which may ultimately lead to better productivity. The key to the success of this is to always be cognizant to return everything to the same place each and every time you use something so it becomes second nature.

In the beginning, this can seem like a nuisance, but in the long-run it has the potential to boost morale and return to you large allotments of time you may normally have missed out on. That result will have you embracing a more balanced work environment.

Linda Lauren

Article reprinted courtesy of

Link to original article

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meditation vs Anxiety and Depression- Interview with Linda Lauren- Debby Sharma Reporting…

Image borrowed from

Love- betrayal, work- stress, need- want and others like, anger, depression, loneliness etc. have tied us today to a bond when happiness seems scarce, peace is rare, love is a miracle and we are all haunted by fear of the unknown.
Anxiety is a “feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome”. Depression is “feelings of severe despondency and rejection”.
People feel anxiety or depression when they lost a loved one, got fired from a job, divorced or experienced other major life changing issues. This is a natural human reaction. But some people feel depression or anxiety almost every day of their life for no apparent reason, leaving them with difficulty to carry out day to day activities of a normal life.
A phase in life when a person feels hopeless, sad, unmotivated etc; But if this phase continues more than 2 weeks affecting their daily lives, it is a major depression, but a treatable illness.
According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “At any point in time, 3% to 5% of people suffer from major depression, the lifetime risk is about 17% ” Depression and anxiety disorders are not the same. However, people with depression disorder may show symptoms of anxiety disorders like nervousness, irritability, problems sleeping and concentration. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “Many people who develop depression have a history of an anxiety disorder earlier in life. There is no evidence one disorder causes the other, but there is clear evidence that many people suffer from both disorders.”

Meditation is a state of deep peace with oneself; a mind aware of their surroundings and peace within itself; a state free from agitation; It is difficult and very rarely possible to not think anything at any point of time. Hence, a time when you are listening to the sounds of nature and listening to your soul, you are at peace.
Like a computer system which needs to be shut down after processes, so does our mind. This article on how meditation affects your brain is scientifically proven. 

Using the MRI scans, scientists are able to understand the activities of the brain before and after meditation. The Beta waves  show reduced frequencies after meditation of 20 minutes.

Photography Credits: Linda Lauren

Linda Lauren, is a 4th Generation Psychic Medium who owns and operates Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe in Mountainside, NJ. She has been a professional psychic since consulting with law enforcement in a murder investigation dating back to 1978. She is also a Color and Energy Consultant. She has been featured in various journals, magazines, TV shows like, CNN, ABC-TV Nightline, Fox and Friends,, The Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough on NBC New York, HuffPost Live, Better TV, WPIX, Open House NYC, in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, People Pets, A&U magazine, The Daily News, Hamptons magazine, The Star Ledger, and the Chicago Tribune. It was a privilege to know her and ask her a few questions. Here are her answers to the secrets of meditation.

Debby Sharma: What is meditation? How and why is it done? Does meditation mean to concentrate on one object (focused attention), or not to think at all or to let the emotions flow?
Linda Lauren: Meditation refers to a variety of practices that includes techniques to promote relaxation and healing so that one can deal with life and unhealthy stress.  It allows us to respond with reason, rather than react with emotion. Meditation is the simple act of slowly breathing in and out with your own body rhythm. People meditate for the purpose of quieting the mind so that one can think more clearly from a relaxed place. There are two types of meditation: active and passive.  In active you are listening to a certain sound or focusing on an issue or an object. In passive meditation you are allowing things to just come to you while you sit and breathe in silence.

Debby Sharma: What are the common problems that people come to you in Second Life for help or for counseling? Are these much different from the real life? Could you please share the percentage of people coming to you for help in anxiety or depression?

Linda Lauren: Many people come for a session with me in Second Life because they have lost a loved one and are trying to deal with life without that person.  Grief is the number one issue that I help people with in SL and that is not much different than in real life. I would say that perhaps 55% come for anxiety or depression.

Debby Sharma: What do you think causes such problems?

Linda Lauren: The everyday stress of life, such as work, relationships, world news, etc. may cause depression and anxiety.

Debby Sharma: What are the other problems that can be cured via meditation other than anxiety and depression?

Linda Lauren: There are a host of other issues that meditation can assist with and these are just a few: it lowers blood pressure, add more hours to your day, increase your attention, control anger, reduces aging and can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Debby Sharma: What is the difference between meditation and self-hypnotism? Is there any possibility that one may move from meditation to self-hypnotism? If that happens, how can one keep oneself under check?

Linda Lauren: Meditation is used to quiet the mind. Hypnosis is used to program the mind. Both meditation and hypnosis use similar relaxation techniques to achieve the relaxation response.  Self-hypnosis is not necessarily done without a hypnotherapist’s assistance, even though a person is going to practice it eventually alone.  There should always be a guide to assist in hypnotherapy.  Meditation, the guidance is more universal and can be taught and guided but then you can continue on your own.  In many ways, meditation is done more via the self than hypnotherapy.

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Debby Sharma: Can relaxing and exploring in Second Life or other virtual worlds help people in almost the same manner as meditation?

Linda Lauren: At this time, I do not promote other worlds, only the virtual world of Second Life. There is nothing out there that is better in terms of community.  That said, yes, relaxing and exploring in Second life does help.

Debby Sharma: What do you think was the reason for the development of the process of mediation ages ago? How much importance do you think does it play today? In our busy life, when we all are running for the Golden cup, how do you suggest one must try to be stress free?

Linda Lauren: These questions would require too much of an in-depth answer to be able to shorten it.  So I will say this: Meditation is the key to a happy, productive, relaxed life that helps us to enjoy our relationships, our work and our day to day travels.  I would suggest that if you are serious about those things, then meditate to open your day and meditate to close it.  Twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes at night is all you need to sustain a well-balanced persona of spirit. 

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