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Showing posts with label Autumn. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving From the Sports and Leisure Desk at SLE- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...


Gobble Gobble!

Thanksgiving and Halloween are sorts of the co-anchors of the Autumn season. Autumn starts in September, but September and early October can still have some nice days, at least where I live (Massachusetts). Halloween and Thanksgiving fall (no pun intended) is a time of year when there is no doubt that Summer has left the building. I've bundled my children up in winter coats to send them trick or treating, and I've sat at a Thanksgiving football game where it was 12 degrees outside.

This cold dichotomy may lead some people to hate Autumn, but not this reporter. I love the change of seasons, I love the fall foliage and I love all the harvest stuff going on at local farms. One of the reasons that I haven't written here in a while is that I spent a lot of October and November driving around to look at trees changing color or roaming through pumpkin patches like Linus. There are other reasons, but they are sad ones, and this is supposed to be the Enquirer's funny column, so no need to drag that all up here.

I was looking to write about Thanksgiving and especially Plymouth. Plymouth is the birthplace of Thanksgiving (Jamestown had the real first Thanksgiving, but Virginians need to argue with their underperforming public relations staff, not me). I live deep enough in real-life Plymouth County that I can see the Mayflower II across the bay from my house. Seeking to capitalize on this unearned Dad-bought-a-house-here expertise, I hunt incessantly for Plymouth-related sims every November so that I can let the people know my wisdom.

Only once in my years working for this publication have I found Plymouth on SL, and- to be frank- it looked more like northern California... and I say that in the "Sacramento is not California" sense that Rush Street Reggie made famous. They had a Mayflower, a few colonial-looking cabins, and some turkeys running about. I was very pleased, and Lanai got a Thanksgiving article out of me that year. That sim is something else these days, and I could find no substitute for it any other year I looked.

This year also failed to net me a Plymouth, but that doesn't mean my deadline goes away, so I had to hunt me up some Autumn somewhere.

I found Autumn in spades at the Mieville Thanksgiving Street Fair. This is a very nice sim that is all set up for the Fall season. as you can see from the pictures, they have turkeys, fireplaces, fall foliage, November-blooming flowers... all that good stuff.  The sim is cleverly constructed so the visitor walks around a pastoral autumn scene, but as they do, they go by little sales kiosks where they can purchase seasonally-themed products.

It makes for a very nice walk and is a good setting for some cute pictures. I heartily recommend it. They have the autumnal theme running through the 25th, so hurry on down this long weekend. Much like real life, there isn't much time for you to see Fall things... it will be December before you and I speak again.

People take things in SL for granted. If you go to a sim where it is done up for Autumn, you should rightfully praise whoever set the sim up. You should also, however, appreciate the infrastructure which provides the things that you see at that sim. You have to find someone who sells Autumn trees, turkeys, horns-o-plenty, Mayflowers, and what have you. SL is funny like that- many people play SL just to have cyber sex, but there are people who log on to SL and spend the day making Pilgrim hats. Because of them and the sacrifices they made, the sim you get laid at has a nice, comforting Autumn look. A timeless Norman Rockwell background takes some of the shame out of av-fucking a stranger.

Because there are designers who make turkey tailfeathers and Pilgrim costumes, my sister Courtney and I have seasonally-themed outfits for our job as dancers. Being from Plymouth, I was a natural for the Naughty Pilgrim costume. Not being from Plymouth, my sister ended up having to be a turkey. I didn't think to include my costume, which is just black lingerie with a Priscilla Alden bonnet, in this article. There was no way in Hell I was going to forget to highlight my sister with goofy turkey feathers attached to her lower spine. 

I won the next season, too... I get to dance as Mrs. Claus, while Courtney will spend December wearing reindeer antlers with blinking Christmas tree lights on them. Much like her tailfeathers, she loves when people ask about her antlers, why she has to wear them, whether she lost a bet or not... go on down and say hello.

People should also not take Autumn for granted. Autumn gets a bad rap, basically because it is Summer's pallbearer. Never forget that Autumn stands between Summer and the ice/cold/snow of Winter. Winter's main holiday- Christmas- is all about snow and cold. There will be months where you'd be thrilled to see a forecast for the day as "highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s." People in western New York right now wish it was 48 degrees.

The key is to see the bright side. Go out even on SL- and see some trees changing color. Get an apple cider donut. Watch some farmer harvest something. Remember, in about a month, it will be too cold to go out. Go down to the Mieville Thanksgiving Street Fair and see some Autumn. Otherwise, once you go down the list some, you'll end up at Divas, watching a stripper journalist dressed as a Pilgrim... or her sister Courtney, dressed as a turkey.

The positive part of journalism is informing the public, sharing your adventures, helping someone who needs help, promoting good causes, blah blah blah... the negative but fun part of journalism is using your column to humiliate your sister, who might have to dance for all comers dressed as a turkey.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

This Year, Falloween Fell On A Weekend... Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Who doesn't like fall foliage? It's one of the few non-syrup reasons I go to Vermont. Autumn colors are my favorite colors, and I even like the air best in fall. I have turned down pretty good jobs in real life that would move me out of New England, partly because I would greatly miss the change of the seasons. People from Maine or Cape Cod often joke about how the tourists all bail before the best season comes, and fall foliage is a big part of that equation.

I'm easy to please with Autumn. I'll be upfront with you that this applies to SL as well. Looking at leaves while playing a game like SL- where you can do virtually anything that can be animated- may seem dull, but if something brings you enjoyment RL, why not check it out in SL? That is actually a pretty good policy to follow, as long as you keep an open mind for new things, or even things you just may not have thought to check out. That's why the gods gave us the SL Enquirer, we do a lot of the leg work for your imagination.

You lose a few things between RL and SL when leaf-peeping. You don't get the crisp fall winds, the smell of falling leaves, the sounds of leaf blowers, the cooling air... the whole October aspect. Some of this can be offset by leaving the window open in your office when playing SL, at least if you live in Massachusetts. We can't add "three hour drive into the mountain forest," but they have driving sims in SL, so you could just go to a few of those to recreate that part. You can even drink some cider or eat some pumpkin pie as you play SL. I can't do all the thinking for you, but I have done enough to kill this paragraph. I have like seven pictures to frame this story around, and tangents are both a writer's best friend and her worst enemy.

I drag my husband along checking leaves if I can't talk any of my girlfriends into driving to the Berkshires in real life. He goes, and claims to enjoy it, but I think he enjoys it like I enjoy going to things that he likes, such as monster movies or car races. "Yes dear, it's wonderful." He knows I'll at least feed him at some point, so it all works out. On such things are happy marriages built.

I went to Falloween by myself, but I usually work solo if I don't need a model. I do my dirt all by my lonesome, as the song says. I'd recommend that for serious Fall folks. A yapping friend or a disinterested spouse are distractive variables, and I don't care if "distractive" might not be a word. Hardcore leaf peepers know of what I speak, and they know that I speak words of Truth.

The good people at Cherished Melody must be fellow lovers of Autumn because they turned the sim out in full fall foliage regalia this year. The sim is known as Falloween, at least for this month. I went through it this morning, and it is lovely. I'd guess that the sim owners are New Englanders, but you never know. I went to a Plymouth sim once, and the owner turned out to be from friggin' Germany.

They have a path that winds through a fall forest, and there are little surprises along the way. Said surprises include a scary graveyard, a witch house, a castle sort of building, and perhaps a few other things. They also had an Autumn-themed art exhibit with pictures of girls in various orange and black. You could spend a good amount of time just checking that stuff out. The graphic artist was quite talented. In fact, whoever put the sim together is pretty talented his or her bad self. They hit Autumn out of the damned park.

Falloween is not a massive sim, you'd have difficulty getting lost in it. However, it was laid out cleverly, and you can kill some time strolling through it. If you need a temporary chill spot to do some messaging or chat to a friend, this would be good for it. If you own spooky clothing, this would be a good sim to go to and just pretend to be part of the exhibit. I do it now and then, people get spooked if the exhibits start talking to them. I didn't do that here, I was there in a bathing suit- as much as I love Autumn, I tend to let go of Summer with great difficulty. Stacey sometimes goes to her SL Enquirer job straight from the beach, player.

However, the real reason you go to this sim is to stroll around and enjoy the various leaves. You could conceivably do this on SL in July or January, but October is when you should be doing it. I don't know how long they keep this sim up, but there is a season for everything, and you should already be heading to this place. I don't write these articles for exercise. I actually write them for money, but helping out my readers is an added bonus.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

LAST DAY! :The Fall Full Perm Fair at Old Europe Village October 12th - November 4th

 The Fall Full Perm Fair. Starting your second life business starts here. This event features more than forty top full permissions creators in all categories and also is featuring halloween the creators are offering their latest releases, and fair exclusives at big discounts and FREE gifts.  All creations purchased can be re-sold in accordance with the creators TOS.The fair is sponsored by the Full Perm group

Contact Keith Bemis SL avatar name Up4 Dawes

Thursday, October 4, 2018

FALL FASHION TRENDS 2018 Cecilia Rosalie Reporting

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something, but to make a long story short I am back, refreshed and bringing you tons of (fashionable) goodies, of course.

Summer is almost gone and it’s time to renew our wardrobe. In fact mine needs to be thrown away! Let’s take a look at the current fashion trends in Autumn 1018, the eccentric and surreal style is in fashion this year, and the designs and suggestions I have for you will impress you.


The fire red is one of the must have colors to be worn. The absolute monochrome is not forbidden and the total red look is imposed. Red will not be worn only in clothes but also in shoes and different accessories.


Pieces taken from the athletic clothing industry are embedded with chic pieces and the result is unique. Small details that make the outfit stand out and the athletic-chic style emphasizes its presence.


The crop-top trend came to stay so, the jackets for this year - leather, textile, inflatable - are cut higher and renew the fashion in the jackets, which until last year was long with sharp cut waist design.


The plaid pattern in all its glory. Vintage selection for Autumn 2018 that has truly been loved by most women. You will see it everywhere. In coats, skirts, trousers and shirts. The most dominating shades are gray and brown.


Sexy satin is back in a variety of colors. Satin dresses and tops in a straight line to flatter every shape and to highlight the femininity of every woman. We saw it with many designs such as a ties, a short sleeve,  long sleeve and more.

xoxoxoxo CeciliaRosalie <3   

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion:Autumn Color Picks - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Choosing the right color for autumn can be a bit daunting, however, if you get it right you can look amazing in whatever you wear. To help you on your way to start working on your autumn collection with the right colors here is my list to guide you.

GizzA - Donna Gown [Plum]

I love this evening dress. No one says autumn colors cannot also apply for evening wear and this evening dress works well in the autumn color code. It is rich in color and will make you look elegant when you walk into the room.
A floor length formal gown with daring cleavage adorned with a single flower. The dramatic, matching cloak gives a grandeur that will amaze anyone attending the season’s events.
The matching cloak can be worn as in a transparent or solid version and matching jewellery (necklace and earrings) are included in the purchase.
Mesh Transparent Cloak
Mesh Solid Cloak
Mesh Long Skirt
Layered Top
Rose on belt
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Necklace
Skirt Alpha
Cloak Alpha for Solid Version
Price 550L 

!!smesh ~ [PROMO 2 WEEKS] Ombre Double Outfit

This is a perfect autumn color. It is not too dark for those autumn days but yet also comfortable to wear with accessories. The shorts can be saved for spring time but for autumn the leggings work perfectly with either boots or heels.
Rigged Mesh Pullover in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing and Fitted Mesh 
Rigged Mesh Pants in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing 
Rigged Mesh Shorts in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing and Fitted Mesh 
Rigged Mesh Pumps High Slink 
Alpha Mask For Pullover 
Alpha Mask For Pants 
Alpha Mask For Shorts 
Alpha Mask For Pullover & Shorts 
Alpha Mask For Pullover & Pants 
Shoe Base 

Priced 189L

(2Chez) Smile Brown Sweater, Skirt & Boots, Mesh - 5 Sizes Rigged Mesh,Leather Skirt & Thigh High Boots

This outfit is a perfect autumn color and look. High knee boots are so in this autumn and probably will continue into winter with a great pair of jeans. However, for autumn they work well with this leather brown skirt. The color is rich and warm.
It comes with 5 Sizes Rigged Mesh, Leather Skirt & Thigh High Boots - Sweet heather brown sweater with open back, brown leather miniskirt & thigh high brown leather boots - all in rigged mesh, 5 sizes. Multiple alphas and alpha textures, so you can find your best fit.

ALLFOR50 WARMY GIRL BEIGE casual outfit with boots

This is not only a good price at 50L but it is a lovely set and color for autumn. This outfit has a nice earthy warm feel.
It Includes: 
a shirt 
Sculpted pullover with belt 
Alpha shoes 
Prims copy and modify, clothing only copy
All this for simply 50L this is definitely a good starting point.

GAS [Mens MESH Shirt La Palma - 7 colors with HUD]

Autumn colors are not only for women, men can also follow the autumn color chart. This shirt is perfect. It will  allow you use a color HUD with 7 shirts in one. Its by GAS Clothing Company and it comes in:
7 Shirt Colors: orange, blue, dark blue, mint, steel, tan, twilight 
Texture Changer HUD 
100% Rigged MESH 
HQ Fabric Textures 
5 Standard Sizes: XS/XS/S/M/L/XL
It is perfect to be worn with jeans or pants.
Price 99L this is a good deal for what you are getting

So these are just a few options I found which to work with an autumn look. However, fashion is for experimenting so have fun doing so.

Happy Autumn Shopping!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn Fashion in Second Life - Tea Couturier Reporting...

It is that time when we push the summer clothing back deep into our closet and move forward and add to our autumn collection. However, if you’re like me and love to shop there is nothing in your wardrobe that says oh I want to wear that! It means is time to go shopping. To save lindens, you can either mix and match old with new or simple splurge and buy a whole new autumn line for your closet.
There are so many new shops  autumn collections in the stores today. Shopping can become overwhelming because you don’t know where to start looking and what to pick out.
Don’t worry, the SL Enquirer team is here to give you a little guidance in helping you on your way to filling your autumn closet.

Heather - Boyfriend Sweater Complete Outfit :VoodooMonkey:

I love this outfit it is perfect for the autumn weather as you can wear it outside with just the sweater and if you get warm inside you can remove it and still look stylish with its stylish tank top.
This outfit  comes with:
 Mesh Boyfriend Sweater - 5 standard sizes 
 Coordinating Non-Rigged Mesh Slouch Boots w/Resize 
Jeans & Tank Top - Pant & Jacket Layers 
Mesh Leather Hand Bag - w/Holding Animation - w/Resize 
Alpha for Sweater, Alpha for Boots, Alpha x2 [Sweater+Boots]
Priced at 149L I think this is a perfect price for such an perfect outfit set.

!smesh ~ Demo Lea Outfit

I have picked the demo for 2 reasons one it shows you all the colors the outfit comes in and also you can try the demo before you buy it. The outfits are not only trendy and designed well. The demo pack comes with:

- Demo Mesh Blouse in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing 
- Demo Mesh Leggings in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing 
- Demo Pump High Slink (only left one in all colors) 
- HUD to try all colors 
- Alpha Mask for Leggings 
- Alpha Mask For Blouse 
- Alpha Mask For Lea Outfit 

The demo is of course 0L and if you like it, each set costs 240L

Bens Boutique - Melina Mesh Outfit

Now if you did not see Mrs Clooney signing of the register outfit then you missed a treat. However, if you did see it and want something similar to it for this autumn then look no further. This outfit can be worn on its own or with a cardigan or a jacket accessorised with heels and big bold jewellery. It includes:
High Heels for slink high feet 
The shoes are designed for the Slink High Mesh feet, if you do not own these feet, the shoes will not work for you. 
links for slink high feet
Priced at 375L

For Men

Autumnal Velour 7 Brown – MP

This is perfect for those crisp autumn days accessorised with a scarf you definitely will not only look the part but will also not be spending much to achieve the look priced only at 175L. It comes in:
Brown Jacket, Brown sweater under it. 
((ONE LAYER )).. 
Double sleeves, Collar, 

~Cysleek =^.-=~ Mesh Men Tweed Jacket (Black)

This jacket comes in 3 colors Black Brown and Steel. It will work well with any shirt, T-shirt you may wish to wear with it. It comes in 5 sizes so will no doubt find the size to fit you. Priced at a reasonable price of 165L it definitely is worth a buy

Whatever you choose to wear or buy this autumn remember if you like it then that is all that matters.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Avenue Fashion Week Ends Today October 5th - Tea Couturier Reporting...

The Faster Pussycat fashion began with dramatic designs and flare. The stage was set perfectly to show off the new Autumn/Winter collection and the venue was packed.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Decorating for your Land or Home on a Budget- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Autumn is  here and it is time to start (if you are like me) decorating your sim/land for autumn.  It can be fun and  done on all budgets.

It can also make your sim/land look new and updated and make you feel as though you are in flow with the season.  Here are a few autumn buys for your land/sim which I think will be perfect to get you started.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Fashion in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

The first official day of Autumn is...... OMG Today! 

 Sunday September 22, 2013.

Even though some of us are refusing to put away the flip flops or our jeans shorts, no matter how much we try to hold on to summer, autumn is here!