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Showing posts with label Petra Steel. Show all posts

Monday, July 11, 2022


NOTE NOTE NOTE:  When first posted, this article mistakenly said the next DJ Spin-Off is July 17th.  The Corrected date is JULY 24

I first met Petra Steele while reviewing a new sim she was opening – a place called Steele Pointe, In the course of my research for that piece, the more I learned about this amazing woman, the more impressed I became. With an iconic style among the myriad of artists/entertainers than make up this amazing place, Petra has become something of a mainstay in the world of SecondLife entertainment. Her talents as an artist, writer, builder, manager, dancer, comedian, and musician seem to know no bounds. A noteworthy contributor to the world of the virtual, Petra accepts the accolades with grace and style. Never standing still, Miss Steele is always thinking about the next “big idea” in Grid Entertainment.

The other night while I was dancing at one of my favorite dance venues in SL, I bumped into Steele, the newly hired Director of Events at Frank’s Entertainment Group. We agreed to get together in a few days to catch up on her latest projects

Josh (Thomas1 Bellis) (JB): Tell us, Miss Steele, something about your background? What first drew you to SL as a medium for artistic expression?

Petra Steele (PS): Well now the fact is I didn't come to SL to find a medium for my artistic aspirations. I came as a writer who had been tasked with reviewing a book by MIT professor and Lacanian analyst Sherry Turkle, entitled "Together Alone.” It is a marvelous book exploring how the interface of artificial intelligence and the human psyche have substantively changed the way we relate to one another. Inclusive of the subject was the examination of the impact that virtual worlds were making on human psychology. As I had never experienced a virtual world, I chose Second Life. I spent enough time here to write the review for the International Journal of Analytical Psychology and then....and then, I discovered Frank's Jazz and became a lounge lizard.

JB: You have opened retreat centers, musical venues, comedy clubs...the list goes on. Tell us about some of your more noteworthy creations here in SL?

PS: A few corrections...while I built two comedy clubs, I never actually opened them. This was, in part, due to the fact that a few years ago comedy was not considered a form of entertainment that is easily translated to the SL medium. But as for those endeavors I consider noteworthy is my first foray into venue ownership, The SL Playboy Mansion sim. I had very little experience at that point but I did have a large staff and we were able to launch many forms of entertainment in the myriad venues we had on that sim. I've opened Steele Street, a live music and residential venue in an urban setting. Later I reopened the original Petra's on a full sim which I built mostly on my own with some help from a very good friend. It was a beautiful sim and I still look at photos of it when I get sentimental.

But perhaps my greatest achievement in venue ownership was the original Petra's which was located on a half sim and where you can say I cut my teeth on how to run a live music venue, I must mention that I was fortunate enough to have had two remarkable GMs, RJ Dragon and later Hera Titan. I owe a great debt to them both. I miss the old Petra's and in my weaker moments I think of reopening it but honestly, I don't see that happening.

JB. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement and contribution to the SecondLife Grid?

PS. This answer is going to get me into trouble but let me first say that I mean no disrespect to the other very fine venues in SL. The remark I heard most from both entertainers and patrons was that my venues were, beautifully appointed and decorated, that our programming, which relied on the careful crafting of Lineups, and our penchant for 6-to-10-hour Music Festivals. Those were exciting events; I think in large part due not only to the stellar talent we booked but also to the careful and logical progression of acts in the lineup. The other issue that was mentioned to me was that my venues and events were of high standards and, forgive me, "classy". Of course, I had great examples to follow in this regard, especially The Frank's Entertainment Group where I am now employed as Director of New Events.

JB: What’s next in the life of Petra Steele? What can we look forward to in the near future?

PS: Right now, my sights are set on bringing newly conceptualized events to the FEG venues. We have added the Frank's Championship DJ Spin Off and that event is catching on each round. Currently, we have DJ Sharcrista Quan taking an early lead followed closely by DJ Rosabella and DJ Filo Tani. You can catch the next Spin Off at Frank’s Jazz, poolside on Sunday, July 24 at 7PM (HTTP://maps.secondlife/Frank;s%20Jass%20Club/45/118/24)

There are several other events I am proposing internally and we will announce them as I work these through the details with our GM, Ms Persia Silverblade and our owner, Mr.William Zeta. I am very proud to be a part of the FEG organization. The staff is peerless as is the management..

I think my plate is full at the moment and my focus on being able to make a substantive contribution to an organization that has long held my admiration and respect

JB: What is so unique about this opportunity presented to you?

PS: Well, it’s not every day one is offered a position that allows the opportunity for much freedom in proposing events of my own creation and to see them happen. I love being part of a larger group of people with the same goal but this job also allows me a measure of independence which I believe is enviable and also much appreciated in the confidence that is being placed on me.

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer readers?

PS: As per usual Josh, your well-formulated and relevant questions have covered the ground I'd consider most important. Thank you for your time and talent it's always a pleasure.

JB: The pleasure is mine, I assure you, Petra. Mine, and that of our readers. Best of luck in your newest of adventures. It is a pleasure to see you working again.

So, there you have it folks - the inside scoop from the woman who knows. Franks Entertainment Group has long been recognized as one of the best entertainment venues on the grid, and the one by which many others are measured. Now, with Petra Steele as their new Director of New Events, that standard of excellence promises to become even more so. Go check ‘em out. Stay for a dance. Stay for an hour, or stay for an evening. You’ll be glad you did. Tell ‘em “Josh sent ya”

Be There! Aloha!


For more information about Franks Entertainment Group and Petra Steele, go to: SURL:



Thursday, January 27, 2022

Petra Steele appearing Feb 6th at Red Pug Pub


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Music Festival Presented by Steele Live Music Dec 2nd 2021


The Steele's Pointe sim has once again been transformed. The blacks and oranges of Halloween have been replaced with blankets of snow. New features on the sim include a beautiful ice-skating area, equipped with a state-of-the-art skating system that makes even the most inexperienced skater look like an Olympian. Surrounding this area is an enchanting winter landscape with many interactive features, as well as some wonderful spots for photo ops. Also new is a second mountain range built specifically for thrilling, sometimes harrowing, sleigh rides.

Steele Pointe's other venue, The Cave, will hold its first concerts on this day and, The Steampunk Ballroom has become a Christmas/Winter Pavillion.

Best of all Steele Live Music will present a day and evening long (10 continuos hours ) Music Festival featuring some of the most beloved and gifted artists in Second Life.
Please join us as we open the sim again and welcome you back to what promises to be a memorable time.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Steele Live Music Presents - Improv at The Knock Knock Room Monday Sept 14th 2020

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Steele Live Music Presents QUADRADIX Sept 13 2020

Monday, August 10, 2020

Schedule of Performance for Week of August 9 at PETRA's

Tuesday, August 11

3:00 pm  Essence Bilasomo
4:00 pm  Edian Tey
5:00 pm  Agatha Martin
6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger

Wednesday, August 12

4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Djembe Dragonfire
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, August 13

10:00 pm  Remy Farman  
5:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow  
6:00 pm  Turner Harbrough  
7:00 pm  - 9;00 pm   
A Double Shot of  Wayne Davis

Friday, August 14

2:00 pm  Max Kleene
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Cifuentes
5:00 pm  Savannah Rain
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas
8:00 pm  Voodoo Shilton
9:00 pm  Funky Freddy Republic

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Schedule of Performances for Week of August 2 at PETRA's

Tuesday, August 4

1:00 pm  TOXIE
2:00 pm   Lisa Brune

Wednesday, August 5
3:00 pm  Agatha Martin
4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Savannah Coronet
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, August 6
10:00 am  Remy Farman
5:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow
6:00 pm Turner Harbrough
7:00 pm  to 9:00 pm
A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, August 7
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger
5:00 pm  Hogan Baily
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Petra's Schedule of Performances - Week of June 21, 2020

Tuesday, June 23

2:00 pm TOXIE

3:00 pm Lisa Brune

Wednesday, June 24
2:00 pm   Savannah Corornett
3:00 pm   AbyGail Hastings
4:00 pm   Savannah Rain
5:00 pm   Agatha
6:00 pm   Noma Falta
7:00 pm   Red Heaven

Thursday, June 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm   Wayne Davis

Friday, June 26
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Serenade
5:00 pm  Hogan Baily
6:00 pm  Red Heaven

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Petra's Re-Opening and Steele Live Music

Our Grand Re-Opening was just a start and Steele Live Music forged into its first week of regularly scheduled performances in our live music venue, PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue 
In fact, we have rapidly expanded from our original two-day schedule to now presenting live music four days a week and averaging 17-18 hours of live artists.  

We received a very warm and spirited welcome from our patrons from the first PETRA's, from so many generous and supportive venue owners and performing artists.

Thank you to all who have helped us celebrate our return to the live music community.

Here is our schedule of performances for the coming week

Tuesday, June 9

2:00 pm   Lisa Bruen
3:00 pm   Sara Marie Philly
4:00 pm   Agatha and Collin Martin dual

Wednesday, June 10

2:00 pm   Savannah Coronet
3:00 pm   AbyGail Hastings 
4:00 pm   Savannah Rain 
5:00 pm   Agatha 
6:00 pm   Noma Falta 
7:00 pm   Liam Wakeman

Thursday, June 11

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm   Wayne Davis
9:00 pm    TOXIE

Friday, June 12

2:00 pm   Shagpile 
3:00 pm   AMforte Clarity 
4:00 pm   Annette Serenade 
5:00 pm   Hogan Baily 
6:00 pm   Red Heaven
7:00 pm   TwinGhost

Monday, May 25, 2020


A mere decade and a half ago, SecondLife was born, destined to become THE standard by which hundreds of other virtual worlds are measured. Unfortunately, some Sims and Regions have captured the imagination…only to be here one day, and gone the next,  as ethereal as the pixels they are made of.  Who among us hasn’t mourned the passing of some of our favorite venues…Toby’s House of Blues, Greenies, Wild Coast, or the Franks Entertainment Group?   Some of these places experience a rebirth, like the New Franks.   But for every amazing sim that disappears forever, another Sim, more amazing, more beautiful, and even MORE entertaining, rises to take its place.  And That, my friends, is the subject of today’s Feature.  The brainchild of veteran Sim builder, Petra Steele,  “Steele's Pointe” is the epitome of all that is good on the Grid today.   I managed to catch up to Petra as she was putting the finishing touches on her sim in preparation for their Grand Opening May 30 and 31, 2020, and she was kind enough to take a few minutes to show me around.

Josh Bellic (JB): So, tell me Petra. Just what is it that makes Steele's Pointe unique in SecondLife, a land with thousands of other sims?  What is it you are trying to do here?

Petra Steele (PS): Good question, Josh.  We feel strongly that work must proceed from a clear and intentional mission. and we put our hearts, talents and energies into fulfilling ours.  When I considered this question of "What is our mission?"  The words that immediately came to mind were: Art, Romance, Laughter.  We believe these three elements are essential in evoking joy.  We very much want to be able to contribute to the ever-emerging culture of SL, as well as, offer our own contribution by establishing three venues which represent each of the three elements of joy listed above.

JB: OK. Let’s take a look at these one at a time.  How do you plan to address “Art” at Steeles Pointe?

PS: We’re excited to say we’re reopening “PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue”.  It is housed in a large open-air pavilion spiced with a Middle Eastern themed decor.  Colorful, comfortable seating areas flank the large dance floor and an elevated stage/performance area.  While the club casts an aura of elegance, the atmosphere is relaxed, warm and inviting which allows both our artists and our guests to have an intimate, interactive experience.  The hosts of PETRA's are gracious and skilled, never failing to make each guest welcome.  You will recognize them in their black or white harem girl gowns.  We like to craft our lineups so that we can present many hours of nonstop live music, a kind of smaller version of a music festival.  We try to do our best to encourage your desire to stay and enjoy even more. Check out our Grand Opening Schedule below

JB:  Excellent.  And the Romance?  How will you approach this important element of your mission statement?

PS:  With, among other things, The Pointe Ballroom.  This venue is the absolute jewel in our crown.  A three chambered build, the interior of which is buttressed by towering trees with winding, tangled branches with many sizes and intensities of hanging lights.

The atmosphere is at once romantic and ethereal.  The interior decor has a pallet of gold and platinum metallic and white textures. Brass and silver planters holding large white blossoms of baby's breath festoon the perimeters while towering mirrors and candelabrum lend an air of stateliness and times past.  The Ballroom features live singers and DJs.  Attire is semi-formal and currently the Ballroom presents programing on Tuesdays. 

JB:  And finally, Laughter.  I have generally found SL to be a fun place, but not really a place known for outright Laughter. How do you plan to address tis on your Sim? 

PS:  With a Comedy Club, of course.  We have named it The Knock Knock Room!

This little comedy club has big goals, namely, to increase the presence of live comedy establishments in SL.  The club will offer open mic standup comedy and Improv. Coming from a performing arts background myself, I will be performing an original standup routine.  We are eager to have many more comedians and comediennes perform at The Knock Knock Room and encourage you to give either Open Mic or Improv a try.  I will also offer workshops on Improv, something I’ve done for several years on other sims.  The club itself is small and intimate. Choose your seat, either a black and white Jester’s chairs, or the innovative audience reaction chair equipped with sounds and gestures to let the performer know how you feel.

JB:  Those are some amazing chairs, Petra.  I tried one the other day, and it  actually let me applaud, roar with laughter, hoot, and any of about a dozen reactions I might have at a RL Comedy club.  So, that addresses the “Big Three”.  What else can guests look forward to at Steele Pointe?

PS:  Lots of things, Josh.  Our landing point is on the path between Petra's and the large fountain with wild horses.  Stands of beech, oak and maple trees and winding stone paths lead to our various venues but are also equipped with many areas for photo ops, cuddling, or just spending calm happy moments alone. You will see many statues in this area as well as around the Ballroom.  Two of them represent gods of Olympus, Mars and Psyche. There are tango sculptures and a man being pulled by his hot air balloon (located just above the ballroom's central chamber.

Behind the beach and boardwalk, you will find two amusement rides.  The Carousel is a bit on the kinky side to ride at your own risk. The Ferris Wheel also has it own set of surprises. Click on one gondola and have a seat giving you a great view of the entire sim.  Click on another and find yourself holding on for dear life hanging off the back of the gondola, your poor legs kicking frantically in the air. 

JB:   Anything else we should look for?

PS:  Near the residential area and across from the fountain is the Diva Stone Memorial Support Center, designed for individuals whose relations are mostly limited to online contact.  The internet relationship is still little understood.  Those who have not experienced one tend to look down on it as not quite real, and clinical support services for such couples is limited to nonexistent. The Center offers: lectures which refer to research on the subject of online relations; small group meetings and couples consultation. While I am a licensed psychoanalyst I am retired and no longer do clinical work. This is important to note as NO manner of therapy or analysis will be offered or given.  Our services are supportive in method and intent.

There is a Portrait Studio where you can have your profile photo taken or a shot with your loved one or friend.  We also have 2 Ye OIde Gacha Resale Shops, just across the path from the portrait studio. One shop offers apparel, the other home decor and miscellaneous pieces, many rare and uncommon.  All economically priced.  What could be better than coming to hear one of our great performers and get your Christmas shopping done early

Here you go, Folks.  This will be the opening to beat all openings,  Steele’s Pointe, May 30 and 31.

Be there!  Aloha! – JB

For more information, check out their FaceBook page at: