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Showing posts with label females. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BATTLE OF THE SEXES- What Makes Our Hearts Race? Nehem Resident Reporting…


Almost everyone who started out in second Life©, did so to play a game. However, with real people behind the screen, sometimes you are bound to fall in love.

So many of us, (myself included) Come to the virtual world because we are seeking something in our lives. Weather it is due to a physical disability and the desire to have a job, or if it´s more for social interaction, we find ourselves logging on daily to fulfill our wildest dreams. The best part about such a fantastic platform, is that unlike other social networking media, we have the ability to physically spend time doing activities that are just like those in the real world. Not only can we spend such time, It is time spend with real people from around the globe. When we find others with common interests, even though it may not originally be intended, we find ourselves in deep friendships, and sometimes even love. There is an age old question that remains in both our real and virtual lives. What turns the opposite sex on, and how can you prepare yourself for love?

I got to speak with several residents about their thoughts and feelings about virtual love, and what turns them on about the other gender, and also what turns them off. Lets take a look, and find out how you can be successful in the battle of the sexes!