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Showing posts with label enjoyment. Show all posts

Sunday, July 17, 2022


SecondLife is arguably the largest, most fantastic, and most diversified of the hundreds of Virtual Worlds out there today.  There are Regions and Sims on this grid that appeal to the most diversified of interests.  Sims devoted to the musical and visual arts, science, literature, philosophy, geography, and entertainment of all manner abound here. One of the more imaginative and creative of the clubs in the area of adult entertainment is “The F**k Fest”, or “TFF” for short.  Run by longtime resident Jaxtorelli (Jax), I was invited to come to see what she had created and was invited to share my findings with our SL Enquirer readers.  While TFF has been here for a while, Jax is in the midst of improving the club to provide an even more exciting Adult Club experience for their guests

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:   So, tell me…What is it that sets TFF apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

TFF:  We offer more than the just usual sex club.  We based our joining fee for 500L which gives you free access to Our VIP Lounge which is built in with the price. Our schedule of weekly events put us above the rest of the clubs in SL. For the more adventurous among us, we offer voice, text, and cam escorts and voice verification.  Our animations are Lovense enabled, to add to the realism and pleasure of the guest experience. Additionally, we went to all our members and asked for their desired options and suggestions.  In the feedback we received, the majority of our guests indicated a strong desire that we be voice-enabled and to incorporate voice into our activities.

JB:    Who are the key personnel in the  Management of TFF, and what are their jobs?

TFF:  We have a small but cohesive staff. Jaxtorelli (Jax)  is the owner of TFF. And  Brianna does a phenomenal job as our Stage Dance  Manager.  Additionally, we employ additional staff as dancers, escorts, and general greeters who always make our guests feel most welcome when they visit us.

JB:   Where did you get the idea for TFF, and can you share a bit of the history of TFF?

TFF:  We visited many different adult clubs and other adult and mature builds in SecondLife over the last ten years and one of the shortcomings we noticed was that most of them did not offer voice services. Many of the limitations of text-based communication could be overcome with actual voice communications.  In addition to just being simpler than text, voice offers a chance for more spontaneous and more realistic experiences.  It was at that point that I decided to open my own club with activate voice with verification and Lovense enabled.  I  found this allowed me to offer a much “hotter” and much more appealing experience.  Most of our members agreed with us.

JB:  Do you have any special events planned? What types of events do you have here?

TFF:  Yes, we do hold weekly events.  Monday at 4pm SLT we have our ever-so-popular Naked Naughty Bingo!  Wednesdays at 4pm SLT we host our Naked Foam Pool party every Friday at 4 pm SLT you will find us hosting Messy Sex Games.

JB:    I see a fairly extensive Game Room.  What different types of Games do you have there?

TFF:  Our game room is probably one of the better-equipped game rooms on the entire SL Grid and serves as a gathering place for many of our guests.  Some of the games available for our members include Naked Naughty Bingo , Greedy,Can't Stop,  On A Roll,  Cheesy, Hand & Foot,  Phases ,  Skippo, Sexy Rodeo on Quiz, Beer Pong  , Swingers Game , Reel Of Fortune, Little Devil,Bondzee , MadLibs,  and various free play Casino Games

JB:   Tell us about the various areas that make up TFF?

TFF:   We Offer the Main dance area, where our dancers and escorts reside. Behind the main stage is our Private VIP area, for a more intimate setting with couches, dance poles, and a bar.  The Main Play Area has beds and other devices to delight the senses.  Additionally, for those guests with a penchant for BDSM, what adult club would be complete without a BDSM Dungeon, equipped with all your favorite toys for the discriminating BDSM enthusiast. Then there is our Pool Party area, where we host our weekly Foam Pool Parties, complete with hot tub and sauna.  We also have a spacious Games area where you will find dozens of your favorite games.  To top it all off, we also maintain four private, specially themed skyboxes, to include Red Room BDSM, Paradise Beach, Luxury Purple Room, and,  Baby Girl Room.

JB:   Tell us about your swimming pool?  What is that like? 

TFF:  Our Naked Foam Pool Parties are held on every Wednesday at 4pm SLT. We all get together to wind down from a  long work week, where we all take a cool dip in the pool with the added sexy foam. We offer Lovense floats in the pool and hot tubs, towels surrounding the pool, a sex yoga couples mat, a treadmill, and a workout bench.  Additionally, we have a sex sauna that seats up to 4 people at one time,  and massage corner sex swing, pool loungers and  a sexy diving board. This is where we like to relax and chit chat, answer sexy trivia ball questions to get up close and personal with our members! Winks!

JB:      I understand you also have specially themed skyboxes?  What are those like?

TFF:  We offer high-quality standards in our skyboxes  Our Luxury Room theme gives you that honeymoon sexy romantic feeling.  The Baby Girl Room very pink with the princess look and lovely furniture with a  twist of Daddy Dom,  The BDSM Red Room provides guests with a 50 Shades of Grey experience and more with sexy special features and toys.  Finally, we have a secluded Private Paradise Beach with that Tiki touch and beautiful scenery.

JB:      How might someone learn What’s Happening at TFF?

TFF:  We send daily notices out on SL group and we also have an active group on discord for all members to let them know about our activities and upcoming events.  When they are not on SL, we can reach out to them on discord and let them know in advance about what is happening.  Guests can go to our FLICKR  page for all days and times and any other special events.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers? 

TFF:  We are an “over 18 adult sex club” and we do not judge individuals by their sexuality, nor do we discriminate and will not  tolerate racism or bullying of any kind.  We want people who come here to feel free  and to build up their self-confidence.  We built this club based on what our members wanted and required. We love to have fun and make others happy by bringing them fantasies and kinks,  and we keep working hard to make it a greater place and to keep on  growing our staff and our membership.




So, there you have it folks. For the finest in adult entertainment anywhere on the grid, hop on over to TFF and check out this little corner of Adult Paradise that Jax has created for your personal pleasure. Explore the many rooms and areas, and check out their special events.  TFF will soon become one of your favorite venues in SecondLife.

Did someone say Pool Party?

Be there.  Aloha!