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Showing posts with label franks entertainment group. Show all posts

Monday, July 11, 2022


NOTE NOTE NOTE:  When first posted, this article mistakenly said the next DJ Spin-Off is July 17th.  The Corrected date is JULY 24

I first met Petra Steele while reviewing a new sim she was opening – a place called Steele Pointe, In the course of my research for that piece, the more I learned about this amazing woman, the more impressed I became. With an iconic style among the myriad of artists/entertainers than make up this amazing place, Petra has become something of a mainstay in the world of SecondLife entertainment. Her talents as an artist, writer, builder, manager, dancer, comedian, and musician seem to know no bounds. A noteworthy contributor to the world of the virtual, Petra accepts the accolades with grace and style. Never standing still, Miss Steele is always thinking about the next “big idea” in Grid Entertainment.

The other night while I was dancing at one of my favorite dance venues in SL, I bumped into Steele, the newly hired Director of Events at Frank’s Entertainment Group. We agreed to get together in a few days to catch up on her latest projects

Josh (Thomas1 Bellis) (JB): Tell us, Miss Steele, something about your background? What first drew you to SL as a medium for artistic expression?

Petra Steele (PS): Well now the fact is I didn't come to SL to find a medium for my artistic aspirations. I came as a writer who had been tasked with reviewing a book by MIT professor and Lacanian analyst Sherry Turkle, entitled "Together Alone.” It is a marvelous book exploring how the interface of artificial intelligence and the human psyche have substantively changed the way we relate to one another. Inclusive of the subject was the examination of the impact that virtual worlds were making on human psychology. As I had never experienced a virtual world, I chose Second Life. I spent enough time here to write the review for the International Journal of Analytical Psychology and then....and then, I discovered Frank's Jazz and became a lounge lizard.

JB: You have opened retreat centers, musical venues, comedy clubs...the list goes on. Tell us about some of your more noteworthy creations here in SL?

PS: A few corrections...while I built two comedy clubs, I never actually opened them. This was, in part, due to the fact that a few years ago comedy was not considered a form of entertainment that is easily translated to the SL medium. But as for those endeavors I consider noteworthy is my first foray into venue ownership, The SL Playboy Mansion sim. I had very little experience at that point but I did have a large staff and we were able to launch many forms of entertainment in the myriad venues we had on that sim. I've opened Steele Street, a live music and residential venue in an urban setting. Later I reopened the original Petra's on a full sim which I built mostly on my own with some help from a very good friend. It was a beautiful sim and I still look at photos of it when I get sentimental.

But perhaps my greatest achievement in venue ownership was the original Petra's which was located on a half sim and where you can say I cut my teeth on how to run a live music venue, I must mention that I was fortunate enough to have had two remarkable GMs, RJ Dragon and later Hera Titan. I owe a great debt to them both. I miss the old Petra's and in my weaker moments I think of reopening it but honestly, I don't see that happening.

JB. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement and contribution to the SecondLife Grid?

PS. This answer is going to get me into trouble but let me first say that I mean no disrespect to the other very fine venues in SL. The remark I heard most from both entertainers and patrons was that my venues were, beautifully appointed and decorated, that our programming, which relied on the careful crafting of Lineups, and our penchant for 6-to-10-hour Music Festivals. Those were exciting events; I think in large part due not only to the stellar talent we booked but also to the careful and logical progression of acts in the lineup. The other issue that was mentioned to me was that my venues and events were of high standards and, forgive me, "classy". Of course, I had great examples to follow in this regard, especially The Frank's Entertainment Group where I am now employed as Director of New Events.

JB: What’s next in the life of Petra Steele? What can we look forward to in the near future?

PS: Right now, my sights are set on bringing newly conceptualized events to the FEG venues. We have added the Frank's Championship DJ Spin Off and that event is catching on each round. Currently, we have DJ Sharcrista Quan taking an early lead followed closely by DJ Rosabella and DJ Filo Tani. You can catch the next Spin Off at Frank’s Jazz, poolside on Sunday, July 24 at 7PM (HTTP://maps.secondlife/Frank;s%20Jass%20Club/45/118/24)

There are several other events I am proposing internally and we will announce them as I work these through the details with our GM, Ms Persia Silverblade and our owner, Mr.William Zeta. I am very proud to be a part of the FEG organization. The staff is peerless as is the management..

I think my plate is full at the moment and my focus on being able to make a substantive contribution to an organization that has long held my admiration and respect

JB: What is so unique about this opportunity presented to you?

PS: Well, it’s not every day one is offered a position that allows the opportunity for much freedom in proposing events of my own creation and to see them happen. I love being part of a larger group of people with the same goal but this job also allows me a measure of independence which I believe is enviable and also much appreciated in the confidence that is being placed on me.

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer readers?

PS: As per usual Josh, your well-formulated and relevant questions have covered the ground I'd consider most important. Thank you for your time and talent it's always a pleasure.

JB: The pleasure is mine, I assure you, Petra. Mine, and that of our readers. Best of luck in your newest of adventures. It is a pleasure to see you working again.

So, there you have it folks - the inside scoop from the woman who knows. Franks Entertainment Group has long been recognized as one of the best entertainment venues on the grid, and the one by which many others are measured. Now, with Petra Steele as their new Director of New Events, that standard of excellence promises to become even more so. Go check ‘em out. Stay for a dance. Stay for an hour, or stay for an evening. You’ll be glad you did. Tell ‘em “Josh sent ya”

Be There! Aloha!


For more information about Franks Entertainment Group and Petra Steele, go to: SURL: