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Showing posts with label global peace. Show all posts

Saturday, October 15, 2016

GeekSpeak – Will there always be war? Saturday October 15th 12pm SLT

Why are we always at war somewhere on Earth?  Is it something in human nature that cannot be changed?  Will we always see wars, however much our world changes?  If we colonize other planets will those planets go to war?  Are there powers on Earth that profit from war and will always make sure that there is perpetual war?

Or do you think that global peace is in our future?  Could peace develop gradually until no one can imagine a world where there are wars?  What would a world without any war look like?

Everyone thinks that war is madness.  But how can we stop war?  Is there anything we can do?  Or do you think the drawbacks of global peace would be greater than the costs of war?

Bring your peace pipes to the discussion at GeekSpeak.  IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.