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Showing posts with label fundrasing. Show all posts

Monday, July 15, 2019

American Cancer Society's New Way of Fighting Breast Cancer in Second Life

The American Cancer Society’s New “DIY Campaign” Model will Simplify Breast Cancer Fundraising in Second Life

The American Cancer Society in Second Life is known for always adapting to the changing needs in our virtual world. The latest evolution will change how we fight breast cancer in the Second Life. 

After several conversations with multiple volunteers and considering many options, the ACS leadership team is excited to announce a new “DIY campaign”  model that will offer opportunities for new and existing volunteers to support the ACS’s breast cancer mission by creating their own campaigns. 

The new model allows anyone to plan their own campaign, using existing American Cancer Society fundraising tools that are designated to fight breast cancer during the month of October. This is a great way for volunteers and advocates to think BIG! Within Second Life, there can be a multitude of major campaigns overlapping each other throughout the month of October, creating a movement across the grid where we attack breast cancer from every angle.

“Established events like Out Shop Cancer and the Making Strides Walk will continue and are examples of the types of fundraising campaigns that we hope to see more of, from various segments of the larger virtual universe,” says Stingray Raymaker, Sr. Consultant of Virtual Community Development. “We want every community in Second Life to feel like they can organize and lead their own campaign.”

Questions about Strides Campaigns or the American Cancer Society in Second Life can be directed to MamaP Alter, Trager Alter, or Nikki Mathieson.