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Showing posts with label leisure. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One new full sim with more dock rentals and residences soon to come at Napoli Estates!


Exciting news this past week from Napoli Estates!  The new full sim, Aryadeva, has been added and is currently under development with water front residences.  New boat slips have already been added and are ready for rent!  

In addition to the new sim, there are still a few residences left for rent on Shala!  They are going fast, so don't miss out!  Check out available properties listings in live time on the website at  

Contact Jericho Napoli (nightdr) in world for any questions, to schedule a tour or to take advantage of their move in special: rent two weeks, get one week free!

About Napoli Estates:

Established in 2016, Napoli Estates is family owned and operated with the goal of providing a happy and healthy environment for all our residents. We are a growing estate that offers low prim residential and leisure rentals spanning from 450 prims to 75 prims in a relaxing and quiet tropical oasis. We also offer dock rental boasting access all the way to the Blake Sea! Fly the mainland from Napoli Estates Airfield!  Join our yacht club, N'EYC, for social mixers, planned parties, events and boating safety classes for both our members and the community at large! Come visit us in-world and let us welcome you home to Napoli Estates today!  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finding a Balance: Are you Living in the Virtual Moment and Letting Real time pass you by? -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

The virtual world has a way of sucking a person in and spitting them out years later with their head spinning. Some move on to bigger things while others continue the virtual path in search of something that needs to be fulfilled in their life.

 My inspiration for this article comes from a friend I recently spoke to about his virtual world experience and how he feels he let 6 years slip away with a snap of his fingers. I can certainly relate to how years can fly by in a virtual world but I also think that unless you are involved in something great that leads to positive changes in your real life, the virtual world can be very fulfilling or for some, a waste of time that they could be spending in the real world.

People involved in virtual worlds spend their time doing an assortment of things that satisfy their creativity and personal needs. Some venture around Second Life in search of companionship because it may be difficult for them in the real world due to social awkwardness or anxiety. Others come from loveless marriages or live in loneliness and are looking for that feeling of being loved and needed. Those things can be found in Second life, but does it mean there are real emotions involved or just an illusion that takes away from the words “living life”?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

SLE Review: Atlantis Swingers Resort and Spa is the place to see it all! FEATURING A NEW BAND EVERY SUNDAY @ 6PM SLT Shay Dalek Reporting...

Shay Dalek Meditating

Atlantis Swingers Spa and Resort officially opened its doors last Sunday with a huge bang .Drawing over 50 people to its first live concert on the beach, party goers were treated to Def Leopard presented by the Rock Shoppe.  Shortly before 6pm SLT, the crowd began to gather and mingle and the atmosphere was electrifying.  People began to fall in from the midnight sky, from the prompt patron to the fashionably late, all gathered to claim their spot on the beach.  It isn’t a rock concert unless there is at least one head-banger in the crowd, and that night, there were several.  From the itty bitty bikinis to the full onslaught of head to toe leather ensembles, Def Leopard lovers gathered from far and wide, and beneath the glittery tropical night sky, a fantastic time was had by all. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wicked Garden

A Stacey-eye view of Wicked Garden...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

FASHION, On the SL Fashion Scene - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Azure Yachts
Once again the fashion industry in SL has been a hive of activity. I managed to catch two of the major events of the weekend.

Azure Yachts launch which took place on Saturday, July 10, 2010 and which was a gala day of festivities celebrating the Grand Opening of Azure Yachts and the unveiling of the fabulous Alpha Fleet. Featuring the Gems & Kisses collection of fine jewellery presented by one of Second Life’s premiere modelling agency Boulevard Modelling Agency followed by an after party second to none with three of Second Life’s BEST Djs SAO Tokyoska , Jenny Robledo and DJ Karrano Arashi doing the honours.

The intention of the show was to showcase the diverse opportunities for design in Second Life. On the one hand the micro-craft of designing and making Jewellery featuring "Gems & Kisses" by Deliziosa Vendetta who is synonymous with highly innovative and creative jewellery in SL and on the other hand the macro builds of luxury Super-Yachts by Niyo Batista of Azure Yachts. The venue itself was one of Azure yachts’ impressive true Luxury Super-Yachts.