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Showing posts with label lux paris. Show all posts

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Changing the definition of beauty WE ARE THE WORLD Fashion Show


A bit like that memorable night of January 1985, when dozens of singers from all over the world came together to record WE ARE THE WORLD, 22 models of all ethnicities will tell the fashion of the world SATURDAY October 1st at 12 PM SLT in a striking fashion show by The Powerhouse agency and LUXE Paris.

By Mika Palmyra

 ''Check your egos at the door'' read the sign placed by Quincy Jones on the front door of A&M Studios that night in L.A., 37 years ago. Here in Second Life, we could write: CHANGING THE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY, the message that inspired the foundation of The Powerhouse Collective and that LUXE Paris also conveys through its slogan DIVERSITY.

France, USA, Africa, Argentina, UK, Spain, Ireland. Japan, Italy... The 22 Power models will take us around the world with evocative looks assembled with LUXE Paris clothes.

The models were left completely free to create the look of their choice with the LUXE Paris outfits of their choice to illustrate the fashion style of the nation of their choice. This freedom to create combined with the expertise of the Power models has given spectacular results, of which we give you a brief overview in a superb photo taken by Melinda Bayn de Naidoo.

 To see the rest, you will have to join us SATURDAY October 1st at NOON for our WE ARE THE WORLD in the name of the beauty of all colours!


Pick-up your ticket at LUXE Paris at

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