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Showing posts with label jennifermay carlucci. Show all posts

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

EXISTENCE IN BALANCE: An in depth interview with Second Life Artist JenniferMay Carlucci- Dean Lawson Reporting...

According to her press release ; "JenniferMay Carlucci is inspired by the creation of our earth and the offering of our beautiful planet into the physical Universe. 'Existence in Balance' shows Earth being created and how we humans are part of this loving process. With nothing more than this intriguing concept she starts to explore and build up her vision. Building a visual route up along a growing Planet Earth, Jenn will drag you into a breathtaking experience. 

Experience by means of motion (dance), visualization (decor), sound (special compositions of music), feelings (use of particles) - beauty and purity. The ground level of the sim is used to create an environment from the moment that earth is created. Earth in its early state, moving towards growth, awareness of existence, and completion for life to exist on. From the moment on when life is eminent, Earth is situated within the known Universe, our Universe. Gloriously balanced between stars, planets, galaxies as we know it. Feeling this theme can speak to so many, she connects with many talented residents, offering them a platform to share their ideas and feelings about “Existence in Balance”, encouraging them to travel alongside with her on this extraordinary and amazing voyage. 'Existence in Balance' is offering the visitors a serene environment where they will be submerged in a breathtaking trip around the sim.”

Much like the press release, the LEA installation "Existence in Balance” is a flood of ideas that are unconventional and Avant Guard. I had the good fortune to chat with Jennifer May Carlucci, the artist behind the design and concept, as well as Falkon Wickentower, who helped with scripts and other technical aspects of this project.
Dean : Hi Jennifer, hi Falkon, thanks for inviting me … Would you like to begin by telling me about your installation? What inspired you to create?
Jennifer : I had an idea to create a virtual world about how earth was created already many years ago … just to let people see where we originate from … to show the beauty … It is the idea of our souls being created in the non physical world, where earth is created as well … I want to offer a visual experience of the whole process … so when this is done people will be able to travel around here … go through a wormhole into the existing world … and  from there into Universe
Falk : dont forget the musical side on the experience of the sim.
Jennifer : Also I made this compilation of the music you hear now especially for this project … at the opening we will have a big show with a combination of dance, particles and music about this subject … the music will tell the tale of creation.

Dean : I see two hands holding a globe, is this a representation of God?
Jennifer : no … it is the creation of earth … this symbolises the non physical world … I do not wish to give this a religious feel … the hands are molding earth and finally releasing the world ready to be into the physical universe
Falk : earth being shaped
Jennifer : here the visitor will start his voyage … here it is all pure and serene … my way of showing this is the cold and icey underwaterworld … the hearts here below represent love … there are 4 directions … reality, fantasy, spiritualism, and emotion … this level is called truth … as we are standing here and we each see and choose our own direction
Dean Lawson : Is truth a link between the four directions?
Jennifer : exactly … as you see there are 4 platforms shaped from hearts … they are below us … those are the directions 

Dean : So truth is where the visitor to your sim begins and then they choose the path of reality, fantasy, emotion and spiritualism?
Jennifer : yes .. they come in in a small area where some information is available ... from there they come here and then they can choose a path … that will be a tour ... they just sit on a pose ball and fly around ... from the direction they choose ... first a little in this area ... then they go thru a wormhole, leaving the nonphysical world ... thats a special scripted trick ... the wormhole is a long tube with several effects and textures … depending on the direction they choose … at the end they land in the physical world … in the direction they chose ... what they will see are floating islands with themes on that subject … these floating islands are located around a large floating island this will be the centre stage.

Dean : Could Falk elaborate on some of the scripting required in constructing the tour?
Falk :  sure ... the Tour is build with a scripting language embedded inside a system that ... provides poseballs ... the program lets us use animations … TP's … Poses ... information blocks … sounds ... and spoken texts ... the tour can be started by 1 or many together …  I would like to point out that this build is so serene that by example, new visitors like the lady Mycky that just about 15 minutes ago arrived here, isn't even flying around , but nicely relaxing in the reception chairs....
According to Jennifer the installation will be officially opened in the beginning of April, 2017. For more information on Second Life Artists JenniferMay Carlucci, Falkon Wickentower and the LEA installation "Existence in Balance” you can click on the links below or visit the installation at the following SLURL

Dean Lawson