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Showing posts with label matchmaking. Show all posts

Monday, September 11, 2023


Hey Lifey Babes, this is your girl Monique coming to you with the hottest advice when it comes to dating in the fast-paced world of Second Life. 

Autumn is right around the corner and my favorite of the four seasons. There is something so special about the changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin flavored drinks, knitted sweaters and football (even though I have no idea what is going on in the game LOL). 

Cooler weather conditions are perfect for keeping everyone staying indoors and logged on to Second Life. And guess what, it is Cuffing Season! 

SL dating can be challenging for guys. It’s hard to separate yourself from every other guy in your Crush's inbox. Lucky for you, I have a solution, we can get her the perfect gift. 


The objective of cuffing season is to Woo your crush into being your Cuff for the Holiday Season at least up until after Valentine’s Day. Meaning, she is not your girlfriend yet. Therefore, we will need something a little less X-rated and something a little more flirtatious and thoughtful to win her heart!



The Holdie gift is the safest casual choice in the Second Life gift realm. Holdies can be a cute accessory that always fits. Most importantly, a Holdie drink can be an introduction to role play, a quick coffee date to get to know your crush; it’s natural and effortless. 

She will enjoy the gesture and always remember you when she is holding it. Small gestures can create the best memories. A great casual coffee date can lead to future dates! 

The pick up line: 

● “That (Insert X-Drink Name) would be perfect for (Insert X-coffee shop/ X-juice bar), let me Teleport you there!” 

Where do we buy the gift: 


● One of my favorite Holdie/Holdables stores. They have many creative options, they look realistic and have many Weekend Sales! 

In the pictures below I am at the MOVEMENT store. I am holding the “Autumn Evening - Coffee and Cinnamon” on display. I also have the” Donut Strawberry Shake.” 



Women are nurturers, it is in our DNA. Research shows men with cute animals in their dating profiles get more matches. Using this knowledge, we know she will love the perfect little creature as a gift. 

For the girl you already know, ask her in casual conversation what animals she likes and dislikes. Make sure her gift is not an animal she has a phobia of (that could end up to be a disaster). 

If she already has a SecondLife pet, you could get her something similar. If you two are on a personal level, you could ask her for a picture of her real life pet and you could get her the SecondLife version of that exact one. Her heart will melt so be prepared for all the Awes! 

Another thing to consider is your Crush’s overall aesthetic before you get her a pet. Example: 

● If your Crush is a girly-girl you might want something fluffy like a bunny/kitten ● If your Crush is edgy and likes black maybe a reptile/ bat 

● If your Crush is a mythical being she might like a fairy/dragon instead The Pick up Line: 

● “Your pet matches you perfectly, we should do a photoshoot of us and your new pet!” ● “I saw this (Inset X-pet type) that reminded me of (Insert her real life Pet’s name) and I thought you’d like it in Second Life too!” 

Where do we buy the gift: 

REZZ ROOM: ● REZZ ROOM is a great standard place to pick up the standard common pets along with a few exotic ones! 

In the picture below I am at REZZ ROOM hanging out with Lions, the cub is so cute! 



Cute Pajamas are a step down from the risque nature of lingerie, but still romantic. The perfect introduction to propose a late night movie date or snuggling by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. 

The pick up line: 

● “You look cute in those pajamas, you should wear them to watch a movie with me later.” ● “You look so cozy in that, you should wear it by this fireplace at (Inset X-location) while we talk and gaze at the stars.” 

Where do we buy the gift: 


● The store is full of nighties, sleeping shirts and other cute sets I have been eyeing. 

In the picture below I am wearing pajama shorts and a top set with adorable pizzas on them from Gossip, they also have an avocado and cow version if you like! 



Jewelry is for the woman you already have a deep romantic connection with.The gesture will make her feel special. You can present the jewelry on a romantic date before proposing the idea of spending the Holiday Season together. 

Simple earrings or a bracelet that matches your crushes style should do the trick. The benefit to Jewelry is it fits, and ideally should be able to match many outfits. Everytime she looks at it, she will feel adored. Remember, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend! 

She will have something to show her girlfriends while she talks about how exciting and thoughtful you are. 

The pick up Line: 

● “I really enjoy spending time with you, my family lives far away and I was wondering if you’d like to see eachother on (Inset X-holiday).” 

● “There’s a party and I would like you to be my plus one if you would like to join me!” ● “I was thinking you could wear this. We could both dress up for a photoshoot for (X-holiday) if you like!” 

Where do we buy the gift: 


● An amazing location to pick up a little trinket or chain of all metals and a variety of styles. 

VEXIIN: ● Firstly, the store is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The store reminds me of a Casino, a great place to actually bring your crush to pick out the gift herself. Vexiin has great classic pieces or pieces that are more blingy your crush likes that look more! 

In the picture below I have on a double butterfly chain from VOBE called “Valentina Necklace Silver ''. I think it’s so pretty. The watch is from VEXIIN and called “Merit Diamond Watch (Platinum)” I wear it all the time as a timeless piece. 


Autumn is one of the most eventful Seasons and in our down time indoors it is a wonderful thing to be able to spend it with people we care about, especially your Crush. As a guy, you can always show the girl you care about affection and treat her with a special gift to make memories that will last longer than a Season.