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Showing posts with label jenny robledo. Show all posts

Saturday, July 10, 2010

FASHION, On the SL Fashion Scene - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Azure Yachts
Once again the fashion industry in SL has been a hive of activity. I managed to catch two of the major events of the weekend.

Azure Yachts launch which took place on Saturday, July 10, 2010 and which was a gala day of festivities celebrating the Grand Opening of Azure Yachts and the unveiling of the fabulous Alpha Fleet. Featuring the Gems & Kisses collection of fine jewellery presented by one of Second Life’s premiere modelling agency Boulevard Modelling Agency followed by an after party second to none with three of Second Life’s BEST Djs SAO Tokyoska , Jenny Robledo and DJ Karrano Arashi doing the honours.

The intention of the show was to showcase the diverse opportunities for design in Second Life. On the one hand the micro-craft of designing and making Jewellery featuring "Gems & Kisses" by Deliziosa Vendetta who is synonymous with highly innovative and creative jewellery in SL and on the other hand the macro builds of luxury Super-Yachts by Niyo Batista of Azure Yachts. The venue itself was one of Azure yachts’ impressive true Luxury Super-Yachts.