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Showing posts with label intelligence. Show all posts

Saturday, August 6, 2016

GeekSpeak SL – What is intelligence? Does it have an upper limit? Join the discussion Saturday August 6th At 12pm SLT

This week we are wondering what exactly intelligence is and if there is a limit to it.  Is it adequately measured by IQ tests?  Are there different kinds of intelligence?

Are computers more intelligent than humans?  Would a computer be able to get an IQ score of 10,000?  What would that mean?  And how could we test for it?

Will computers be able to enhance their own IQ scores?  If we define intelligence as ‘the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills’ does this mean that there is a self-enforcing system here and no limit?  What if there is a limit and it is reached?

Come to GeekSpeak and discuss what IQ is and what we should do with it.