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Showing posts with label war. Show all posts

Friday, March 11, 2022

GeekSpeak – What will the Post-war World look like? Saturday, March 12th at 12pm SLT


There is a war raging now that will change the world stage, maybe forever.  What will happen to world politics and the world economy in the future?

Will the world convert quickly to solar power?  Or will we start fracking?  Or rely on nuclear power?  Or dig for coal? What about oil prices?  Will the war accelerate the trend to electric vehicles?

Will the Cold War start again?  Will the war put an end to our efforts to stop global warming?  Will we still be able to live as we do now?

And what will happen to the Space industry?  Will we have to stop our journey into the universe?

Come to GeekSpeak at noon SLT on Saturday and discuss the changes that will reshape the world. Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Stacey Visits The STOP WAR Sim - Stacey Cardalines Reporting


War is very unpleasant to think about, and many would view SL as a means of temporary escape. One can't actually do anything about those tanks, but one can get away from it for a while on SL. In a broad sense, it is sort of what SL is for.

However, what if you don't want to escape? What if you want to talk to other people about what is going on? SL is good for that, too. Many sims on SL get Ripped From The Headlines, and after a while it rebounds back to someone like me and what is Ripped From The Headlines becomes the actual headline. I visited one of those sims today.

The world watched in outrage as Russian armies attacked the Ukraine. It is a horrible thing to watch, and it has catastrophic potential implications if other players become involved. You'd think "worldwide plague" would be enough, but we just upped the ante. Russians have reasons for acting as they do, and "obscure SL sportswriter column" is most likely not where those reasons need to be debated.

Russia's invasion of the Ukraine is not fun stuff to play out at a sim. I'd greatly question the integrity of someone who made a first-person shooter Russia vs the Ukraine war game sim... right after I played it for a few hours, of course. Just kidding, I don't think I could perform the moral gymnastics needed to play something for laughs as people are dying for real in the Ukraine. I do some hardcore RP too, so my bar is pretty high, and my refusal to war-game the Ukraine horror is thusly notable.

STOP WAR is a sim which just went into effect last Friday. It is not a grand sim in any design way, it is in fact very simple. There are a few pictures, a chart showing NATO countries, a dispenser where you can get a free Ukraine flag and a game table. Nothing there that will stop a war, and at this point it is important to remember that wars aren't going to be stopped by video games, and in fact often resemble video games when you see someone guiding in a missile and so forth. 

Pela, who runs the STIP WAR sim, is no fool, and her sim title is more Idealistic than an aspect of a mission statement. I spoke with her a while while visiting her sim in the early US morning. She put the sim up Friday, and will leave it up as long as it is active and stays relatively positive.

Pela recognizes that, in times of war, people get traumatized, or even just upset, or even just intrigued. They need somewhere to go where they can discuss it. It may not be polite to take over someone's nightclub and turn it into a NATO discussion format. However, at STOP WAR, you can chat about the war all you like. 

Human nature being what it is, people sometimes choose Battle over Reason. However, there are places for both, and this sim falls into the camp of the latter. Anyone getting too close to the former will be asked to leave. This sim is meant to allow people to seek some comfort.

They are getting some good traffic for a sim that started Friday, so there is definitely interest in the topic among those who play the Linden way. Pela is running the sim for all the right reasons, and hopefully good beats evil. Pela told me that some Russian themed sims were having some problems with people arguing, and hopefully that doesn't go down at STOP WAR. 

I got some Ukraine gear from the SL Marketplace, not the STOP WAR sim. Pela- who seems pretty nice, and dresses cooler than I do- isn't running that sim to make a profit, and the only gear they had there was a free flag. I may wear my Ukraine outfit at my dancer job, although it might cost me Russian tips. I've had no luck finding Belarus gear. I do have a USSR gymnast leotard, which I saw at a store and I thought looked cool. I can switch between outfits from different nations, depending on the political affiliations of my customers. I never imagined that I'd have to think geopolitically when I accepted the dancer job at the wrestling sim, but that's how things shake out sometime.

Yes, that's my ass in that picture. Never let it be said that Stacey Cardalines shirks from the horrors of war. Spasibo.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Here is the GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 22nd January at noon SLT: War! What causes it?

Why do we fight wars?  Why do people who could be good friends try to solve their differences by killing each other? Are wars always about resources, or religion, or justice, or revenge?  Can they be about something that no one outside the conflict can understand? 

What will the wars of the future be about? Will future wars be over almost as soon as they start?  Or will the next war last for 10,000 years?

Can we prevent wars?  Will wars end if we feed everyone properly?  Or are they in our nature?

Come and discuss the best way to peace at GeekSpeak this Saturday at noon SLT.  Bring all your fellow humans.  Guns not allowed.

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, July 30, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 31st July at noon SLT: The Future of War!

What will we kill ourselves and our enemies about in the future?  If we don’t fight over oil what will we fight over?  Land on other planets, water, sunlight, air?  New religions?

And how will we fight?  We won’t send millions of soldiers to the trenches anymore.  Maybe we will send robotic poisonous mosquitoes.  Or swarms of drones.  Maybe all fighting will be done by robots on other planets.  Or maybe our minds will be attacked by nanobots.  Or will we be destroyed by bioweapons? 

Will war ever stop?  Will aliens in a few million years find 2 tribes of drones still killing each other on an Earth where all organic life has died?

Bring your kids!  Fun for the whole family!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

GeekSpeak – how close are we to a nuclear war? Join the discussion on Saturday July 27th at 12pm SLT

Nowadays most of us are less worried about nuclear weapons than we were in the last century.  But is that reasonable?  The danger is still there.  Any conventional war could become a nuclear war.  As nuclear weapons spread, more and more countries could start a nuclear war.  

Would it be possible for terrorists to start one, either by making nuclear weapons or by hacking into command codes?  Could a nuclear war start by sheer accident?

Where will this happen?  What are the danger areas?  And what will happen in the aftermath?  Will we completely destroy the planet, or will the nuking stop after the first 10 or so?

Would we be safer if all countries had nukes, or if none did?  Are there ways to stop this madness?  Come and discuss total annihilation.  Bring your lead radiation suit.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

GeekSpeak – Will there always be war? Saturday October 15th 12pm SLT

Why are we always at war somewhere on Earth?  Is it something in human nature that cannot be changed?  Will we always see wars, however much our world changes?  If we colonize other planets will those planets go to war?  Are there powers on Earth that profit from war and will always make sure that there is perpetual war?

Or do you think that global peace is in our future?  Could peace develop gradually until no one can imagine a world where there are wars?  What would a world without any war look like?

Everyone thinks that war is madness.  But how can we stop war?  Is there anything we can do?  Or do you think the drawbacks of global peace would be greater than the costs of war?

Bring your peace pipes to the discussion at GeekSpeak.  IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take Part in Combat; Show Your Brutal Side- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Real life is rarely on the verge of mortal combat. Even when war takes place, most just watch it on television. No one joins the army. This leaves a void in many. The desire for all-out fights never gets fulfilled. The monotony of life takes over us and the pent-up aggression begins to show up as defects in our personalities. This may explain some weird behavior in real life.
But thanks to Second Life, we have a few places where we can release our pent-up emotions. These places let you indulge in your brutal fantasies at no cost to real life.

Here is a list: